1. Customer Service Site

     Hilton; Hotels and Resorts

          My Reservations


          Meetings & Events


          About Hilton



          Sign In

          Where do you want to go?

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          View Photos of resorts


          Social Media

          Email Newsletters

          Advanced Search

                   1  The website is very user friendly.  When you pull the website up originally, the viewer can see everything that they need to see.  They are very point blank actions that bring you directly to the next step.

                   2  Yes.  They all bring the user directly to the next step.  PLUS, the website dives even further into getting specifics for the trips etc.  Very easy interface to use.

                   3  N/A.

Stimulus / Response:  The picture on the front page shows people in what would seem to be a vacation spot.  This is enticing for the user because all they’re doing while using this website is dying to get away.

Navigation: Simple.  Tab’s to drop down menus or click on the photographs to bring user to next slide.

Control over objects: Control over creating the schedule etc

Communication: Sign up / Sign in is easy and accessible.  Email newsletter is apparent at the bottom.  Social media is at the bottom for that sort of communication.  There is no direct # or email but that is because they are all independent from each other so that is ok.

Exchange of information: Simple way to enter information if necessary.

Acquisition: As you continue with the process the website gets more and more specific.  EG. When you click on the resort tab, it brings you to another tab on the website and asks you where you plan to go / what kind of resort you want / filtering for what you need so they can find the right one for you.

2. Online Game











          1 The interface is very easy to use and breaks it down into categories for simplicity reasons.  When you search a game, a ton of games and games with that key word in it appear making it very easy for a user to find a game they might not remember the name of.

          2 Yes.  As mentioned above, the user is redirected accordingly.

          3 Yes they do.  This website is very animated making it attractive to those who are entering this site to play games.  Also, it gives the users more than just one option so they can have a more interactive time trying more games than just the one intended to be played.

                   Stimulus/Response: The website is very busy, providing the user with excitement and energy (and options)

                   Navigation: Easy to use.  The interface is broken down for the user so navigation is simple.  Also, typical search bar for the easiest self navigation.   

                   Control over objects: Sometimes the advertisements take more time to load and end up covering certain things that you wanted to click on.  They become inconvenient and annoying but so does any pop-up advertisement on a website.

                   Communication: There are ways to connect through Facebook, multiplayer options and log in capabilities.

                            Exchange of information: Gives the user their stats and the ability to save their name to a high score.  Also stats are saved on the personal log in.

                            Acquisition: Keep winning, keep playing

3. Site of Choice

          Stumble Upon

                   Member login

                   Connect with FB / Google

                   Sign up

          (Once you’re in)





                   All Interests



                   People who liked this

          1 This site makes sense because the way it is set up is to keep cool pictures, videos and website that you found, in which case the ‘like’ ‘dislike’ ‘share’ ‘all interested’ ‘saved’ buttons are helpful to either make the website give you what you want, stop them from sending you stuff you won’t enjoy, share things with others, remind yourself of things you’ve seen before and other things that you’d think you’d like.

          2 All of those buttons are very helpful and give good consequences to the users choice

          3 The users interactions have a meaningful impact on the story of the website because it provides the website with the ability to either continue to give or start to provide the user with a website they enjoy.  Also it makes the experience more personal seeing your saved stuff, going back and enjoying it.

                   Stimulus/Response: This is all based on personal preference, stimulus given.

                   Navigation: Easy.  Hover over the symbol if the thumbs up/down, the flag, or the three words ‘share’ or ‘all interests’ are confusing and the website will tell you what they mean

                   Control over objects: This is all what the users wants to do so it completely in their control.  However, the spontaneity of websites is what keeps it interesting.

                        Communication: Connecting with others, aka the +124.4K others liked this…

               Exchange of information: Connect with your account and the website will recognize you and save all the saved links forever

                     Acquisition:  Links that entertain and satisfy the needs of the viewer are at their disposal.


