Candace Martino – Premises

Crazy Taxi 

The user is in control of navigating a busy city all while driving a taxi. The purpose is to  safely drive as many riders as he/she can safely and accurately. The user is up against a clock. It engages the gamer to think and strategize in tight situations which routes are the best to take. The sole fundamental purpose of this game is for entertainment. The user acts as a taxi driver in rush hour, and is responsible for getting riders to their destinations.

NBA 2K17

The user has several options for this game platform. One option is to create a player, and go through the dimensions and level of being drafted to the NBA, all while dealing with an agent, money, and playing basketball. It engages the user because it portrays the life of a NBA player. It drawls people in because of the curiosity one has of living a luxurious lifestyle like the elite athletes do. The fundamental purpose of this game is mainly to entertain. It keeps the users want more fame and glory throughout the game. However, it also can somewhat educate the user what it takes to be such a prestigious athlete.

Rock Band

The user and or users have the opportunity to live out a rockstar dream. The purpose is to see if the gamers have what it takes to deliver good sounding music by hitting the right notes and singing the right pitch. It engages the user by allowing them to do all of the work. Essentially, it is up to the gamer and their skills to move onto the next level and unlock different rounds/song. Overall, the main purpose of this game is solely to entertain. There is not any other elements of why this game was created other than to pull users in and give them a stage to perform on.



AJ Arnold Premises

Safe Driver

This is a game that will teach people the dangers with distractions. The game will have the player start in the car and they will begin to drive the car. They will be traveling on busy highway and they will be able to steer the car using the arrow keys. As they are driving they will have text messages that they have to respond to using the key board, they lose sight of the road momentarily as they tune the radio, and they will also experience noise distractions from the radio and cell phone calls. The point of the game is to get to the highest level possible before crashing. As the player makes it to higher levels the speed of the cars will increase, the amount of traffic will increase, and the amount of distractions the player receives will increase.

Designated Driver

The point of this game is to keep your designated driver sober throughout the night at a party. Your goal will be to locate your designated driver before he starts drinking. It will be set up like a “where’s Waldo” map that is alive. Each level there will be more and more people showing up to the party. As the party gets more lively your driver will have a larger urge to drink, giving you less time to find him. If he drinks you lose. If you make it to 2 o’clock you win. The point of the game is to show the importance of sober driving.

Lax Shooter

The point of this game is to spread the game of lacrosse. Players will try to get to the highest level possible. They will be controlling a player that is shooting on a goalie. Each level the player will automatically complete a dodge and will perform a different type of shot after each dodge. The player will have a meter with a bar that is going back and forth. In order for the shooter to shoot and score the player will have to keep the bar in the middle of the meter.

Kristen Yanez Premises

House Hunting

The player gets to look at different styles of houses before going through the process of purchasing one and decorating it in the game. It will be engaging for those interested in houses and interior design. Its fundamental purpose is both for entertainment and to teach the players about buying a house.

Puppy Playground

The player interacts with different breeds of dogs at a large dog park. The player will get to pet, play with, wash, and feed the dogs. This game’s purpose is to entertain and make the user laugh.

Wacky Driving

The player is the driver and controls the car. They have to drive through various courses filled with funny obstacles. The game is engaging because the obstacles will get harder to avoid as the course goes on, making the player really focus on not hitting anything. Its fundamental purpose is to entertain and to teach users how to drive.

JC Premises

Space Jams

This is a game where you travel in a spaceship that is customizable and adjusts its stats according to how you design it. However, the point of traveling to different planets is to discover opponents to play against in the Space Jamz basketball Tournament. While flying to different planets, you can pick up Space ‘Jammerz’ to compete with you in your tournaments.

The point will be to educate on the intricacies of Space Jam managerial work, but primarily to entertain.

