Gabi Roque Narrative

START (Source:


Congratulations General MacArthur! The year is 1950 and you are a well-respected five star general. During World War I, you helped lead the 42nd division in France. After that performance, and before the second world war, President Herbert Hoover named you chief of staff of the army, with the rank of general. As general, you successfully commanded the Southwest Pacific during the height of World War II, liberated the Philippines from the hands of the Japanese in 1944, and occupied Japan after the fact. Now, Socialist, communist, monarchal, fascist, whatever-you-want-to-call-it newly formed North Korea has been getting in sticky situations with South Korea ( you have been chosen, one of the best generals in America, to return and lead the United Nations’ army in occupying and protecting South Korea.


How did this happen, though? When you aided the U.S. in defeating the axis nations like Germany, Japan, and Italy, Japan lost control of formerly one colony, Korea. Japan had control of Korea since 1910- it’s safe to say Korea had some getting used to being independent, so a temporary solution was put in place. Korea was split in two parts splitting at the 38th parallel.


The northern part was being controlled by Soviet Russia, under the command of Joseph Stalin, who’s been present since the height of World War II, 1941. The southern part of Korea is occupied by the United States. Korea attempted to form a national government, but it failed miserably. That is when two separate nations formed- communist North Korea, and western-aligned South Korea. Splitting into two nations may have seemed like a good compromise since there are two very different ideals in each nation, until border clashes arose between them- that border was the 38th parallel. Essentially, both nations claimed sovereignty over the entire peninsula- NOT a good compromise.  


You’ve been conditioned for this moment, and you’re absolutely confident and ready to lead. You didn’t necessarily have quiet and humble beginnings, either. Born in Little Rock Barracks in Arkansas, you said yourself that “it was here I learned to ride and shoot even before I could read or write–indeed, almost before I could walk or talk.” But that’s because your father, Arthur MacArthur was an army officer, always stationed on the western frontier outposts. How does it feel to become just as great, and even surpass your father? It feels amazing, and you’re ready to rumble and ready to show North Korea who’s boss.




You’ve agreed to the position by request of current President Truman, and you’re glad to lead the U.N. in this endeavor. Dwindling on the 38th parallel, the border in which North and South Korea are conflicting over, your duty is to serve and protect South Korea by (almost) any means necessary. North Korea had just invaded South Korea, and you were there to take command.


Truman: What’s your idea, MacArthur?


MacArthur: Looking at our options, I believe an attack on Inch’on would be our best bet. The port is 100 miles south of the 38th parallel and just 25 miles from Seoul. We can invade here, thus leading us to recapture that piece of the border.


Truman: Your prospects are good, General, but I’m afraid Inch’on just sounds too risky. They could hit back even harder being so close to Seoul.


*choose to attack the port of Inch’on, listen to Truman and resist, or propose a different plan of action.*



MacArthur: I apologize President Truman, I assure you this is the best option. We’ll plan a strategic amphibious attack on Inch’on on September 15.


*You hang up the phone*


You examine the map you have of the Koreas and plan the attack. Wasting no time,


How are you going to assault Inch’on?

Amphibious Attack, Air Attack, or Sea Attack



the same year you were put in charge, you run a successful attack on a North Korean controlled port.


Surprising the North Koreans, U.S. marines boldly invaded the port on the west coast. This broke North Korean supply lines, and later led to the recapture of Seoul, the South Korean capital that had fallen under North Korean control that June.


The battle on the 15th of September was a definite turning point in the war.


Truman: I must say, General, this was some great strategic work. But I must say there was little room for error. Attacks like this are extremely risky- but your boldness and strategic planning proved to work.


MacArthur: Thank you Mister President, I believe we should discuss our next plan of action with this victory.


Truman: No risky business this time, alright?


MacArthur: Sir, in the games of love and war, it’s all about taking risks that take home the gold.



You hang up the phone. As supreme commander of the United Nations in this fight, the pressure is on. There is no time to rest. You begin the next push.


That fall, you and your troops were able to gradually push the North Koreans all the way back to the Chinese border.


You meet with Truman in person to discuss policy.

Truman: I heard the news, MacArthur. I’m afraid you’ve gone too far. Don’t you think the People’s Republic of China will view this as a sign of aggression? You’re playing with fire, General, the Chinese won’t play around.


MacArthur: President Truman, with all due respect, this has seldom to do with the Chinese. The chances of them intervening our intentions are quite slim.


Truman: You won’t convince me this time, General. Be cautious with the communists.


Even after the end of that conversation, you’re not convinced. You sincerely believe the Chinese won’t intervene. Why would they? The conflict is between North Korea, the U.N, and the U.S.. You look out the airplane window in deep thought.



All is good though, you’re General MacArthur, and nothing can stop you. You plan the next attack for October, less than a month later from the successful attack on Inch’on. American and South Korean troops collaborate to push the North Koreans past the 38th parallel and successfully sent them into retreat. That led to the recapture of North Korean capital, Pyongyang on October 19, 1950, thanks to your commandeering.


Your troops kept pushing through towards the Yalu River, which is the border between North Korea and Communist China, and were abruptly halted when China entered the fray that fall.


