Tyler Clark User Experience

Game: FeesoeeD

A different take on the ‘portal gun’ mechanic using an 8 bit medium and a much darker pallete than a game like Portal. The controls are simple enough, w a s d keys to move and g to shoot a portal. The tough part about liking the game however is the portal control mechanic. Once you shoot the portal you have to control how it moves and where, its not just a simple point and shoot. With this along with the not so solid controls make the game a little difficult to learn and play through.


Visit: there is a tab right at the top of the site for any potential student to come visit on a number of dates for the upcoming year. And not only for upcoming undergrads, but also grads, transfers and international students.

Library: There is a tab underneath the first row of tabs thats says library when you hit tools. This gives you access to each of the universities library tools.

Dining: Clicking the campus life tab will bring you to dining which tells you about all of the dining services at the university.


Visit: There is a tab labeled visitors right at the top

Library: Tapping the ‘on campus’ tab will take you to a list of services on campus, one of which is the library

Dining: One must search for dining using the search function on the website.


As far as I can tell, everything must be searched for that is not academics or how to get into the school.


Sam C

Game: Rooms of Memory:


The instructions are simple, find the hidden objects. The hints are helpful enough without giving you the answers. It is a very simple game to understand.





Tour: On the home page there’s a visit tab. From there scroll down and click visit UT and schedule a tour.


Library: Click tools on the home page, click library, click e-search.


Dining service hours: Click search, type 2017 spring break dining hours.





Tour: On the home page select about Yale, followed by visiting Yale.


Library: On the homepage select research & collections, followed by libraries.


Dining: On the homepage, search 2017 spring break dining hours.





Tour: click the three lines in the top right corner, click about NYU, click visitor information.


Library: click the magnifying glass in the top right corner, search library


Dining: click the magnifying glass in the top right corner, search 2017 spring break dining hours.


Jeanine, JC, AJ


  1. Game:Balloons Td
  • Instructions: The game doesn’t necessarily “instruct” the player on how to play, but through trial and error the game play and goal become fairly intuitive
  • Hints: the hints as you progress, however, are very clear and have a nice flashy effect that makes them pleasant and seamless. And not only are they helpful, the expand the game into a more optional and varied play.
  • Objective: the object of the game, as stated previously becomes intuitive as you play.

2. Schools:

-University of Tampa:

  •      Visit: Planning a visit to UT is relatively simple. From the homepage you click on the drop down menu for admissions and click on Visit UT. There are several options for incoming freshman and transfer students as well as dates available. Click what category you fall into, click on the calendar link or call the number.
  •   Book:   From the homepage you click on the academics drop down and click on the MacDonald-Kelcie Library page. Can click on the different options either UTopia, or E-Search and then search the book or article.
  •   Cafe:   From the homepage hit on the search button and type in 2017 Spring Break dining hours and then click on the menus.

-Penn State University

  •   Visit: From the homepage click on the admissions tab. On the next page click on Visit Penn State under quick links. Next you will have to select a campus to tour, then click on what category of what you fall into; prospective  first year, admitted first year, transfer. Then view by calendar or by event.
  •    Book: From the homepage, click on the research tab and hit university libraries and search.
  • Cafe:From homepage scroll to the bottom and look at information services and click current students then scroll down and hit dining services, click food service menus

University of New Hampshire

  • Visit: click plan a campus visit, scroll down the page, click get started in manchester game, click schedule a visit in campus tours
  • Book: click research, click library, search book.
  • Cafe schedule: can be found on home page at beginning of week of spring break

