Marcus Goss- Meet Galvatron

Galvatron the Future . . .

The “Galvatron” is a delicate platform which acts in accordance to a storage unit. Cd’s usb, built in phone capabilities, a rechargeable battery pack, and most importantly the infusion of paint as a craft. Equipped with assorted pencils, pens, and forms of ink, the “Galvatron” stores a plethora of items to include books,  important records, different means of communication devices, mechanized to fufill everyday life functions in one central location.
Different methods go into transmitting potent data, as well as the review process from a generated battery source. With rechargeable energy, limitless supplies, and gadgets. “Galvatron” is ideal for anybody of self expression. LED illumination is consumed throughout it’s structure, and unlike traditional rolling chairs, the “Galvatron” is equipped and accessible with a bean bag seating structure.

The Galvatron eliminates the challenges of innovative new research, at the expense of a central processing unit, compatible with the desk. Organization, is constructed and stored via built in filing cabinets, along with ample hardware storage if necessary.

Some challenges it may face are that it may not consist of everything a consumer would potentially want, and it may not function to the like-ability of any one specific person. With several jaw dropping capabilities, there are still loop holes that need addressing. How can we incorporate electricity or even solar power, with out losing the feeling of originality, craft, artistry, uniqueness and more?

However, it’s suitable and convenient to whomever wherever. Considering it as a future device for individual or multi-person use a vast majority of “Galvatron’s” contents are purchased via microfilm. For the sake of business it’s critical to the provision of direct data entry.

With a transparent table top, made of glass. Things will never get lost. The Galvatron is simplistic innovation. Supplemental levers are built in, to enhance the use-ability of functions. Don’t get just a desk, invest in a “Galvatron.”


Kelsey’s Memex

Since I am a bit of a hoarder my memex would consist of a variety of objects, images, books, and collections that are important and not important to me. Because I am a hoarder I have a tendency of keeping items that hold no importance to me anymore; but because the item(s) did at one point have a purpose or meaning I keep them around. It is somewhat comforting. I also have a tendency of convincing myself that every object or item I have laying around will one day serve me purpose so I cannot throw it away. Although I am somewhat of a hoarder, I am very organized and OCD about how I arrange my belongings. In addition to my organization skills, I am very dull, uncreative, and simple when it comes to my actual work space.

I imagine my memex as a large varnished wooden desk that leans against a tall white wall. I would want a large window to the left and right side of my memex for light and energy. There would be a white fuzzy carpet underneath my office chair and throw blanket hanging on the back of my chair. Instead of the memex being a complete rectangle, I would want the front of it to curve in, creating a half circle where I would sit in front of. My memex would essentially curve around me so I can have enough space for all my belongings. Underneath my memex would be two horizontal shelves where I can rest my feet.

Placed in the center of my half circle would be a type writer. The typewriter would live inside of the memex and sealed underneath two small wooden sliding doors. There would be a panel, with numbers, on the memex where a code would need to be entered in order to access the type writer. Once the code is entered into that panel, the desk doors would open and the typewriter would rise up on a panel to the surface of the memex. The typewriter would have twenty-six functioning keys that control my memex. Each key would bring forth the objects I press for.






I would have a trash bin enclosed on the very right end of my half circle with a small wooden door on the outside of the memex, controlled by the “M” key.  In addition, because I really enjoy music and it contributes to my creative thought process, I would have two speakers inside of my memex on the far left and right corners of the memex that lean against the wall. The “T” and “Y” keys would elevate the speakers to the surface of the memex. The “U” key would connect my speakers to my phones bluetooth. The “F” key would play and pause the music. “G” would play back the track. “H” would skip a track. “J” would lower the volume and “K” would raise the volume.

At the very left end of my half circle would be a small black crate that would hold all of my important everyday belongings. This black crate would hold my iPhone, wallet, keys, blistex, hand lotion, pack of gum, hand sanitizer, tissues, and wipes. The black crate would be controlled by the “X” key. The next crate would be dark gray, medium sized, and would hold my planner and pencil case. The “S” key would control this crate. The next crate would be medium gray, medium sized, and controlled by “Q”. This crate will hold all of my miscellaneous items and belongings. Some of these items being old movie theater tickets, old hockey tickets, old wristbands from nights out, old notes from friends and family, gift cards, scrap paper, and wrappers. Next to this crate would be a large light gray tray, controlled by “W”, with three folders laying on the tray flat. The pink folder would have college rule papers, the blue folder would have white printing paper, and the green folder would have construction paper. The next item would be a large white coffee cup that holds all of my pens, pencils, scissors, rulers, and markers. “E” would bring forth the coffee cup.

