Rich Taddonio


  • The target audience is young adults who are looking to learn more about human trafficking and individuals who are at risk of falling prey to human traffickers.
  • The age range for this game is 18+ because of the references to drugs and alcohol.
  • Race, gender and economic status play an important role in this game because sex trafficking is a huge issue in low-income, urban areas. Young, African-American females are typical targets, so this game aims to teach more privileged audiences about the type of environment sex trafficking victims are exposed to.

Audience Hook:

  • The game will engage the player through descriptive narrative and various options to choose from that move the story along.
  • While there are only two available options per each chapter, there will be fake options to illustrate that the seemingly obvious choices are not always available to certain people.
  • By the end of the game, the player will have obtained new knowledge on how to identify human trafficking warning signs, as well as a new perspective on the issue.

Needs Satisfied:

  • This game is intended to educate people on the seriousness of the issue of human trafficking and how people are tricked into trafficking. It is also meant to reveal the player’s privilege, and that not everyone is as lucky as others.

Kristen Yanez Audience Analysis

Hook: The audience will be hooked after the initial sexual assault in the game because it teaches them what to do in that situation and gives more general information about sexual assault and what to look out for.

Needs Satisfied: Resource for females who may potentially be in danger of being sexually assaulted/ raped. The game gives information about sexual assault and what to do in a bad situation, which is important knowledge for every female to have.

Audience Age: 12-34

Gender: Female

The target audience is broad because rape or sexual assault can happen to anyone, regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. My game solely focuses on females because 82% of all juvenile victims are female and 90% of adult rape victims are female. Although a person at any age can be sexually assaulted, ages 12-34 are the highest risk years.



Sam Chubbuck Femme Friends

Ages: 10-20

Education level: middle school, high school, and college

Audience: My game starts in elementary school and works its way through all levels of education ending with real world experience and careers. It is intended for ages 10-20, but has the potential to be for any and all ages. It is geared more towards women but men could easily enjoy the game and learn valuable lessons from it. The game is intended for any and all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. No income level is necessary.

Strength: It teaches the user how to be a better friend and feminist.

Weakness: Men may feel as though they can’t be as involved with the game since it is geared a bit more towards women.

Audience involvement: You weave your way through life and grow up and experience what it is like to make smart, feminist choices.

Needs: I think the game satisfies the need to learn about feminism and helps the audience be an ally and friend for others.

Kimberly Crankfield

 The anticipated age of audiences for Education Crisis ranges from 16 to 100 as this game is meant for anyone who can comprehend the information given and understand why it is being presented. Ideally, people around these ages would completely understand the information given from the interactive game. The game is ideal for both the male and female sex because there are two identifying characters to each.  However it does not limit one or the other to playing as their own gender and can give the refugee experience from the eyes of the other if they choose. This game is relevant to audience members who are from all ranges of economic status because everyone can take something different from the lesson of the game. 

Take a Chill Pill Audience



In age range, my game is styled more for teens to young adults (14-25) since they suffer from anxiety in larger amounts now than in the past. It is meant for people with and without anxiety, geared more towards those without to see what it is like when you do have anxiety. If there are people suffering from anxiety that play, they can also use it as a tool. It is not gender specific and it is not race specific either as those are both traits that you can choose from a variety as well as socio-economic status, schooling, and others.

Hook and involvement:

You are the character you create, even though it’s in 3rd person, so you make all of the decisions and do everything that the character does. The dialogue and narrative are written in 3rd person but the character’s thoughts are in 1st person to connect this more.

Needs satisfied:

This satisfies a need to show that a) anyone, no matter what situation they are in, can suffer from anxiety and b) a bullet journal can be a good way to help deal with the anxiety. For people with anxiety, I hope for it to be a tool to cope, not only through starting a bullet journal but also in seeing that their anxiety can be managed and they are not alone.



  • My target audience is to cater to anyone and everyone who actively consume alcohol.
  • My game would cater to ages 18+ because that’s when many people start trying out alcohol for the first time.
  • Race, economic status, and gender do not play a  factor in my game because alcohol has no limits. As long as it is accessible, people will consume it no matter what their status is.

Audience Hook

  • My game will keep the player at attention because it they are role-playing as themselves using their own physical attributes to simulate a night at the bar.
  • Users will be given the choice on how much they consume and how fast the do so.
  • At the end, the user will see their outcome based upon the decisions that they made while at the bar.

Needs Satisfied

  • This game is intended to be used as a resource so people can know their limits before they really go out and engage and that type of activity. Hopefully, it can prevent someone from engaging in dangerous behavior or becoming a victim of alcohol poisoning.

Jeanine Biggs Audience Analysis

  • Specific Audience: I don’t think there is necessarily a specific audience, but I think with the subject matter that is taking place in this country, it would be geared towards Americans. With the graphic scenes, I would not recommend this game to young children, but it can be played by all mature audiences, male or female. The game will speak more to Native American people on a personal level, but it will serve as an education tool to show non-Native Americans what this culture faces. Any race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation can play it.
  • Strengths: It will showcase the true events that took place during the protests, good and bad. I intend to make it as realistic and true to the actual events as possible.
  • Weaknesses: For the most part, the timing of it is off. The protests are over, but events like these and mistreatment of Native Americans and their lands are most likely going to occur again, so it will teach people so hopefully it will limit it in the future.
  • Audience Involvement: I think the reality of what happened in North Dakota will hook a user and keep them involved. For people that weren’t there and don’t know, learning about what the fight was about and what events took place will keep them engaged in the information.
  • Needs: I think it satisfies the need to learn about other cultures and issues that are taking place in our country. We so often times don’t realize or don’t care what is happening if it does not effect us, so this will teach people what other people are dealing with.