As General, you’re annoyed, and you don’t like being wrong. When an outside party intervenes in your plans, it’s frustrating.


That November, you were about to be dead wrong.



It’s late November, and massive forces of Chinese troops pushed your troops back into retreat. Sweat drips down your forehead as your heart beats faster.



You rush your troops into retreat so as to not waste any more human lives.


You and your troops resist but it’s no use. The communist forces recapture Seoul in early January 1951. You, General MacArthur, spends the New Years holiday in retreat. Your frustration moves to anger, pure anger, and there was seldom you could do about it.

You were use to winning- win after win, and now your ego is hurt, merely destroyed.


You make the push and reoccupy the South Korean capital in March, and the future is no longer looking as dim for you and the South Koreans.


Truman: What’s going ON over there, General?


MacArthur: Mister President, I Have everything under control. I assure-


Truman: There’s no more assurance, General-


MacArthur: To be frank, mister President, I believe the solution to bring us back in front is to bomb the People’s Republic of China.


Truman: What, are you nuts? I won’t even consider that possibility. You know I want to keep this a limited war. We cannot afford another World ordeal.


MacArthur: I’m the one on the front lines, President Truman, it’s the only way to bring us back to completely diminish the communists.


Truman: This is not a discussion, General. The answer is absolutely not. Goodbye.


As reports of this plight permeate through the U.S., you’re asked to make a public comment about it to the press. Caught at a bad time, your sweat, blood, and tears justify your anger in a very public statement threatening to bomb China.


The phone rings on April 11, 1951, after your bold statement. It’s President Truman. You and him haven’t had the best relations, but now is the time that he gives you consequences. He gives you the news, and your pride is hurt even more.


The plane ride home is a long one, but perhaps not long enough. You stare out the window again, pondering thought.


Although the devastating news spread around your home country by the time you arrived, you are welcomed with respect- you are an American hero. There is even a parade in your honor. Perhaps your pride wasn’t so hurt after all- the American people understand, and they understood your frustration with President Truman. Yourself along with most Americans are use to unconditional victory, especially after both world wars.


The public dispute arose as you turned on the radio. Head in your hands, you hear Truman address your public statement:


Truman: It is right for us to be in Korea. Communists in the Kremlin are engaged in a monstrous conspiracy to stamp out freedom all over the world. It would be wrong—tragically wrong—for us to take the initiative in extending the war… Our aim is to avoid the spread of the conflict. I believe that we must try to limit the war to Korea for these vital reasons: To make sure that the precious lives of our fighting men are not wasted; to see that the security of our country and the free world is not needlessly jeopardized; and to prevent a third world war.


In your own response to the statement, you utter, “I understand now-”


Truman: -so that there would be no doubt or confusion as to the real purpose and aim of our policy.


After Truman’s statement regarding his reasons for your removal from Korea, the public addresses continue- you are even asked to speak before Congress.


You accept. Most of the nation was listening on the radio as you spoke.(



I stand on this rostrum with a sense of deep humility and great pride – humility in the wake of those great architects of our history who have stood here before me, pride in the reflection that this home of legislative debate represents human liberty in the purest form yet devised.

  Here are centered the hopes and aspirations and faith of the entire human race.

  I do not stand here as advocate for any partisan cause, for the issues are fundamental and reach quite beyond the realm of partisan considerations. They must be resolved on the highest plane of national interest if our course is to prove sound and our future protected.

  I trust, therefore, that you will do me the justice of receiving that which I have to say as solely expressing the considered viewpoint of a fellow American.

  I address you with neither rancor nor bitterness in the fading twilight of life, with but one purpose in mind: to serve my country.




 I have just left your fighting sons in Korea. They have met all tests there, and I can report to you without reservation that they are splendid in every way.

  It was my constant effort to preserve them and end this savage conflict honorably and with the least loss of time and a minimum sacrifice of life. Its growing bloodshed has caused me the deepest anguish and anxiety. Those gallant men will remain often in my thoughts and in my prayers always.

  I am closing my fifty-two years of military service. When I joined the army, even before the turn of the century, it was the fulfillment of all my boyish hopes and dreams.

  The world has turned over many times since I took the oath on the plain at West Point, and the hopes and dreams have long since vanished, but I still remember the refrain of one of the most popular barracks ballads of that day which proclaimed most proudly that old soldiers never die; they just fade away.

  And like the old soldier of that ballad, I now close my military career and just fade away, an old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty. Good-by.


Next chapter, or choose a new path



Alana Anderson – Narrative

Welcome! Please read the following information before continuing.

This game is designed to be used for educational purposes in order to help you, as the player, understand the process and responsibilities of pet ownership. There are many paths ahead and it is important to note that this is a simulation of each chosen route. Real life expectations are not to be drawn. Animals are individual creatures with needs and wants that vary from creature to creature. This game is meant as a guide to the basics. For the purpose of this game the player, i.e. YOU, are given the choice of three paths. You can choose between: Get a Dog, Get a Cat, Get a Small Animal. Please read the descriptions below and choose your path. When you complete this level you will be promoted to continue on to the next chapter or to start over with a different path. Enjoy.

