Date Drama


Recently, my friend was asked on a  date by a guy who had girlfriend. She consistently objected, knowing no good could come from going out with him. He persisted and brought it up several times that he was going to break up with her girlfriend. She agreed to go to lunch with him, but only as friends. The night before, his status changed from in a relationship to single.

The day of the date he ignored her. Didn’t text her back, sent her no snapchats, and mentioned nothing about the date. She saw him later that day and he ignored her, pretending as though he hadn’t begged her for weeks to go out with him.

This happened a few weeks ago, and she’s still upset about it, but a few of our friends are bored with her talking about it. And to make it harder, they blame her.

She said…

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Recently, I had an interview revolving around Greek life. During this interview, it was brought to my attention that fraternities are allowed to do way more things than sororities. I always knew that they had an easier time with certain aspects, but I didn’t know they were able to get away with so much.

I think it’s so unfair that they get away with things they shouldn’t, but women are forced to be on their best behavior. I don’t understand how anyone is okay with this and why no  one is fighting back. It’s so frustrating that it has gone on this long without someone stepping up to control it.

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Baseball Blues


This past week, my best friend and I scored tickets to the Rays’ opening day game. As we sat down in our seats, I looked around and realized that we were the only two girls in our section. We took this with pride, others did not.

All throughout the game we were bombarded with endless questions.

“Do you even know what sport this is?”

“Did you just buy a ticket so you could Instagram it?”

My friend and I love baseball so it was a little infuriating that we weren’t treated with respect at a game where we spent just as much money as everyone else.

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Let’s Play


Over the weekend, I went to see a very weird play. It was audience inclusive and kind of mad lib and overall just strange. A lot of the scenes of the play revolved around straight, white men. Seriously, the scenes would start off by saying we’re straight, white men, and we can do anything.

One scene in particular revolved around ordering dinner at a restaurant. The male ordered the females dinner for her without even asking, something that happens a lot in the real world.

And then it hit me. The entire play was making fun of itself and the real world.

And now I want to go see it ten more times.

Because it’s a play, mocking men and the reality of the world.

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Relay for…


This past Saturday was my school’s relay for life event, an all day and all night walk to help raise awareness and raise money for cancer research. Everyone on campus came out to support and have a good time and everyone was, until the DJ decided to say some things.

Around midnight people were fading, and the DJ had a few comments on it. He started calling out sororities for not wanting to compete in musical chairs and other events.

“Ladies let’s go I want to see you move your pretty selves over here”. And continued to make comments for the rest of the event.

This event, THAT BENEFITS CANCER SURVIVORS AND RESEARCH, was turned into an uncomfortable sexist time. Needless to say I don’t think they’ll be hiring him anymore.

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Sticky Situation


I don’t know about you, but I love buying stickers for my laptop. It’s kind of like getting a tattoo that you can peel off and replace when you please. I recently just bought a whole batch of fresh stickers and so did my friends. In fact, we all got matching feminist stickers; nothing too dramatic, just the venus symbol surrounded by flowers. However some people have been super rude about it.

Other students have come up to my friends and have said that it’s a dumb sticker and that we should be ashamed of it. Why should we be ashamed of being a woman and showing the world that we support other women? Also, if you’re a guy it has nothing to do with you. It frazzles me that there are people who will judge you and make remarks based on a sticker.

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Baseball Bullies


Yesterday, my three friends and I got up at 6am and drove 3 hours to Port St. Lucie for a Mets vs. Braves baseball game. We are all baseball fans, and while I’m a Yankees fan, I was still so excited to be there. Front row, left field behind first base, with a hotdog in my hand, what could be better?

I’ll tell you what could be better, if people weren’t bothering us the whole time. Fans behind us were pissed that we, four young women, were in front row at a game that was “supposed to be” “for boys”. They were so offended that we were sitting there, someone even tried to pretend to spill their beer on us. It was so unbelievable.

At one point we wanted a photo of us all, but no one would take one for us because “you’re at a baseball game stop taking…

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