No Gym No Problem!



Don’t have the money to make a private gym, or yet belong to a gym? Don’t worry about that there are some options for you!

  1. Get barbells and weights! They do not have to be the expensive kind but it is always good to have some laying around. It’s convenient and you can get a good quality workout in.
  2. Get a bench – this heightens your training options immensely! Look for something that can go from 0 degrees to 90 degrees. Again, be guided by your budget.
  3. Time to get some dumbbells. They are cheap and simple. Depending on your budget and how much you lift will determine how much you spend. But overall, they are fairly in a decent and affordable price range.
  4. Get some Bands – this will help with explosiveness!

Counting Calories!

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Today’s blog is going to be all about counting calories. Something so complex, but at the same time so easy. Counting calories is truly the staple to healthy and optimal nutrition. Maybe you’ve tried it or maybe you are just to intimidated by the thought of it. I’m going to give you a few a ways to help when trying to rack up all the calories you’ve ate for the day:

  1. Start with what you eat – create a simple meal plan of the things you already eat, without making any big changes to your dieting. Ignore the daily goal that apps set for you, and all that other good stuff. Try to eliminate fairly junky food and do you darn best to keep sugars low!
  2. Use an App to track – Thanks to the way technology has progress apps really help with counting calories, instead of keep track for…

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Check the Labels!

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If you ask people what they check for on food labels they might tell you calories, sodium, or even cholesterol. We would probably get ten different answers with ten different people. Recently the FDA made changes to food labels and now BOLDS the most important categories to look at – calories, serving size, and the percent of daily nutrition.


A lot of manufactuers are looking to trick people more than help people. Often times you will see things labeled as “Low-Fat” ice cream, crackers, pizza, or whatever the food may be. But reality is, it only is if you eat the recommended serving size. Now, here is the catch. The serving size is unrealistic! The FDA now bases food labels off of the “common” serving size.

New nutrients are now featured on labels. Its not just your basic vitamins, it now includes iron, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium! Most fruits…

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So you already decided you want to commit to eating heathy. Now what do you do? It’s time to part ways with all the junk food you have laying around in your kitchen cabinets. That’s right ALL the unhealthy things, cake mix, cookies, sugary cereal, poptarts . . .you get my drift. To end those cravings and sabotage all your healthy eating efforts, because let’s be honest here it’s a real effort, here is what you should do to begin:

  1. Try unsweetened cocoa powder. It’s a smarter replacement for chocolate! Try putting it in your greek yogurt. There is a lot of things to do with cocoa powder. My suggestion is to look online to find out the endless possibilities!
  2. Balsamic Vingar – Drizzle it over a salad or steamed veggies! It’s great for marinating, and can turn the “same-old” protein taste into something delicious!
  3. Cashews! Try to stay away from almonds and peanuts all too often. This is a better nut choice!
  4. Try wild rice – If you are someone like me who eats brown rice on a regular basis, switch it up. Brown rice isn’t the only thing you can eat. Wild rice offers the same benefits!

Sample Meal Plan

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aff0dfdcfbb53cc405c8afa5df5af8e4.jpgFor all of you who need help getting started with a healthy eating plan, I’m here to save the day. Today’s blog will be short and simple, and too the point. Anybody and anyone no matter what your body looks like can benefit from this. In fact, it’s the most simplistic plan to follow, it’s healthy, keeps all your carbs, proteins, and fats in check, and will keep you fueled throughout the day. Don’t worry about measuring or weighing your food, use your hand as estimation for how much of something you should eat. Below I will lay out what a typical day should consist of:

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.51.41 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.51.49 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.51.56 AM.png

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Taking A Day Off!

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Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 1.17.26 PM.png

Most people don’t realize the importance of resting after training. It plays an important role and it maximizes your muscle growth in the gym. In order to improve your performance, you’ve got to work hard.  Hard training will break down your muscles in short term, and make you weaker.

To get stronger and faster isn’t necessarily based off how hard you go in the gym. What many people don’t know is that they have to REST and recover. Resting makes you stronger because it allows your muscles time to recover and heal after being broken down. HOWEVER it is important to determine the difference between rest and LAZINESS!

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Speeding up your Metabolism!

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We all have those friends that can eat and drink whatever they want and never put on a pound. It’s a love-hate relationship with them. Then there’s the others that have to watch everything they eat and feel guilty if they eat a slice of cheesecake. But have no fear, I have listed a few ways to get your metabolism up to speed and burning calories while you are resting. Here are a few ways to boost up your Metabolism.

  1. Train with weights on the regular – make sure your weight training involves hitting all the major muscles in your body with enough sets to get it going.
  2. HIIT is it! (High-intensity interval training that is) – This type of training has a major impact on your metabolism,
  3. EAT. ENOUGH. PROTEIN. -eat enough and it frequently throughout the day. The amount of muscle mass you have impacts your metabolic rate.

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