-Player clicks ‘continue’

Now that you have a little more insight in this game, please click a box below to read a brief description. When you have decided on the path you wish to take, click the box to highlight it and proceed to hit the ‘continue’ button.
*Note: Continue button will remain unclickable until chosen path has been clicked. When ‘continue’ changes color please click to move forward.*

Get a Dog: *player clicks option and a small screen with a dog in the corner pops up with information* Nice choice! Dogs are a great addition to families or single person homes. There are many different breeds of dogs and many more options in order bring one home. They are a long term commitment. We have many needs and unfortunately don’t fit all lifestyle.

Get a Cat: *player clicks option and a small screen pops up with a few cats on a cat tower along the right side with information* Sweet, you picked nicely! Cats make good family pets as well as for single households. Despite what people believe there are many different breeds. Like the other two options, cats are a relatively long commitment with many needs. Cats fit into many different lifestyles.

*Get a Small Animal: *player clicks option and a small screen pops up with many different types of small animals along the bottom of the screen, information pops up* Awesome! Small animals are a unique choice. They fit into all sorts of households, be them families with children or single homes. Small animals includes a vast number of various mammals. The commitment for small animals varies depending on which creature you want. Some are short term and others are long term. Most small animals fit all lifestyles while others do not.

-Player clicks ‘continue’. The next screen the player encounters is a library. A small rabbit pops up in the bottom of the screen. He will be the guide through the following rooms even if the player decides on a different kind of small animal. His name is Hopps.

*___ indicates name of player*

Hopps: Hello friend! My name is Hopps and I’m going to be your guide today. First off, what should I call you?

-A text box opens on the screen with the question ‘Writer the name you would like to be called’. Player types in their desired name and clicks ‘okay’. They are prompted with ‘is this correct: ___’. Underneath are two options ‘that’s not me’ and ‘yep’. If player selects ‘that’s not me’ they will be prompted to retype their name. If they select ‘yep’ they will move into the next screen.

Hopps: Hello, ___, it’s nice to meet you. As you can see you’ve chosen the option of getting a small animal. Good for you, not many people want small animals. Now, quick question, do you know what type of small animal you want?

-Player is prompted either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If player selects ‘yes’ they are prompted now with a brief list of small animals including: hamster, gerbil, guniea pig, rabbit, hedge hog, chinchilla, ferret, mouse, or rat. If player selects ‘no’ they are prompted with the same list but with small descriptions. Here, the player has selected ‘no’.

Hopps: No worries! There are a lot of options and doing your research is the best idea if you aren’t sure what you want. Click the animals button on the screen and then click one of the animals on the screen to get a description.

-Player clicks ‘animals button’ and is brought to a screen with icons of each animal. Player clicks on each animal and pops up a small description of each which helps to narrow down what they may want.

Hamster: Hamsters small are nocturnal creatures that live 1-4 years. There are various breeds including: Russian dwarf, robo, winter whites, teddy bears, and Syrians. Most hamsters do the best individually and need decent space to climb, dig and run. Some are aggressive at first while others are speedy and hard to handle. Ideal for children older than 7 or adults.
Gerbil: Gerbils are small nocturnal creatures that live 2-5 years. They have long tails and small bodies. They do best in groups of the same gender though small dominance fights can occur. They need a decent amount of space to dig and run. They are easy to handle and considered starter pets good for children with supervision and adults.
Guniea Pig: Guniea pigs are medium sized small animal, weighing around 3lbs. They live 4-8 years. They do better in pairs or herds (more than 3) of the same gender. They can be kept alone as long as they are given a lot of attention by the owner. They need a large area in order to run around and play. Ideal as a starter pet given a sweet and snuggly temperament.
Rabbit: Rabbits are small to large sized small animals depending on breed. Additional research is needed per breed but general care is the same. They range in size from 3lbs to 20lbs with an average of 6lbs and live 9 years. There temperament is easy going but depends on the rabbit. They need a great deal of cage space if they are not going to be free roaming. They are not a starter pet but do well with teenage children and adults.
Hedgehog: A hedgehog is a small creature weighing a little over a pound. They live 2-5 years. They are a speciality creature due to the spines. Due to this they are not easily handled and not suitable for households with younger children. They need to be kept warm and in a decent sized habitat.
Chinchilla: Chinchillas are small animals that weight anywhere between 1lbs to 3lbs. They live upwards of ten years and need a decent sized cage that is tall. They like to jump and run and are nocturnal. They are easily startled so households that are quiet are the best.
Ferret: A ferret is part of the weasel family weighing upwards of 4.5lbs with a lifespan of ten years. They need a lot of space and deal well not being caged for the majority of the day. They are naturally curious and will often ‘steal’ things they enjoy. They have a distinct scent glad that produces a strong odor which can be removed. They do well in pairs or same gendered groups. They are not beginner animals.
Mouse: Mice are small creatures, typically weighting well under a pound and living 2-3 years. They are nocturnal and do well in groups of the same gender, though so will be fine on their own. Like gerbils and hamsters, they require smaller cages but should have space large enough to run and hold toys and stuff to climb on and depth to dig. They tend to have sweet temperaments and do well with children and adults. They fit a wide variety of lifestyles.
Rat: Rats are larger mice, in essence, typically weighting a little under a pound and living 2-3 years. They need a decent sized cage that is vertical as they like to run, jump, and climb. They do well in pairs or same gendered groups. They enjoy human company and make very good pets. They do well with children and adults and fit a vast majority of lifestyles if the time is put in.

