Alberto Orejuela Video Game Script

Alberto Orejuela-Swimming Room


There are 3 important rooms in this chapter:

Do not exercise





Important items in this chapter:




Training clothes



Functions and items. (Swimming)

Swimming pool: To get fit, by building aerobic endurance.

Swim suit/goggles: To be able to swim

Money: To pay for instructor and pool time

Instructor: To teach proper technique and benefits of swimming

Transportation: To get to the pool


Mackenzie Straley- Game Script

Programmers Notes:

There are three important rooms in this level:

Going back to bed without eating.
Laying in bed for 20-30 min before getting up to eat.
Waking up in a good mood and immediately getting up to eat.

Important Items in this level:

Young-adult female

Living off campus but attending a university

Currently struggling with an eating disorder

Roommate and good friend who is aware of your current disorder

Fitness app that tracks caloric intake and calories burned throughout the day

Friend at school who struggles with an eating disorder that acts as your support system


Functions and Items of “Waking up in a good mood and immediately getting up to eat”.

Positive mindset

Roomate preparing a meal in the kitchen

Deciding not to log calories from breakfast in app

Deciding not to weigh self on the scale in the bathroom after getting up

Having a positive and light-hearted conversation with roomate while eating breakfast

Feeling full, energetic, and ready for school

Packing snacks to make sure you don’t fall into bad habits while at school for the day

Meeting up with your friend and supporter to discuss your progress






Page Fox- Video Game Script

Chapter one of ‘Freshman Year of College’; Priorities

Programmers notes:

There are 3 possible ‘rooms’:

  • 1. Don’t go out of your way to make friends
  • 2. Focus on being social
  • 3. Focus on academics

Important items in the chapter:

  • They need to be a student
  • They need to be a freshman in college
  • They need to live on campus in a dorm
  • They need to have a 2.0 GPA at least
  • They need some money to invest in the activity they may choose

Functions and locations of each room and item-‘Join a team’

  • They need your sport specific equipment to be appropriately prepared for the tryouts.
  • The equipment will require money to purchase ahead of time.
  • They need a lock for your locker in the team locker room to keep your equipment safe.
  • They need protein bars to properly perform at specific try outs.
  • They need water to stay hydrated throughout the workouts (both tryouts, and real practice).
  • They need a study hall to stay on top of your schoolwork and maintain eligibility.
  • They need a quiet dorm to rest/recover from workouts in.
  • They need a meal plan to replenish your energy each day and build muscle.
  • They need your official uniform once you have made the team to represent the school appropriately.
  • They need dedication to stay focused on the sport throughout your next four years.

Abby’s Video Game Script

Programmer notes:

There are three important rooms in this chapter:



North America


Important Items in this chapter:



Free Time







Functions and location of each room and item: (ITALY)

Eat pizza

Drink wine

Make your own pasta

Tour the Colosseum

Drive the Amalfi Coast

Visit the Tower of Pisa

Take touristy pictures

Drink Limoncello

Eat gelato

Ride in a Fiat 500

Marvel at Michelangelo


Shop until you drop


Video Game Scipt

Game Script: Mackensie Stimpson

Programmers notes:


There are three important rooms in this level:

Group fitness class room

Strength training room

Cardio machines room


Important items in this level:

Student at the University of Tampa

Spartan ID card

Signed waiver

A physical from the health center

To be in good health

Transportation to the fitness center

Water to drink

Workout sneakers

Workout clothes

Gym bag



Apple watch for calorie tracking


Functions and items of Yoga

Yoga mat

Yoga towel

Face towel

Two-pound weights


Resistance band



Workout leggings

Sports bra

Hair tie


IPhone/IPod for music

Reusable water container

An open mind

Essential oil


Post-yoga snack


Script: Marie Doffermyre

There are three important rooms:

Vegan Diet

Juice Cleanse

Meat, dairy, no change to regular diet

Important items in this chapter: 

Interest in healthy eating


Local organic grocery store

Juice Store





Functions and items of room (vegan diet):

Doctor visit before you change diet to check body fat percentage, weight, heart rate

Doctor visit after you change diet to check any changes to body fat percentage, weight, heart rate


Notebook to record weight differences, how you feel during the day (energy levels, cravings)

Laptop to preform research on benefits of being vegan and what vegan diets allow/don’t allow food wise

Plan as to how you should budget your spending on vegan foods, how much a week will you spend on groceries

Non dairy milk alternatives (based on preference):

-Soy milk

-Almond milk

-Cashew milk

-Coconut milk

-Rice milk

-Hemp milk

-Flax milk

Soy based products:


-Soy milk

Vegetables to eat raw or to cook with (based on preference):






-Snap peas


-Bell peppers


Vegetables to cook with (based on preference):




-Salad mixes

100% Whole Wheat Grains (based on preference):



-English muffins




Whole Grains and Starches (based on preference):


-Brown rice


-Sweet potatoes

Beans (based on preference):


-Black beans

-Kidney beans



-Veggie burgers (lentil, bean, or vegetable based