I’m Talking To You, Life

Through My Lens

Yesterday was the special 21.  I realized a few things.  Here are the top 5 things I realized yesterday.

  1.  I am 100% not ready to grow up.  At midnight on my birthday, aka Saturday night into Sunday morning, I was told I was one of a few things.  I am the most “put together”, “calm”, “classy” girl on her 21st birthday.  ITS CAUSE I DON’T CARE.. I DON’T WANT TO BE 21 AND DRINK UNCONTROLLABLY.  I feel like once you’re 21 you’re suppose to be able to drink controllably??  Guess I didn’t understand the 21st birthday gig.
  2. I miss a lot of people from home.  Hearing from people is always nice, but hearing the nice words that would not normally be said is even nicer.
  3. My camp friends are my forever friends.  They’re my role models and I’m theres.  I’m forever grateful.
  4. I love bikes.
  5. Everything about life is beautiful…

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Top 5s.

Through My Lens

I’m going to start doing Top 5s.  This is the top 5 places I’d rather be in this moment.

  1. This picture.  I’d rather be at Black Pond, 42 Camp Road.  Woodstock Valley, CT 06282.  Cruising on a kayak, listening to music.
  2. Marie’s Diner.  Main street, Trumbull CT.  I used to eat there every Sunday when I was home with my dad.
  3. 1736 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria.  My short term home.
  4. Madison Square Garden watching an NYR playoff hockey game
  5. Aspen Colorado… NEVER BEEN, WANNA GO.

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“One Run”

Through My Lens

“You’re one run from a good mood.”

That is not something that everyone feels, but to me, this is the realist statement.  When you run you listen to your favorite music.  You are feeling every sore muscle, tight ligament and tired core.  But more importantly you feel a sensation like none other.   Your body releases endorphins that interact with your brain and reduce that perception of pain.  You push past your immediate pain and finally feel that “good feeling” in your body.  To me it could change any shitty mood and it’s my therapy.

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The Mystery

Through My Lens

There is something so mysterious about eyes.  One of my favorite quotes about eyes is, “Behind the most beautiful eyes, lay secrets deeper and darker than the mysterious sea.”  You may know someone, but when you look into their eyes they tend to look away.  Eye contact is terrifying to someone, maybe because you feel awkward or uncomfortable, or maybe because when someone is truly looking into your eyes, they’re interested in you.

By looking into someone’s eyes you’re asking to look deeper than their physical being.  In an educational or professional setting, it shows that you care about what’s being said.  You’re interested in their opinions and facts and appreciate their input.  In a friendship, eye contact shows you’re genuine.  “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”  They let you into someone further than what they want to show.  That’s why you can shut your eyes, close them…

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Color Your Walls

Through My Lens

My brain usually feels like this wall. This wall contains a decade worth of people who walked through this building. People sign their name, the cabin they stated in, a nickname their new friends gave them, their favorite part on camp, where they’re from, who they love, their favorite counselor and so much more. Maybe just their name. There is so much creativity, individuality, personality and passion drawn out on these walls. One time our boss wanted to paint over it to make the camp look newer, more modern. We’ve never been so against him in a decision.

People create wall art, graffiti, paintings, murals and drawings to express something they’re feeling so that others can comprehend what’s happen with them. Who has the right to paint over that? Especially in an environment like a camp. Anyways, I always try and think the way that this wall thinks. Think my…

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I feel you, Cat.

Through My Lens

Uhhhhhhhh who doesn’t feel like this at least 3 times a day.  Sometimes when I step out of the building I work in and see a patch of grass, all I want to do is sprawl out across it and love the outdoors.  Or when I’m in the middle of driving and all of a sudden the sun is hitting my skin perfectly making it that warm, loving feeling, I could stop my car and just sleep on the spot. But who can forget when I’m about to go into class and the teacher is like “ok class” and I’m like hold on, let me be do the same thing this cat is doing and then I’ll be 10 times better.  Then when I get out of my 6-10 classes and see my bed all I want to do is flip the brain switch to off, get into bed and go…

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Just like old times

Through My Lens

I am a 20 year old girl living in my parents world… and I love it.  Hence why I edited this picture to make it feel like I’m back in time, in the days of shitty, gritty photographs.

I love denim, scrunchies, talking on the phone over texting, reading classic books, using film instead of only digital photography, walking places, eating family dinners on Sundays (even with my roommates) and watching movies in outside movie theaters.  I’m sure many others like similar things but I like to think that I’d excel if I were born when my parents were born.  But most importantly, I love older music.  I have a playlist on Spotify that is filled with music my mom, dad and I can jam to all day every day.  I decided I’d name it slight wrinkles, you know, those people who have minimal wrinkles but they’re definitely developing.  I…

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