-Player reads some, if not all, the options and picks what they desire to have. This time the player has decided to pick a rabbit. Once the choice is highlighted a ‘continue’ button pops up in the corner of the page and the player clicks on it. A new screen pops up with Hopps.

Hopps: Congratulations! You picked a rabbit, a very smart choice if I do say so. Then again, I may be a bit bias. Now there are multiple ways to go about getting your new best friend.

-Player clicks the ‘continue’ button at the bottom of the screen. Hopps appears again.

Hopps: You can Adopt or Shop. Which would you like to do?

-There are three buttons on the screen: Adopt, Buy from Breeder, Buy at petstore. Player clicks ‘Adopt’ and is prompted with the ‘continue’ button which the player presses. Hoops appears back on the screen.

Hopps: I bet you didn’t even know you could adopt a small animal. In truth, a lot of people don’t. They associate adopting with dogs and cats but most large shelters have a small animal area for abandoned critters like myself.

-Player clicks the next button.

Hopps: Not all agencies are alike when it come to adopting. There are government run shelters such as humane societies and pounds. There are also private rescues for specific creatures. Each are different and have their own costs associated with them. Every rescue is different.

-Player clicks next and a screen with ‘Look at Shelter’ and a ‘Look at Rescues’ button.
*Note: A rescue should be well researched before settling for one in reality.*
Player clicks ‘Look at Rescues’ and is brought to the next screen.

Hopps: Good idea. Looking into local rescues is one of the best options. Just remember to do your research on them and the animals before deciding on the one you want. It is best to do a meet and greet.

-Player clicks ‘continue’.

Hopps: After the meet and greet you will have to fill out paperwork and most likely give information about yourself. On the next screen is a standard checklist of what most rescues need to know, especially with small animals.

-Player clicks ‘continue’ and is prompted with a checklist. The list includes
Name, age, address, job, house/apartment/condo/other, other animals in house? If so list them. Player is fills out the mock form and is prompted for additional information if apartment when it is clicked. Player is asked if there are restrictions under their rental agreement. Player clicks ‘none’ and then clicks ‘continue’.

Hopps: Great, most rented places don’t allow certain animals so it is good to know what you are allowed and not allowed to have.

-Player clicks ‘continue’.

Hopps: So you’ve decided which new best friend you want, you’ve had your meet and greet and the foster seems happy with you. However, there are still some things that need to be done. You need to go shopping!

-Player clicks ‘contiune’.

Hopps: There are a lot of things you will need, some of it can wait. Here is a list of basics.

-Player clicks ‘show me list’ and a new box pops up. In the box text pops up.

Dialogue box: Here is a list of supplies you will need over all. Click the items you believe you will need to start with. When you are finished, click the continue box and you will be prompted with whether your selections are correct or you need additional items. Any items you missed will be listed on the next page.
-Water bottle
-Food bowl
-Hay (and lots of it)
-Pelleted food
-Dry bath shampoo
-Salt/mineral lick
-Cleaning supplies
-Gate to sections off play area if not free ranging

-Player checks off all the items they think they will need to start off with. Player clicks the continue button at the bottom of the page and another screen pops up. If they selected the right items (even ones not needed just yet) a ‘Congratulations’ screen pops up. If they selected less than what they need to start a ‘Not quite’ screen pops up with the correct items added to the list and why they are needed. Player then clicks ‘continue’. Hopps appears back on the screen.

Hopps: Well done ___. It looks like you’re on your way to being a good pet parents to your new little bunny. Remember there is still a lot more to learn and more to go through. This is only the beginning stages of pet ownership. Now that you’ve got the basics we can continue on into picking up your new pet. Or you can start over with a different path. There is so much to learn!

-Player is prompted with a new screen asking if they want to ‘Continue on with chosen path’ or ‘Start over with new path’. If player clicks continue they will go on to the next level. If player selects to start over they will be prompted with ‘Are you sure? Track will be lost’.

Kelsey Barbosa – Narrative

Port Morris Distillery – Moonshining

Introduction – History

Port Morris Distillery was established in 2010 by co-owners Rafael Barbosa and William Valentin in the Port Morris section of the Bronx. The two distill a specialty spirit, Pitorro; a Puerto Rican moonshine. Using their uncle’s original recipe of apples, honey and brown sugar, they were able to create a bold, smooth, and tasteful 92 proof spirit in addition to several other products.

The concept of Port Morris Distillery was created after a family trip to Puerto Rico. Barbosa, of Puerto Rican decent, was making his usual rounds visiting relatives when he came across his Uncle’s (also known as Tio) farm. On this day, an annual family vacation turned into Barbosa’s thriving business. During Barbosa’s visit on Tio’s farm, Tio offered his specialty Pitorro for Barbosa to taste. Barbosa recognized the word because of his numerous visits on the island, but was unaware of the story and tradition behind it. As Tio proceeded to show Barbosa and his family the farm, where he produces his Pitorro and stores it, that was the moment Barbosa sought an opportunity in the moonshine industry.

