Namco Museum


Back in the day when game cartridges were built to usually only hold a single game and its story, rarely was something that diverged from the path introduced. Enter products like the cartoon libraries of the early 2000s where kids were given the opportunity to bring their favorite television shows on the go with them in the form of a game boy cartridge. Alongside this compilation games were introduced, where a single cartridge was given the ability to store multiple games in its data.

One of my first games I ever played was the Namco Museum, which included Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Pole Position, Dig Dug and Galaxian. I remember playing this every chance I got in order to beat my previous high score. Me and my dad would compete to see who would get the most points in Galaga. I never really got Galaxian, it seemed to me like a…

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In October of 2016 a new first person shooter was released with abundant praise. Its new style of play and expanding roster of characters meant everyone who played was able to have fun in their own style. Overwatch is the first first person shooter created by Blizzard, more renowned for games like world of warcraft of starcraft. Overwatch was met with tons of praise, everyone said it was the first FPs that took a different path than what everyone was used to, games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and others, who all seemed like copies.

Overwatch plays as most FPS’s, you pick a character from the roster, and try to win the match with the best composed team as possible given the circumstances. The trick however, is the several abilities that each character has, from a rocket launch to a healing pad, and a shield that doesn’t let anything…

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Team Fortress 2


Team fortress 2? But where’s number 1? No one likes to talk about the first because the popularity all went into 2. Valve, the ever popular game production company, came out with this game in the late 2 thousands to a good amount of praise. The game was fun and cartoonish, the characters were all fun to play as and mastering them was highly rewarding, and the extras you could get were all meant to make the game more fun.

In recent times it has been a bit overshadowed by games such as overwatch and the like, but the is still a bit of a fanbase to keep the game going. A comic that is updated every so often, and an occasional update to keep the game fun for players.

As you play you can get either items of crates which you would have to buy keys for, one of…

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Final Fantasy XIII


One of the more recent titles in the FF franchise, XIII has you take the role of Lightning, a warrior who is on a mission to save her sister from becoming a tool for war by the country they are in. Lightning is joined by her comrades as she ventures to save her sister, but is stopped as she is to late to stop the process from completing.

XIII has had some critical reviews from the minute it was out, from the gameplay style to the awkward voice acting, no one thought it was the greatest of the franchise. The way the game plays is extremely linear, from the minute you start you have one direction to go in, forward, the battle system is somewhat turn based, leaving you freedom to move around, but it still takes time to store energy to attack.

The game itself is average, an awkward…

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Dragon Age: Origin


Among the countless RPGs out there, I have played very few, Dragon Age is luckily one of them. And while not having played completely into the game, I can say that it is well worth the time spent playing it. A full fledged action adventure set in medievil times, filled with magic, dragons and monsters of all sorts.

Dragon Age is one of those games where you can choose the outcome of the game. You have the choice sometime in the game to take a road less traveled, therefore altering the games story as well. In doing this one then has the option of turning evil as well, further opening up how you play the game to suit your style.

With multitudes of items including weapons, armor, magic abilities and characters who you can choose as companions, Dragon Age: Origins is another fantastic game for anyone willing to spend a…

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Shadow of the Colossus


Many games have been able to make a distinct mark on a player, whither it be uniqueness, graphics, storyline or what have you, games are meant to be memorable in one or more sense. Enter Shadow of the colossus, one of only a few games from Ico software, revolving around a young man in search for a way to save his beloved. SoC’s gameplay is mostly running around the expansive map, in search for gigantic being known as the colossus. Each battle with the colossus is unique, from a giant lizard, to a walking castle, to a giant bird, none of them are like the others, and each is memorable in their own way.

As you defeat each of the colossus you gain its power which brings you closer to saving the girl from the beginning, who has been put into a deep sleep. Many avid gamers will be able…

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Super Smash Bros.


Throughout the long exsistence of the Nintendo brand, many games have made their place in the halls of video gaming history, from the Mario series to pokemon, with many iterations of any series making their place. One game series, however, was able to take all of those classic titles and place them in the same boat, duking it out to find out who is the strongest.

Super Smash Bro. was this game, taking a full roster from classic tittles such as pokemon, star fox, Earthbound, and many more. This was the title gamers were looking for, now they could place their favorite characters in a match against each other to live out their fantasies.

And with each iteration it only got better, a bigger roster, more games to take characters from, more modes to play with and more ways to duke it out with your friends using your favorite characters.

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