Kristen, Richie, Chris, Candace

  1. Game (Miniclip): The instructions are clear and very hands on. It has two controls and a huge start button on the games interface.  The hints make your ultimate goal more clear by outlining the amount of money you must collect to proceed. The game is easily understood because it has one objective and provides insightful details on how to play the game.
  1. UT’s website: Under the admissions tab, there’s a drop down menu to visit a campus. The website itself is easily navigable. For looking up a collections of books, you have to go to the tools  tab and then the drop down menu shows the library resources. For dining services, you have to hover over the campus life tab then click dining services. From there, you can only see the current hours of operations for this spring semester on the dining selections tab. Overall, the site was pretty easy to navigate compared to other university sites.
  2. University of Miami: For an admissions visit, you hover over to admissions and click visit under the undergraduate tab. To access the libraries portal, you have to hover over the academics tab on the home page and the first thing that pops up under the drop down menu is a library tab. Then, that brings you to the different libraries that the campus has to over. You are able to click on each library to find a book selection. To access dining hours, you must hover over student life then roll over to campus dining under the life on campus drop down menu tab. Then, that brings you to the dining services page where you can click and find the hours of operation for each dining facility. Overall, the site was user-friendly as long as you know what you’re looking for.
  3. FGCU: For the admissions visit, the search by happened to be the easiest in signing up for a visit. We searched for the term “campus visit”. Once searched, it is the first link that brings you to a screen to schedule a campus visit. If you don’t use the search bar, the campus visit was hard to find. To access the library portal, on the main page of the website towards the middle you will find a link that provides you access to their library catalog. Once on the link, you are given a variety of database options. For dining services, we had to do the search bar again by typing in “dining schedule” and clicking on the first link. The link provides you with the hours of operation for each dining facility. Overall, the site was cluttered and you have to use the search bar a lot for things that you’re looking for.

Sara, Victoria, Lex

Impossible Quiz – Addicting Games

  • No instructions, just start
  • No hints
  • Object of the game is to just keep trying different options, process of elimination

University of Tampa (Very Easy)

  • Tour: Home page > scroll down > select “visit campus”
  • Library: Home page > “tools” > “library” > scroll to “MacDonald Kelce”
  • Food: Home page > “campus life” > “dining” > hours

Harvard (Moderate)

  • Tour: Home page > admissions and aid > undergraduate > Harvard college admissions > “planning your visit”
  • Library: Home page > students > scroll to “libraries”
  • Food: Home page > search box > type in “dining” and hit enter

USF (Very Easy)

  • Tour: Home page > visit USF
  • Library: Home page > academics > library > USF Tampa library
  • Food: Home page > campus life > housing and dining > USF dining > view location hours

User Review: Kimberly, Bryan, Lauren

Game: 1010 (APP)

The instructions to play are missing.  Additionally, there are not hints.  The objective is relatively easy to figure out so that game can get away without giving any instructions or hints.

UTs Website: 

Tour: Apply > Visit UT > Choose year > Online Calendar > Step by step instructions how to sign up for a tour.  It offers monthly calendars with daily activities for every grade.  [Very easy]

Library: Tools > Library > Search … also under Academics > Library [Very easy]

Food: Campus life > Dining > Hours [Very easy]

Costal Carolina Website:

Tour:  Admissions > Visit campus > Many options .. Visit or tour, transfer events, tips for your visit etc..  [This was not hard to find, options were all available and in good order to bring you where you wanted to be]

Library: Search Bar > School Library > Select first option (Library Website) > Research which gives you options to > Books, Articles & More  [This was not hard to find, options were all available and in good order to bring you where you wanted to be]

Food: Search ‘Dining’ > CCU Food Crew > Click Eat Well > Choose option Monthly Menus [This was not hard to find, options were all available and in good order to bring you where you wanted to be]

Villanova Website 

Tour: Admissions > Student Guided tours on the right hand side > Register for a visit > Individual OR Special Group Visit [Very easy]

Library: Library Tab > Search … [Too easy]

Food: On Campus tab > Dining Services > Options for hours, regular hours and special hours (currently showing Easter Hours)  [You just have to know to go to the On Campus tab and then the rest is very easy]







User Experience (UX) review

Working in groups of two or three, evaluate a casual online game (desktop/laptop or app) and three university web sites (UT’s and at least two others). Here’s what to evaluate:

  1. Game: How clear are the instructions to play? Do the hints work well? Is the object of the game easy to understand?
  2. University web sites: How easy/difficult is is to accomplish the following three objectives. Be sure to record the steps you had to take to get from the university home page to the information you need.
  • Find out how to arrange a visit to campus for a prospective student
  • Find out how to look up books and articles from the library’s collection
  • Find out about when and where dining services are available over the 2017 Spring break

Write up your findings and post them to the class blog.