The story and tradition behind Pitorro is very simple. Like many Caribbean cultures, there is a particular spirit whether it be rum or moonshine that is crafted by natives of that island. Pitorro happens to be Puerto Rico’s version of moonshine. Many of you may have heard of moonshine from the prohibition era. The era in which the United States banned the production, sale, importation and exportation of alcohol from 1920 to 1933 due to the rise in alcoholism, violence, and saloon based political corruption. This era is crucial to the craft of moonshine because moonshine is still illegal in the United States, which applies to Puerto Rico as well. The prohibition era was a time of bootleggers and speakeasies. Bootleggers continued the production and trade of moonshine illegally, as local business owners organized speakeasies in secret rooms or basements of their business and served alcohol. Although the 18th Amendment was repealed in 1933, moonshine remained illegal, which brings us to today’s bootleggers such as Barbosa’s Tio.

Many natives of Puerto Rico still produce moonshine illegally but very rarely is it sold. These natives produce their Pitorro and store them in mason jars or barrels underground for better quality moonshine. The longer Pitorro is stored the higher the proof. As for tradition, these natives dig up their mason jars or barrels and share their crafted Pitorro whenever they are visited by relatives. It is a drink of choice in Puerto Rico, specifically for family events and celebrations.

Introduction – Game

When Barbosa returned to New York after his family vacation, he began his in-depth research on moonshine in the United Sates. He researched the history of moonshine, current articles, and the legalities of moonshine. Once Barbosa spoke to different lawyers, applied for a liquor license, licensed his recipes and business, Port Morris Distillery officially took off. As Barbosa and Valentin came together to co-own Port Morris Distillery, they began production and distribution.

How is Port Morris Distillery’s moonshine legal? Port Morris Distillery is able to produce and distribute moonshine because they pay taxes on their products, that is what differentiates them from other moonshiners in the United States and Puerto Rico. As the game begins, it will educate you on production and manufacturing of their original product “Pitorro Shine”. There are several different products sold at Port Morris Distillery, but to understand how the other versions are created you first need to know about the original product. For the purpose of the game, Rafael Barbosa, also known as Ralph, will lead you through the production of “Pitorro Shine”.


Exterior of Port Morris Distillery – Day (Scene 1)

Port Morris Distillery resides in the South Bronx, on the perimeter of a commercial and industrial warehouse district. Many of its visitors are Bronx natives, from other parts of New York city, and out of state. Moonshine is uncommon in the United States, which brings a lot of foot traffic to this distillery. The outside of the building is built of bricks, with a bold enlarged “Port Morris Distillery” signage. Down the block is a tunnel, which a train runs on top of. Up the block are residential homes. The area is very quiet, with the exception of transportation trucks, buses, and cars continuously driving by.


“Welcome to Port Morris Distillery, where Puerto Rican moonshine is made.”

“On this tour, you will learn about the production and distribution process of our original product ‘Pitorro Shine’. You may be wondering why we have to begin with this product and its significance, if so, follow me inside!”

Interior of Port Morris Distillery – Distilling Room

The distilling room is a large facility with four walls. Each corner occupied by machinery or equipment. The first section of the tour consists of a large table for prepping ingredients. There are also nearby barrels which have moonshine them for aging purposes.


“Here at Port Morris Distillery we create Puerto Rican moonshine. We emphasize that it is Puerto Rican moonshine because our recipe originates from the island of Puerto Rico. My uncle, many know him as Tio, created this recipe based off of traditional crafting of moonshine.”

“There are two main differences in how we craft our moonshine versus his. The main ingredients in our ‘Pitorro Shine’ has apples, honey, and brown sugar, whereas Tio uses Puerto Rico’s fruit of the season whether that be mangos or another fruit, in addition to honey and brown sugar. Since New York state is known for harvesting apples, we use New York state apples as our seasonal fruit. We also store our products above ground whereas Tio stores his Pitorro underground.”

“Due to alcohol content regulations in the United States, we do not age our products for higher proof. Traditional Pitorro is stored underground because natives want to compete and boast about how strong their product is.”

“And as you can see behind me we have our apples, honey, brown sugar, and measuring tools ready to begin this moonshining process. Our apples and honey are from upstate New York, and we import the brown sugar.”

“There are three main steps that lead us to our final product. 1. Fermentation process 2. Distilling process 3. Bottling/Labeling”

Interior of Port Morris Distillery – Distilling Room

Ralph stands in the same area as the previous scene. In addition to the previous scene, he has a barrel by the main table to pour ingredients in.


“The first step of the process is fermentation. To begin this process, we need 80lbs of apples, 80lbs of honey, 40lbs of brown sugar, and 4lbs of yeast. We slice up the apples first then pour all of these ingredients into a 55-gallon bucket. We use a drilling machine to break down the apples into smaller bits. We continue to drill to make sure all of the ingredients are evenly mixed together. The purpose of the yeast is to actually begin the fermentation process.”

“Once our ingredients are mashed, we put a lid over the barrels and let the ingredients sit for 7 days. Throughout the 7 days we mix daily to ensure the mash does not become a solid. Mash is what becomes of the ingredients after they are mixed together.”

