Memex – JC

Hello my little futurists! Today I’ll be setting forth my conception of the memex 20 years from now, originally conceived by Vannevar Bush. The first thing I find worth noting about the memex is that it’s not really about mathematical computation or algorithmic perfectionisms or anything like that, really. Although those are the things it runs on, the memex is really about information and ideas. It’s about a medium that makes finding information, comparing information, and dealing with information easy and, in a modern sense, possible. I think we often have these fantasies of getting caught up in the digital, in the vast pools of knowledge that exist and are now easily and infinitely accessible. The fantasy is one of enlightenment and mixed/new understandings. The irony, perhaps, is that some of the most fundamental truths of human existence are, in essence, often quite simple.

Now, I’m not looking to make some profound observations on the human phenomena or anything, but I do think that a memex, if distributed on a mass-scale, and if it is somehow relevant to our lives insistently (like, say, a computer chip in our minds as proposed in class, or even our cell phones in present day) will offer some modes of streamlined informational nourishment if it actually wants to be what we all want it to be. I think the memex will in some way transcend a simple workspace in some form or another. But whether or not it will serve as a distraction from life, or enhance it, is yet to be made obvious. I think it will take a long cycle, somehow, for the memex to bring us, through it’s own inevitably digital means, back to reality.


Memex – Rich Taddonio

The future memex, like Vannevar Bush’s memex, will be a work space designed largely to store an immense amount of data. However, unlike Bush’s device, this technology will also incorporate means of consuming media such as video and music streaming, computer games, and other forms of entertainment. It will also not be limited to one size, but will possess the ability to be customized to the user’s preference, with little to no reassembly. The memex will act as our phone, computer, and television; and like phones, computers, and televisions today, everyone will have one. Or Two.

Looking at our society today, it is clear how essential our entertainment media is to us. Sure, a lot of technology is used for work; but the devices that were originally created to maximize productivity in scientific research, our precious computers, are now widely used for watching movies and television shows, listening to music, and playing games. It is also clear that as we progress, our technology tends to get smaller. For example, what we used to only be able to do on a large desktop computer can now be accomplished on a tablet or even a smartphone. However, we can’t go too small, and there are still things people need to do on a large screen, which is where the flexibility of the future memex’s size comes in.

The memex will not be made of metal, but hard, thin plastic. It will appear to completely translucent, except for the thin silver bar at the bottom edge. It will be about the size and shape of a large tablet, maybe 14-15 inches long, 8-9 inches wide. The touchscreen will appear seamless, but with the press of a tiny button, or a simple voice command, the memex will divide into six equal size rectangles. Those rectangles can then be folded into each other to form various sizes and shapes to fit to the user’s desires. The screen which appears on the see-through plastic is projected upwards from the bottom metal bar, which also has joints so it can be bent and folded like the pieces of plastic.

Inside the metal bar will be the latest in microchip technology for the device’s function and storing high amounts of information, as well as a battery and an HD camera. The camera lens will protrude out of the metal bar ever so slightly, right in the middle and next to the microphone. This memex will put an end to carrying around heavy but highly breakable tablets and laptops with glass screens that shatter upon sometimes even the slightest impact. It will eliminate smartphones, tablets, and computers all at once, for it will possess all the same capabilities and more.



Memex – Candace


It’s hard to believe that technology can advance any further than what it already has. I mean, who would of thought we would be where we are today? I remember growing up and only have one computer in the house at first, one big computer. It sat inside our kitchen, it was heavy, noisy, not the best graphics, and fairly slow – but at the time we thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. As our generation grew up we saw the growth of technology before our very own eyes. The transition went from one stationary computer to everyone in my family having their own laptops, to flip cellphones that we shared to having every new iPhone that came out (this is fact, I’ve had every single iPhone but the “color” one). Technology is a beautiful yet destructive thing, it’s the same thing that can connect us all at once, and the very same thing that can disconnect from the people we are surrounded with. As time goes on scientists, engineers, and researchers are only going to brainstorm more brilliant ideas for the next best thing. But for now hear me out on what I think will be the next best thing years down the road . . .

Drum roll . . .computers that us as humans actually wear. Now whether or not it will be inserted into our actually bodies is a stretch, but wearing it around us isn’t far off, perhaps on our wrists. I think the device will be  a thin bracelet, colorful to display each one of ours personalities, durable, fast, personalized, everything we need on a daily basis. I know cellphones seem to be taking over the computer category as far as being portable, but I don’t see it outpacing computers in itself. People want fast, high quality, convenient, transportable devices. This whole cellphones replicating tablets thing is just a fad in my opinion, I mean take a look at the very first cellphone to the ones we have now. They cycled from big, to small, to smaller, to big, now back to bigger. History certainly does repeat itself doesn’t it?

