The End

Inhale, Exhale and Other Yogi Things

So if you haven’t yet noticed, this blog that I created a few months ago is actually a mandatory classroom assignment for my writing for interactive media class. Three days out of the week, we were asked to write a blog post on a blog with one focused topic of our choosing. My topic is obviously yoga and mindfullness and my journey into exploring and understanding how these two things can have a place in my life when I don’t even know where I fit in in my life haha. However, as the semester comes to an end, today is the official last day of mandatory posting. Today is the end.

The end of finally creating the blog that I’ve always wanted, but by force. The end of trying to cram a complete thought into 10 minutes of classroom time. The end of  ignoring the edits, erasing some potential thoughtfulness and…

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The effect of blogging on your happiness

Inhale, Exhale and Other Yogi Things

I was listening to a podcast yesterday about a guy who created a twitter account to shame rude people on a new york subway. It was refreshing to him and almost therapeutic each time he snapped a photo of someone being what many would consider a crappy human being and he was the avenger of justice when he posted and captioned the photo to his growing number of followers. But as his page gained more fame, his need to capture more bad subway behavior became vital to his platform. The twitter page became less and less avenging, and more bullying, as he began posting pictures of anyone who caught his eye, that he could say something mean about.

I often feel like a fake by posting about yoga and trying to be positive and happy when I feel negative. Each day I can find a billion things that I could…

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This is enough

Inhale, Exhale and Other Yogi Things

We are all, our own worst critics. I always thought that this trait looked good on me because I felt that if you don’t push yourself above and beyond to be built into this amazing empire, no one else will push you either. Yet, by pushing myself so hard, the pressure tended to erode me faster than I was being built.

Today I came to my mat and at first I thought. I need to be here for at least 45 minutes. I’ve been lazy, I’m not progressing physically, and I need to prove to myself that I can fit my practice into my day because it is something that is so important to me. Though I’ve taken on time-consuming obligations, I need to prove to myself that I can handle it all while still doing what I love. I felt this way but looking at the clock, I knew that this…

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I am not a yogi

Inhale, Exhale and Other Yogi Things

I am not a yogi.

I think by now, if you have a read some of my blog posts, I am a human spelled R-O-L-L-E-R-C-O-A-S-T-E-R. I love my practice but I am a perfectionist, and so I come to my mat with intentions that shouldn’t be sometimes. I get frustrated and have been reincarnated countless times after drowning in stress, worry, discontentment. In my blog posts, you can see that some days I am so down, I can’t bring myself to write anything meaningful, other days I am annoyed but still happy to spread joy.  Most days I don’t know how I feel at all unless I am on the mat or freshly off of it.

I am currently going through a self inflicted challenge in my college career that I am super excited to tell you all about once it is over in a few weeks. And though I am…

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Headstands vs Handstands

Inhale, Exhale and Other Yogi Things

Ever since I was able to perfect my headstands for the first time, I have been obsessed with inversions. Or rather, the idea of doing them. Soooo that’s about half of year of trying with no avail to hop up into handstand or Adho Mukha Vrksana, with no real luck. For me, going into a gravity defying pose requires the environment to be just right, I have to be warmed up, at peace, feeling confident, energetic, in the right setting, on the right surface, the stars must be perfectly aligned and so forth. My true goal however, is to be able to always have that confidence, energy and inner peace not just for headstands but for moments that require me to defy the norms of the universe in order to accomplish amazing things.

Yes, getting kinda deep there but lets leave metaphor for a second. What are some differences between…

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