“If you follow me, we’ll move on to step two.”

Interior of Port Morris Distillery – Distilling Room

Ralph stands by the still as he explains the distilling process. The still is in another corner of the distilling room.


“Here is our still. It is a German manufactured still, much different from the still Tio has in Puerto Rico. We imported this still from Germany, and put it together based off of the images provided in the manual because the directions were written in German. Till this day we do not know if the still was built correctly, but hey, we have not had a problem with it.”

“To begin the distilling process, we transfer the mash from the barrels into the still and shut the still door tightly. Once that is done we start the still and the process begins. As the mash liquefies into moonshine, the moonshine rushes out of a pipe and into the next barrel for the bottling process.”

“As the alcohol pours into a new barrel, we insert a thermometer to make sure the proof is at 92. Because we have mastered the skill of distilling, our moonshine usually distills into a precise 92 proof moonshine. If the thermometer projects a proof greater than 92, then we add water to decrease the proof.”

“Once we extract all the moonshine from the still into the new barrel, we then move on to the bottling process.”

Interior of Port Morris Distillery – Distilling Room

In the next corner of the room, there are barrels set up with spouts and an empty bottle on the table ready to be filled. Behind the table are packaged boxes ready for distribution or storage.


“Bottling and labeling are a two-step process, and done by hand. This process can be a one-man job but I usually have help from William, my daughters, and other relatives willing to put the work in.”

“To begin this process, we organize dozens of 750ml bottles on the table right next to the barrel of freshly stilled moonshine. One by one we take the 750ml bottles and place them underneath the spouts and poor the moonshine. We make sure the spouts are slightly inside the 750ml bottles necks, the long part of the bottle where the cap goes, to prevent air bubbles.”

“Once the bottle is filled to the beginning of the neck, we slide the bottles to the other side of the table. We wait until every bottle is filled before putting caps on them. As the bottles are sitting waiting to be capped, this relieves some of the air bubbles that got into the bottles and lets the moonshine settle.”

Interior of Port Morris Distillery – Distilling Room

Ralph moves towards the labeling table.

“After we put caps on all of the bottles we slide them towards the edge of the table so they can be labeled. We have three labels. One for the front, back, and cap of the bottle. The front label says the name of our product, for instance the moonshine we made today is “Pitorro Shine”. The back-label states all of the ingredients. And the label for the cap has our distillery’s initials, PMD.”

“Once we have labeled each bottle, we store the bottles into boxes. These boxes hold twelve 750ml bottles. Some of these boxes will be distributed to local liquor stores or stored for our bar just right outside the distilling room. We store them for inventory purposes.”

“Many of you may be wondering why we focused on the Pitorro Shine. Well, the Pitorro Shine is the key to every other product we make here. Pitorro Shine is the base of our products, it is the main ingredient to our aged moonshine and infused moonshines. Without Pitorro Shine, we would not have the Pitorro Añejo or Pitorro Coquito.”

“This concludes our tour! If you would like to learn more you may stick around, if not we hope to see you again! Thank you for taking part in our tour!”

1. Try a different path

2. Got to next Chapter

3. Exit Game

Alex’s Game Narrative

Alex Ferrara – Choosing the Perfect Dog Breed for Your Lifestyle


Hello! Are you here to find a lucky furry friend to take home? Well, you are in the right place! Here are a few things you should know before you start narrowing down your decision. Finding a dog as a pet might seem to be an easy thing to do, but to really find the perfect one that will fit into your lifestyle is way more of a process than you would think. There is a lot of things that go into choosing the right dog and after you finish this game, the end result should give you the dog that best fits you and your life. Don’t worry, you will have a guide along the way. Each one of the decisions you will make are crucial steps that everyone should take before they decide to purchase a dog. Keep in mind that a lot of adoption centers and stores will require you to fill out an application and other possible steps in order to adopt or shop from them.

***Also, we strongly advise you to choose to adopt instead of shop since there are millions of shelter dogs that are looking for forever homes. A lot of shelters are overloaded with dogs and do not have the proper amount of space to keep all of them. This leads them to the only option of euthanizing. To prevent this as much as possible from happening, go out and adopt your furry pal. No matter their past, they will love you unconditionally and just want a forever home. At any point during this game, you can click on the button on the top right that will give you a list of adoption centers near you. You will also be provided with this list at the end of this game. Please keep this in mind. ***

Alright, now you are ready to start the journey to finding the perfect dog for your lifestyle! Good luck!

Patsy Poochfinder Office Building:

A receptionist sits behind a desk, smiles and stands as she sees the player walk in.


“Welcome! Are you here to see Miss Poochfinder?”


“Heh. I believe so, yes.”


“Great! Please type in where you live and we will get you right to her office.”

Player types in “New York City.”


“Alright, if you walk straight down this hallway, Miss Poochfinder will be right through those doors ahead.”


“Thank you.”

The player walks down the hallway that the receptionist points to and down toward Miss Poochfinder’s office.

Patsy Poochfinder’s Office:

The office looks like a living room in a house, with couches and a TV. There are a few dogs hanging out in the room as well. Miss Poochfinder sits at a desk to the side, petting the small dog on her lap. The player walks in while Patsy Poochfinder is working diligently at her desk. She looks up as she sees the player walk into her office and immediately smiles, puts the small dog down on the floor, and stands up. She walks up and introduces herself.