Interactivity Activity

Kristen Yanez, Candace Martino, Chris Grisby, Rich Taddonio


  1. Costumer Service Site: Southwest Airlines
    1. Search/advanced search
    2. Learn more
    3. Get it today
    4. Book Now
    5. Log in
    6. Espanol
    7. Flight, Hotel, Car
    8. Special Offers
    9. Rapid Rewards
    10. Winter Weather
      1. Yes, the users’ choices make sense because each link/verb brings you to the correlating page for the information the user is requesting.
      2. Yes, the consequences make sense because everything you click on is relevant to flying with Southwest Airlines.
  • N/A
    1. Stimulus and Response: Stimulates you to want to book now or soon because of special offers.
    2. Drop-down menu and other links are arranged and organized by relevance.
    3. Easily accessed search bars. Also, user has control over when they want to fly, what tickets to buy, and how many.
    4. Contact Customer Service link present and conspicuous.
    5. Easy access to search bars, search for flight, find tickets and other information.
    6. Ability to purchase ticket, rent cars, or book hotel room.
  1. Online Casual Game: Bloons
    1. New Game
    2. High Scores
    3. Play Bloons!
    4. More Games
    5. Make Your Own Levels
    6. Select Level
    7. Main Menu
      1. The user aims and shoots a dart in order to pop balloons. Theoptions to complete the task make sense and are apparent.
      2. The consequences make sense. If you miss the balloons, you lose a dart and you gain no points. If you hit the balloons, you lose the dart but also gain points for popped balloons.
  • Besides the meaning to pass levels and move on in the game, the user’s interactions do not really have a meaningful impact on the story.
    1. Stimulus and Response: The stimulus of popping balloons is entertaining and results in the acquisition of points.
    2. Navigation: Besides aiming the darts, there is not much navigation in this game.
    3. Control over Objects: Darts.
    4. Communication: No communication
    5. Exchange of Information: Game gives stats on user’s experience. Points accrued, etc.
    6. Acquisition: Acquire points to win/level up.
  1. Other Site: United Way Suncoast
    1. Get Involved
    2. Get Help
    3. Who We Are
    4. Resources
    5. Media and Events
    6. Connect
      1. Choice are logical because they give you options related to volunteering opportunities and information on the organization.
      2. The consequences are logical and make sense for the user because they take the user to the information they were clicking for.
  • N/A
    1. Stimulus and Response: Stimulus is the stories and information on the webpage. Response can be emotional or educational (learning).
    2. Navigation: Site is easy to navigate. Search bar and drop down menu are conveniently placed for user’s ease.
    3. Control Over Objects: User has options to choose what to click on.
    4. Communication: Social media connection is available, and their Newsletter is online as well.
    5. Exchange of Information: User can choose to donate through the website.
    6. Acquisition: Main thing to acquire here is information on the organization and volunteer opportunities.


Sam Sara Bryan Kim Victoria

  1. Do the user’s choices make sense, and if so, how/why? Are they apparent, logical, etc.,?

Microsoft: Shop now, Get office 365, Learn more, Download

Yes they make sense because they follow the function of the company’s purpose.


Tetris: Play, Level, Pause, Help, Rotate, Drop

The users choices make sense because you can either play or not play and also because you need to rotate the shapes in order to continue to play the game. It is logical because all the shapes need to fit together.


Wells fargo: Read the latest update, Learn more, Apply now, Go

It makes sense and is logical because they indicate to the user what exactly the company wants them to do and provides a purpose to the webpage.


2. Do the consequences of the user’s choices make sense, and why/why not?

Microsoft: Yes, because if you click shop you’re going to be prompted to browse for items to buy.

Tetris: Yes, because if you don’t press play you won’t be able to participate in the game and if you don’t rotate the shapes to fit you will lose.

Wells Fargo: Yes the consequences make sense because to be able to fully understand the services provided you need to use utilize the options.


3. In the case of your entertainment sites, do the user’s interactions have a meaningful impact on the story? 

Microsoft: This question does not apply because it is not an entertainment site.

Tetris: Yes because it’s a game, however, we question whether or not it has a meaningful story.

Wells Fargo: This question does not apply because it is not an entertainment site.


Identify as best you can the types of interactivity under the following categories:


  • Stimulus and response: the verb sets are highlighted when clicked on
  • Navigation: users can navigate the site by clicking hyperlinks and landing pages
  • Control over objects: not much control over objects
  • Communication: n/a
  • Exchange of information: it can be done by contacting Microsoft support through their email or sharing or following them through their social platforms
  • Acquisition: you can acquire objects by clicking the shop now verb set and by downloading



  • Stimulus and response: the verbs change colors when you put the cursor over them
  • Navigation: you can choose what level you want as well as a help screen
  • Control over objects: you move the shapes and control how they fall into place
  • Communication: connect with friends
  • Exchange of information: n/a
  • Acquisition: n/a


Wells Fargo:

  • Stimulus and response: the verb sets are underlined and the cursor changes to a hand from an arrow
  • Navigation: you navigate through links and landing pages
  • Control over objects: n/a
  • Communication: customer service link which includes, hotlines, emails and online chats
  • Exchange of information: reviews and customer interactions with other customers, almost like a blog
  • Acquisition: usernames and passwords to access accounts



Interactivity Class-Assignment

Jeanine, Lex, AJ, JC, Tyler

Interactivity In-Class Exercise

Break into groups of four and examine together three types of web-based interactive environment:

  1. Southwest: book now, search, check in, change flight, check status, click and save, connect with us, upgrade now, and view all.
  • Yes, search and book now are logical because they suit needs clearly and easily accessible. Easy to navigate, straight forward.
  • The buttons clearly go to what they are meant to. Click book a ticket, you will go to the webpage to book a ticket.
  • Type of Interactivity: Navigation, Exchange of Information, Acquisition


  1. Aether: Play, start game, play more games, download, explore the galaxy, shoot tongue
  • Make sense, clear directions and instructions.
  • Yes, if you don’t do it right, the character will fall down
  • Yes, the point is to get yourself up and into the clouds, if you don’t do it right or follow instructions, you won’t be successful
  • Type of Interactivity: Stimulus and Response, control over objects


  1. Amazon: try prime, account &lists, get started, orders, cart, try audible- try 2 free audio books.
  • Yes, there are clear search bars and categories to find your desired objects. They are logical in the sense that they bring you directly to the page you want to go as well as advertising objects that are similar to the original object.
  • Yes, you click on an object or service and it brings you to that specific webpage.
  • Type of Interactivity: Stimulus/response, navigation, Exchange of Information, Aquisition