On the very far center of my desk, would be bookends on a panel, controlled by “R”. The “R” key would bring forth the entire panel. Between the bookends would hold some of my favorite books such as the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre, old picture albums, old textbooks, old binders, and old notebooks. Pressing “I” would scroll through which item I wanted exactly, instead of bringing forth the entire panel, and “O” would confirm my choice and bring it forward. next to the book end panel, on the right, would be a light gray tray with a selection of hand lotions, perfumes, hand sanitizer, and a small tissue box. “P” would bring forth this tray. The next tray would be a medium gray that holds three candles (the scent of fresh linen”, controlled by “A”. The neighboring tray would be dark gray, controlled by “L”. This tray would hold tape, envelopes, stamps, more markers, pens, pencils, and a pencil sharpener. To the right of this tray would be a black small box, controlled by “Z”, that holds my eyeliner, lipglosses, lipsticks, mascara, and more beauty products. This concludes the end of my memex.



Brittany’s Memex

My memex would definitely be overly complex. I wear a lot of hats anyway, so for a workspace to fit all of my needs it would have to be divergent and unique. It would appear as a desk with arms that form a “V”-shape out from where I sit. The arms of the V would have layers of desktops that I can bring towards me with the panel on the edge of my desk inset. The panel would have buttons that are labeled with the different desktops so I can easily access each, one at a time. It would also have controls for my music, which is playing through speakers on one of the farthest desktops.

My first desktop would be my design desk. I love design, so it would be loaded with tabloid-sized paper and flip to a new sheet or go back to old projects with buttons at the bottom of the desk. This desk would also have colored pencils, pens, and paints/paintbrushes that would rise up as needed with the desk’s own panel.

Another desktop would be for ministry. It would have a Bible built in that would be searchable, a notebook I could flip through using similar controls to my design desk, a spot for highlighters, pencils, and colored pens (for color coding notes and planning), and a phone to plan with fellow core members or my co-leader. This desk would also have a searchable YouCat (the Catechism re-written for high schoolers) and bringing it up would prompt the music desk to change to playing Praise and Worship music.

Another desktop would be for writing. It would have the same stationary inset as my ministry desk and the same notebook setup as well, only bigger. It would also have a camera, as my Memex will be near a window. This would be so that – if I’m writing about something I can see – I don’t have to keep pushing through writer’s block, but I can come back to the project later on.

These desktops would surely be added to as I expand my interests and add hats to my pile, but this is a solid start with which I can be productive. In writing, I actually began to get excited about creating my Memex and had to remind myself that it would never actually be realized.




Kayla’s Memex

My memex would be an area where I can write. In a generation where everything is typed and written on computers, I would love to go back to the basics and just handwrite. To do this, I would need a few supplies. I love both gel and ballpoint pens, so I would need both of this in black ink along with another color like red so I can go back and edit. I would need white paper, preferably lined, because otherwise I would write crooked. I’d need a dictionary and thesaurus for when I’m stuck on a word. Music would be really crucial for me to have while writing, so I would need some speakers. I always drink a cup of hot tea while I’m writing, so somewhere in my memex I would need a kettle or a Keurig, maybe in a shelf next to it or below it. I love looking out the window and having natural light, so my memex would definitely have to be next to a window.

In the bottom left corner of my desktop, there would be a control panel for my memex. Here, I would have controls for my music such as play, pause, back, next, etc. My pens would be in a container and all I would have to do is press a button on the control panel for the container to slide out. Another button would turn on my kettle or Keurig and would pour me a fresh, hot cup of tea. If I want a new sheet of paper, I would simply press a button and it would disperse a piece of paper in front of me. The dictionary and thesaurus would be readily available at arm’s reach for when I needed to grab them and look up a word. Everything I write and want to keep will be story safely in a folder inside of a drawer.


Alberto Orejuela-Memex

My profession would be writing screenplays. My desk would look like a plain black desk The desk has storage at the bottom to hold movies and documents on film. On top would be a screen to be able to project films on to. Also documents could be projected on to this.

To the right of the desk would be a lever and keyboard. The keyboard would be to type out the movie code to pick the movie I would like to watch and then I would pull down the lever to make the movie project on the screen. Watching movies is important to the profession, because it serves as inspiration for your own stories.