Miss Poochfinder:

“Hey there! I’m Patsy Poochfinder. What brings you to my office today?”


“I’m looking for the perfect dog for my lifestyle. I heard you can help me with that?”

Miss Poochfinder:

“Ah, yes! Finding the perfect pooches for people is my specialty! I would love to help you. First off, what size dog are you looking for?”

The player looks around at the dogs in the room.


“I was thinking a pretty large dog.”

Miss Poochfinder:

“Perfect! Why don’t we take a walk while I get to know a little bit about your life in order to find the right match for you.”


“Sounds good to me!”

Miss Poochfinder puts a leash on one of the bigger dogs and the three characters walk out of the office.

Downtown (NYC):

Miss Poochfinder, her dog, and the player stroll down the streets of downtown New York City.

Miss Poochfinder:

 “Since you want a large dog, that narrows a few things down. Another thing to keep in mind is where you live. You live in the downtown of a city.”

Dog Park:

When you are living downtown, you often will not have a backyard of any sort. However, with owning a large dog, the dog needs to have some space to run and exercise in order to be happy and get their energy out. A good way around the yard issue, is finding a dog park close by that you can go to once a day. This will allow your pooch to play with other dogs, make some new friends, and run around. Trust me, your dog will need a nap when you get home from the park!

Miss Poochfinder:

“There are several dog parks around the city that you could choose from. If you type in your address, I can give you a list of the ones closest to you.”

The player types in their address.

Miss Poochfinder:

“Here you go! These are five dog parks that are nearest to your home.”

A list of five dog parks appears on the screen. Once the player is done reading through the list, they can click “done” and go back to the game.

Another thing you should keep in mind while going to a dog park is to make sure your dog is friendly with other dogs. If this is not the case, then you probably need some training to do with your dog. You can also just skip the dog park and find a secluded area where you can play fetch with your pooch. Either way works, but the most common is the dog park.

Player’s Home Entrance:

 Miss Poochfinder:

“Do you live with other people or do you live alone?”


“I have two roommates.”

Miss Poochfinder:

“Ah, are you home often?”


“I am home in the early mornings and at night since I have a full time job. My weekends are free though.”

Miss Poochfinder:

“Your pooch will most likely have to relieve himself in the middle of the day. Since you are not home at that time, you should have one of your roommates take care of that.”

All they have to do is take your pooch for about a five-to-ten-minute walk and they should be good. But wait! Before all of this, you need to make sure your roommates are dog friendly and willing to take care of the dog if you are not home. If you cannot work this out with your roommates, there are other options. You can come home during your lunch break to walk your dog, if you work close by, or you can hire a dog walker to do it for you. Dog walkers are very popular in cities, especially.

Miss Poochfinder:

“Are you and your roommates messy or clean people?”


“We are pretty messy to be honest.”

The Player’s Bedroom:

 Miss Poochfinder:

 “Ah, I see what you are saying. When you get your dog, assuming it will not be trained, you are going to want to pick up after yourself for the safety of your pooch.”

Puppies, especially, will run around and put anything in their mouth. This is not good, because they easily choke on small objects. To avoid this, you will first want to get your dog an assortment of toys to play with that are not harmful to them. You will want to train it to play and chew on their toys instead of furniture or random objects you have laying around. Keeping your home neat and picking things up off the floor will help extensively as well so that your dog will not have access to anything down there. To keep this from happening when you are not home, you can purchase a crate, pen, or a gate to keep the dog in a smaller area of your apartment where there is no way they can get into trouble. However, make sure to give them some toys to play with so they are occupied and don’t start chewing on their pen or gate.

The Player’s Living Room:

 Miss Poochfinder:

 “I can give you a whole list of companies and products that I recommend for large dogs, plus great stores that offer them!”


“That sounds great! Thank you for all of your help.”

As you can tell, there is a lot more that goes into getting a dog and choosing the right one than you would think! And we are not done yet! Would you like to continue to finding your pooch or start over?

The player can choose either option. If they choose to continue, Miss Poochfinder will walk out of the player’s house after telling him/her that she will be back soon to further help. If the player chooses to start over, then they will be brought back to the beginning of the game and can choose different options than they did before.





Kayla Narrative

Hello and welcome, player!

The purpose of this interactive game is to educate you on helping to improve the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. We as humans don’t always make the best choices for our Earth and it is important to change our behavior to protect our planet. There are many things we can do to change our daily habits and even the smallest attempts at being more eco-friendly can make a difference. In this game, you have the option to determine how environmentally friendly you choose to be. There are varying levels of environmental friendliness, and some choices are greener than others, so choose wisely! Let’s start.

There are three main categories you have to choose from:

  1. Reduce Waste
  2. Transportation
  3. Home Energy

You take a minute and think about your habits relating to each of these categories. You feel that you already do as much as you can to reduce waste, as you recycle any plastic you use, carry a refillable water bottle, and bring your own shopping bags to the store. The same goes for your home energy patterns, between your low electric bill and LED light bulbs you’re not sure what else can be done. You decide that you could improve your environmental friendliness in terms of transportation.

