Pitbull Rescue Chapter One pg 2.

The characters need to be mobile, able to interact with the front desk and the Tampa maps, information boxes need to be short but informative, the levels need to be accurate to the real environments they are looking to portray.


Pitbull Rescue Chapter One pg 1.

Level One:

This level will let the player choose a character and get started. Players will either be choosing a humane society worker or a person looking to adopt a rescue.

Programer Notes:


-Tampa neighborhood #1

-Tampa neighborhood #2

-Tampa neighborhood #3

-Humane Society (Front desk)

-Humane Society (Dog kennel)

Important items in this level:

-Character descriptions

-Front desk

-Tampa Map descriptions

Game Script: Loneliness


The game takes place in a kindergarten classroom. The player can choose between being a girl or a boy, and the point of the game is to befriend another child. Each of the children have a toy they like, and by talking the them, the player has to decipher which toy to give.


Which child to befriend:

-a nervous boy with short brown hair

-a playful girl with blonde hair

-an angry boy with black hair



-a toy truck

-a stuffed animal

Hopefully this will be more refined soon, but the idea is essentially to talk about uncertainty and loneliness… Somehow! Essentially that focusing on what to give the person can potentially detract from the experience of befriending them.

Human Trafficking Game Script

By Rich Taddonio

Game Script

Narrative describes the starting scene: In a small, rundown apartment complex in North Tampa, main character Sierra fights with her mother, yelling at her for spending grocery money on alcohol again. There is nothing to eat in the house, so Sierra, her younger sister and her mother will not eat, but her mom will drink until she passes out.

Background music plays as the player reads through the narrative. Music is soft, but with anxious undertones (Michael Giacchino?).

The game encompasses the grooming process of recruiting a sex worker for trafficking, and will illustrate that there are very few options the victim can choose from to avoid being taken. Once a target is chosen, it is extremely hard to get out of the trap.

There are five important characters:

Sierra, main character

Hope, Sierra’s 12-year-old sister

Sierra’s mom (unnamed)

Alicia, Sierra’s new “friend” and Xavier’s recruiter (or “groomer”)

Xavier, the pimp trying to trap Sierra

There are five important locations in this chapter that are in play depending on the choices the player makes:

Sierra’s apartment

Alicia’s apartment

Party house

Xavier’s house

Motel room



Chapter one:

Stay home

Run away

Chapter two:

Take the drugs

Not this time

No thanks

Go back to his place

Chapter three:

Go home and tell mom what happened

Go along with it, it’s the best you’ve ever been treated anyway

Meet up with Alicia and do drugs this time

Join Alicia for another party with drugs and older men

Go back to Xavier, sleep with him

Spend the night alone, crying

Tell him you love him back

Tell him things are moving too fast

Education Crisis Script-Kimberly

Kimberly Crankfield

Title: Education Crisis

Chapter 1

Description: Play a game of chance and strategy as you become a Syrian refugee child in Lebanon who is trying to pursue an education in impossible circumstances.

Goal: The goal is to have the luck and then the skill to go to school. Once at school you must use strategy to handle the struggles that refugee children face when pursuing and education.

Programmer Notes:

There will be 5 main settings in this game. Each room is entered upon each decision the player makes. Below are the settings and functions of each.

  • The Community Area Where you will choose you character from a group of potential Syrian Refugee students
  • The dinner table where you will find out whether or not pursuing education will be good for the family or not
  • The road, where you will either begin your journey, leaving home towards your future husband or setting off towards your first day of work with your father
  • The class room, where you will see a room with small class benches and unfamiliar language written on the board
  • The mini game screen, where you will use strategy to answer the correct language questions while dodging abuse from bullies

There are 2 important items in this chapter. Below are the items and functions of each.

  • Soccer ball. When choosing your character, another child will kick the ball to the child who you’ve chose, signifying that this  child is who has been chosen.
  • Wallet. The parent of the household will look into their wallet when it comes time to decide if they can afford to let your character go to school. The wallet is symbolic but will just play as a prop in the scenario.



Castle Law Script

Level 1

This level allows the player to get acquainted with the controls, how the game operates

Goal to completing level: kill/subdue robber

Programmers notes:

There are 3 Important Rooms on this Level:

  • Bedroom
  • Hallway
  • Office

Important Items on this Level:

  • Valuables (Sack of Money, jewels)
  • Door to Bedroom
  • Door to Office (Ajar)
  • Front Door
  • Flashlight
  • Robber (with Gun or child hostage + knife)
  • Vault (Ajar)
  • Weapon (gun, baseball bat, fists)
  • Nightstand
  • Painting

Functions of Each Location and Item:

  • Bedroom: start location; location of weapon, nightstand, flashlight, door to bedroom
  • Hallway: Location of Bedroom Door, Front Door, Office Door
  • Office: where the player confronts the robber; location of robber, valuables, vault, painting (found on floor near vault)
  • Nightstand: location of flashlight, weapon. Found in Bedroom
  • Vault: location of valuables. Found in Office
  • Valuables: Player does not interact with. Found in Vault
  • Painting: Player does not interact with. Found in Office on floor near vault.
  • Robber: Antagonist. Found in Office. Player does not interact with.
  • Bedroom Door: Allows entrance to Hallway. Found in Bedroom
  • Office Door: Allows entrance to Office. Found in Hallway. Player does not interact with.
  • Front Door: Where Robber can exit. Player does not interact with. Found in Hallway
  • Weapon: What player uses to confront robber. Found on Nightstand
  • Flashlight: Helps player see at night. Found on Nightstand