The keyboard could also be used to call up books. The books would be on film already and be able to project on the screen, so I would not have to flip through hundreds of pages. Books can also serve as inspiration for your own stories, or give advice on how to actually write the screenplay.

The most important part of the desk would be the typewriter. The typewriter would be an old fashioned typewriter separate from the keyboard on the right. It has a mechanical arm hovering above the page being written, and once the page is done being written, the arm would pick up the page and place it into storage. The arm would proceed to place a fresh page into the typewriter.

The desk’s storage is able to convert pages into microfilm. So once I am done writing I can press a button on the keyboard, pull down the lever, and the pages that I have written would be projected on to the screen. This would make for easy viewing of the material I have done.

Kaylee’s Memex

Kaylee’s memex would be constructed around her most beloved passions- culture, music and journalistic writing.

On top of the desk would be a globe, to represent her love for travel and different cultures. Whenever she would visit a new place, the country would be darkened on the globe. There would also be a pole in the center that connected to a lever within the desk that would slowly keep the globe on a rotation, just for decoration and potentially spark new ideas and motivation for new travels.

Speakers would rest embedded on each side of Kaylee’s memex, where one might find bottom drawers on an every day office desk. The speakers would be connected to an old-fashioned record player, positioned inside of the desk, but exposed so that the arm was raised just above the surface. On top of the desk on the same side, what appears to be a shelf would be right next to the record player, and it would be a library of all of Kaylee’s favorite albums. There is a handle next to the record player that resembles what someone would see on a claw machine handle and crane.  When she presses the button attached to the handle, a long arm reaches out to the records, as she moves the handle to the left or right, she presses the button, which then grabs and replaces the current record with her new selection. This is to ensure that she is never without her favorite tunes.

Because of her love for writing, Kaylee’s memex would have a typewriter in the center of her desk. Whenever she was finished with a page, a lever to her right would send an arm to collect her papers and file them accordingly in a drawer to her right. She would also have a newspaper on her desk at all times, with a built-in “page flipper” on the desk to help keep her updated with current events. Kaylee would inevitably have a notebook and pile of pens on her desk to make any necessary notes.

Lastly, Kaylee would have rolls of pictures that lined the top of her desk, pictures of her family, friends and things important to her to personalize her desk while hard at work. With the pull of a lever, similar to looking through an old school view finder, the pictures would rotate.

All of these things are important to Kaylee and necessary to construct her ideal memex.

Page Fox Memex

If I had to put all of the things that I needed into one work place it would be onto a big wooden desk, like an antique, thats old fashion fancy. I would have a good comfy chair and a nice throw blanket on my lap as I am almost always cold. The work that I do the most at this point in my education and wanna-be professional life is Social Media and Marketing as an intern, hopefully soon to be career. For this work I require a number of things. The most important being my phone, so that I can access the various social media forums to post my copy. Other things that I require would be a camera, some paper and writing utensils specifically for this line of work. In terms of creating the appropriate creative ambiance I will also require some speakers, a bottle of water, and a small lamp (as I hate overhead light but tend to do most of my work in the evenings).

I imagine the control panel for my memex being to my right as a type of keyboard. I will control how things get to me through commands similar to a MAC, like command-C will bring me my camera and command-Q will send it away when I am done. I like this concept for control because it does not require a bunch of labels or space but can quickly bring me the things that I require.

Also the right of my seat will be a small drawer that has all the necessary things for my personal well being such as chargers for my devices, chapstick, and probably a secret snack stash to get the creative juices flowing. These things often add clutter and would bother me to be sitting out in the open but are necessary, so it will be most appropriate for them to be tucked into a drawer that opens command-D when I need them.

As for the actual work aspect of my memex, I will need my phone closest to me, because it will be the most important. This way I can upload copy to the various social media forums and reach my desired audience. This copy can be created through the use of my camera or actual written word with my pens and pencils. As noted earlier I will command the camera with command-C, while the writing utensils and paper will be made available with command-P.

To create my creative ambiance the lamp will turn on with command-O and off with command-N. My speakers will probably be on at all times and can be controlled with command-S. All of these items will come from the outer rim of my desk to the center when requested. In addition to the things on top of my desk, I will need one more drawer. I love to read and get burnt out easily when I try to accomplish a lot of work at one time, so I will need my books easily accessible when I need a break from real work.

I think that with all of these things close and easily accessible to me, I will have created a perfect creative environment for success in my desire profession.