These wrist bands will have one button, a button that will turn the computer on and off. Once you turn the band on it will project a screen onto your wrist. This will serve as your computer and maybe even your phone. You can search the internet, text, call, write, email, use excel, video conference, etc. all that you normally would do on a computer or phone. I think this will serve as everything for us. I know people won’t want to text on their arm so maybe cellphones will be separate and advance in their own ways. But, as far as having a computer I can certainly  envision this happening. The device will even allow you to take it off your wrist and place it on a table, desk, or flat surface, you’ll be able to use it the same way. A projection will appear on that surface, and it’ll work just as a touch screen device works. Pretty cool, huh? I want one now just thinking about it. People will still communicate the way they do, if not faster and more efficient by having this device. Imagine for work you need to get a project done on powerpoint, but can’t work on it easily as you are traveling. You’ll simply turn the band on, and work away. It’s so small and hassle free! After all isn’t that what we all want, those very things, convenient, quality driven, fast, and efficient devices.

Memex- AJ Arnold

Todays technologies are rapidly changing, constantly trying to improve our way of life. The demand for smaller, more efficient devices with wider capabilities have pressured companies into developing new technologies for the public before their competitor’s do. Currently some deciding factors which dictate how the public chose new devices are: size, mobility, durability, degree of difficulty to use, dependability, battery life/sustainability, and price. With these factors in mind I feel that future devices will be small, easy to use/ interact with, will be able to connect to almost all other devices we use in our day to day, battery and memory will no longer be something to stress, they will be able to capture and create all types of media, there will be multiple devices and not just one that can “do it all”. These new technologies will be created using todays current technologies as a base to build on (computers, phones, watches, and eye wear, etc.).

Memex – Kristen

It’s crazy for me to think about how many devices we have today for communication; Phones, laptops, apps, iPads, watches, glasses, the list goes on and on. It seems like every few months there is a new product being sold with a new concept that will change the way we communicate. So what do I expect the memex to be in twenty years? That’s a question where I am not prepared for the answer.

I don’t believe we’ll be living in a world filled with cyborgs running around. However, I do believe technology will be at the beginning of this phase where the communication technology is built into our bodies. Chips will be inserted through surgeries so we can answer phone calls through our ears or hands. Everyone will have little implants or contacts where we can basically see a computer screen through our own eyes.

As cool as it sounds, I can honestly say I am not looking forward to these advancements. Why do we always have to be in a constant state of progress? I’d be okay sticking to my iPhone 6s for the next ten years if everything else around us would slow down as well. Technological communication through these devices is such a large part of society today and I find it to be overwhelming already. I don’t want to picture what the world will be like in 2o years because to me it seems like were just moving too fast. Our memex will be a combination of all the devices out today basically on steroids, inserted unnaturally into our bodies. My suggestion to everyone out there is to just take a break! Let’s slow it down so in the future we aren’t inserting foreign devices into our body, creating cyborgs.


Memex Kimberly

In twenty years I expect technology to be fine-tuned to the human body. Our eyes will be our screens and our fingers will be able to pull up our keyboards with the simplest swipe of our finger tips.  We will be evolving from having multiple devices for different purposes, to  having this one invention to serve the purpose of our laptops, cellphone, and telephone. I don’t expect this technology to be easily accessible to everyone just yet, but I do think it will be the newest emerging technology that everyone wants to get their hands on, no pun intended.

In my vision, there is a chip that connects and disconnects us from our digital workspace. The workspace itself is a small box the size of a usb device. As the world seems to make technology smaller and more convenient, this innovation will follow the trend.  A small device with access to the entire world. To connect to it, people will have to remove their own personal chip from some form of their identification. This might be the case if birth certificates begin being printed in credit card form. These birth certificate cards will have a chip, and this is the chip that connects to our small workspace device. While disconnected, you will not having access to the internet or any of the features, but once you are connected, the technology temporarily seems to form to your biology. With voice command you will be able to bring up a screen before your eyes, use your fingers to make any surface work as a keyboard, and listen to audio from your own ears. The device will make the human body a smart computer for as long as the persons Identification is attached.

This technology will not be accessible to everyone. This is because the cost of getting the undetectable components attached to the human body will cost a lot more than most can afford. There will be a special component of the technology that makes it work at every center of the five senses. All of the components are removable. I feel like technology is moving at an extremely exponential rate at this point and so to me, this kind of technology in twenty years is not out of the question.


What was once coined as a memex is now obsolete. Technology that has yet to be invented will one day be obsolete. There are some technologies today that are obsolete. If you re-watch Back to the Future Part II in 2017, you’ll be amazed at just how much of what the future was thought to hold is not yet here, or what is obsolete. #hoverboards. Technology is making life easier. There’s a saying that if you make a lazy man do a hard job, than he’ll find an easier way to do it. That’s what technology is doing. Eventually, the world will become as what was shown in the Disney-Pixar animated film, Wall-e, where everyone is fat, boneless, lounging in hover chairs 24/7, and receiving all nourishment from a straw.

If we get to that point, that is. All this technology so we don’t have to think. We program machines to do that for us. All of that thought goes into mechanical instruments designed to make our lives easier. And the more we do that, the more they will think. And soon enough, they’ll have their own thoughts. They’ll become self-aware. Followed by robot civil rights and eventually: judgment day. Or it’s the aliens preparing us for invasion by making us weak. Either way, it’s Hasta la vista to mankind, baby. Sorry for the tin foil hat there, but I’ll be sticking to my mind palace like the high-functioning sociopath that I am.