Bryan M. Anderson’s Feedback

Kimberly: The narrative can be hard to follow at times, but I think I see some elements of Hamlet in there somewhere. But it’s still recognizable as a Rumpelstiltskin story.

Lex: I am a big fan of both the Disney version and the original Hans Christian Andersen version. Unfortunately, it feels incomplete. There’s a lot of untouched mythology here. I see this as a good start, but a mermaid swimming to the surface, singing, and then swimming back down is a tale that’s been told over and over again. Unfortunately, I see nothing all that new or exciting.


Victoria Mancini Feedback

Sam Chubbuck: I really enjoyed your fairytale and the twist you gave it. It was amusing to see the story of Sleeping Beauty from a completely different perspective, making it so that it was obvious which fairy was Maleficent without having to name her, as well as making it so that she didn’t purposely mean to be evil. It was funny to see that happen by accident. I also liked the amount of dialogue you used, making it more closely like a fairytale and less like a quick story.

AJ Arnold: I like what you did with the Three Little Pigs, making the story one from the perspective of a pig.  The game was overall funny and harsh in terms of the endings and the pigs but this also made it very entertaining to play. I liked how you included tips in the narrative of the best choices to make, and that ultimately it still didn’t turn out well for the pigs.

Tyler Clark Feedback

Kimberly Crankfield – A decent telling of the Rumpelstiltskin story, but a little confusing to read and play through, I had no idea what the term manikin meant until I read through it a few times. As well as its a little different from the story most people are used to when they hear Rumpelstiltskin. But a decent telling nonetheless.

Sam Chubbuk – A very different telling to the story from what most people have heard. A good way of giving it multiple endings, but I felt the way they were implemented was kind of weak. Decent but could use a bit more work to polish it off.

Candace Martino – Feedback

Tyler Clark – I enjoyed your game from start to finish. I love the wordy descriptions you used. It made it easy for me to be able to visualize what was actually going on. I think that is a super important aspect of gaming, to be able to put your user in the game. This was great, and awesome fairy tale!

Chris Grisby – Your game is amusing! You put a good twist to it. As I read the story I could hear you saying it. I could really feel your personality into the game and that made it special. Although, I don’t know what the fairy tale is haha!

Twine Feedback: Jeanine Biggs

Lauren Hyde: As someone who has never read Ferdinand the Faithful, I enjoyed your remake because I didn’t know what was going to happen or what was supposed to happen in the original. Although the first two options were short, the last option I chose was long and well written, I enjoyed that you included some dialogue. I liked how you included both happy choices and sad choices, it makes it more interactive for the player to decide how they want the story to go.

Sam Chubbuck: As someone who loves Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent, I really enjoyed what you did with the story. I think you had the right amount of dialogue and text which made it feel like a real fairy tale story. I liked how in certain choices, you kept the story close to the original but in others you changed it slightly. I enjoyed how in one of the final choices, the 13th fairy put the spell of sleeping on her as an accident, she meant no harm. I liked how you stuck to the fairy tale theme and had happy endings for all of the characters involved.

Kimberly Crankfield

Aj Arnold

The Three Little Pigs

I liked the way you executed the story of the three pigs and made it so that the reader was basically the pig but there were no other actual characters. It felt like an individual experience. Each ending was pretty depressing but also kind of funny, and I liked having the choice of choosing options through the tips in your narrative even though following the tips still resulted in being in danger of the wolves.


Chris Grisby

I’m actually not sure what story this was a remake of! I could tell there was peter pan and the princess and the pea though haha. I really liked your take on this project as a whole though! I enjoyed all the very different and unique situations and choices that were given.


Lauren Hyde

I have never read this story but from reading your remake, I really liked it! It made me want to read the story and compare the differences. You were very detailed and the story was hooking.

LH – Twine Feedback

Tyler – That was fun!! Little Red Ridding Hood was one of the only fairy tales that I semi know so that was fun for me to understand what was happening.  I enjoyed how you were short and to the point yet descriptive enough to visualize what was happening.

Kristen – I liked how you stuck with all the themes though shortening them.  You kept the concept of the game apparent while altering it slightly.  I thought it was cool! I actually went through all of them instead of just one – kept me engaged!