Gorilla Jams

In “Gorilla Jams”, the song from Super Smash Brothers Melee for Nintendo GameCube that goes “DONKEY… –KONG; AND THE DONKEY, KONG – CREW!” will be continuously playing as you travel the South American Jungle in search of Gorillas to come Jam with you at the local street jam. The gorillas will ride in different cars and ‘jam’ into each other like destruction derby, and in the game you get to choose from the gorillas you’ve rescued to use in the ‘Gorilla Jam’.

The point will be to educate on the intricacies of zoology and other studies in biology. However, it would also provide a great service to those desiring entertainment.

Traffic Jam

In this game, you travel the continental United States in a helicopter that is customizable because, it is. However the point of the game will be to locate traffic jams and analyze the origin of the situation, and why this traffic jam is occuring. Is the street too thin? Is their a bad intersection that can be redone? The player has to make adjustments to the roads from a bird’s eye view. If a road is badly constructed by the player, or the player removes a necessary street light or stopsign, there is the potential for cars to ‘jam’ into each other.

The point will be to educate on the intricacies of city-planning and design. But it’s pretty fun to troll the roadways, too.


  1. The Princess is in Another Castle
    1. The idea of The Princess is in Another Castle is that a princess was captured in the midst of a battle and escaped so she now has to fight her way back home.
    2. It will be engaging because she already has combat training since she was not just sitting around in her war-torn country, she was fighting when she was captured.
    3. Its fundamental purpose is to entertain and also put a badass woman at the front of a combat game since that is usually not the case.
  2. Protagonist/Antagonist
    1. The premise of this game is that you are going through your life as things start to get stranger and stranger, leading you down a series of events that end on a twist ending.
    2. The game will be engaging because as the events get crazier and crazier you start to wonder why these things are happening to you until you find out that they are because of you as the antagonist of the story.
    3. Its fundamental purpose is to entertain and also make the audience think a little about their lives and how they could be seen as the antagonist in someone else’s story as well.
  3. Trick or Treat
    1. The premise of this one is to pick the right costume to get the most candy on Halloween.
    2. It will be engaging because there will be many different options to choose from and a change limit to how many times you can change your costume in the night and talk to your neighbors about it before you can get the candy.
    3. Its fundamental purpose will be to entertain and make people laugh with the neighbors reactions to the costume.

Victoria Mancini Premises

  1. Premise: The main idea for this game is to teach users how to survive in a wilderness setting for up to 72 hours after having getting lost in the woods. Users would have a bag full of items that they must use to get to safety and survive a few nights.

Purpose: The purpose of this game would be to entertain players as well as teach them how to properly handle a survival situation in case of an emergency.


  1. Premise: The idea for this game would be to allow users to swim in the ocean while avoiding obstacles and properly navigating rip currents.

Purpose: The purpose of this game would be to entertain as well as to teach the dangers of rip currents and tides and to provide information on how to properly handle them.


  1. Premise: This would be a game in which users have to escape a burning building as quickly as they can before it collapses, all while avoiding fire hazards and obstacles throughout the building.

Purpose: The purpose of this game would be to serve as entertainment if someone was bored as well as to highlight the dangers of fire.

LH Premises

Outfit Change

The user will chose one of the many famous fashion designers to act as them.  They will go through a series of levels (level 1- shoes level 2- pants level 3- shirts level 4-accessories etc) and chose what should be matched with what.  Then the end of the game they will get a percentage to how “fashionable” in the mind of that designer they are.

Purpose?  To entertain people that are into fashion and get a look into the mind of their favorite designers.

Alternate Universe

The user will travel through different dimensions and have to beat the level to move on.  It is based off of adventures seen in the show Rick and Morty.

Purpose?  To entertain people, especially those who like Rick and Morty, and let them experience things that aren’t real life.

Taste of Cali

The user will click through different vineyards and learn about wines.  The character will be able to walk, drive, ride on horses etc.  Basically it’s as if the person is in California on wine vineyards.

Purpose?  They will learn all about different wines, how they taste, their “consistency”.  Things that people who drink 5 dollar bottles of wine (me) wouldn’t usually learn.