You have chosen transportation. Great choice! We’re going to be greener in no time. Now there are three categories you have to choose from in terms of transportation.

  1. Car
  2. Engine-Free
  3. Public Transportation

You think about where you live. Everything is too far from your home and the weather is too unpredictable to choose any engine-free transportation like a bicycle or skateboard. Walking is out of the question for that reason as well. In your city, public transportation is a little inconsistent and would most likely make you late all the time. Besides, there aren’t any bus stops near your home, so you rule that option out as well. You were thinking about possibly buying a new car anyway, so you choose car.

You have chosen car. Now there are three options you have to choose from, all with different consequences on the environment. Let’s take a look.

  1. Electric
  2. Carpool
  3. Gas

Carpooling reduces the number of carbon emissions released into the air as you are reducing the number of cars on the road. However, you think carpooling is a tough option for you because your friends don’t really live close to you and you know that you all have different schedules. You text them and ask them.


Would you guys be interested in carpooling to school?

Friend 1:

Might be tricky. We don’t live close to you.

Friend 2:

I feel like we’re all on different schedules. 

Friend 3:

I don’t want you guys to rely on me, I’m always late.

They confirm your doubts. Carpooling won’t work out.

You’ve been saving up so you decide you want to buy your own car.

You choose to head down to the local car dealership near you. Here, you talk to a salesperson to get different opinions about electric and gas cars.


Hi, welcome to our dealership! What are you interested in buying today?


Hello, I want to buy a car. 


Great! What did you have in mind?


I’m not sure, can you help me? I want to be environmentally friendly. 


Sure! A gas car is the most obvious choice, and is probably a little cheaper, but increases the emissions polluting the air. If you’ll only be using the car to drive yourself around, then a gas car isn’t the most environmentally friendly option you could choose.  An electric car is actually cheaper in the long run because of the money you save on not having to buy gas.

What will the choice be?

You decide to splurge and buy an electric car. 


I want to buy the electric car. 


Great! I’ll get the paperwork. 

An electric car is a great choice to be more green and help the environment! An electric car uses no gas and therefore does not produce any carbon emissions. Electric cars can be 100% run on sustainable, renewable resources meaning that even by using electricity to charge them, they do not have to necessarily use electricity generated by coal-fired power plants.

Compared to gas cars, electric cars are extremely sustainable, requiring less maintenance and repairs. They can last much longer, meaning you won’t have to buy a new car anytime in the near future. While one person may purchase several gas cars in their lifetime, a person buying electric cars may need only one or two. They are built just as safely as gas cars, so there is no need to worry about not being protected in an electric car.

Charging stations can be installed in your home, or found around your city. Electricity is less damaging at nighttime, as generally less of it is being used so it is best to charge your electric car overnight. Even if you cannot install a charger at your home, stations are growing in popularity and can generally be found within a certain radius of your home.

A bonus is that electric cars are overall quieter while running than gas cars, meaning that buy purchasing an electric vehicle you are also reducing noise pollution!

Congratulations on purchasing an electric vehicle and taking the step towards making this world more eco-friendly. This was a big step in the right direction, and you can continue making changes to help reach a greener Earth.

Would you like to continue with the game, or go back and choose a different category?

  1. Continue 
  2.  Go back and choose different category 



Alberto Orejuela Narrative

Alberto Orejuela

Game Narrative

The game starts in the players ‘home’ at the strike of midnight on New Years. There are a bunch of people around as all celebrating the countdown to midnight. When the clock strikes the player makes their new years resolution for 2018- to get fit.

The group of people get into a circle and all announce their New Year Resolutions.

Friend 1: My resolution is to save money in 2018.

Friend 2: This year I want to get a promotion at work.

Friend 3: My goal is to buy a new car.

Player: In 2018 I am going to get fit.

Friend 2: How are you going to do that?

Player: I am going to join the fitness center tomorrow morning.

Friend 3: Thats awesome, maybe we’ll see you there.

At the fitness center, the player walks in and speaks to the receptionist.

Receptionist: Hello, how can I help you?

Player: I would like to make a membership here.

Receptionist: Ok Great. One of our trainers can help you out.

Player walks into trainer’s office.

Trainer: Hello, I am one of the trainers here at the fitness center.

Player: Hi, I was hoping to sign up for a membership.

Trainer: Ok, great! Let me take you on a tour around the center, so you can understand all the amenities.

Player: That sounds great.

Player and trainer walk to the gym. The gym is filled with weight training equipment.

Trainer:  This is the gym. People come here to lift weights. Lifting weights is a form of anaerobic exercise.

Player: What exactly does anaerobic exercise do?

Trainer: Good question. Anaerobic exercise helps with speed and power. For example, people that come here to lift are looking to build muscle. If you want to start lifting weight you should speak with me first to develop a workout plan.

Player: Ok. Where to next?

Trainer: The pool

Player and trainer walk to the pool.

Trainer: This is the pool. It has 8 lanes, and there is lap swimming in each lane. Swimming is an aerobic exercise.

Player: What is the difference between anaerobic and aerobic?

Trainer: Aerobic exercise helps with your endurance, not with power or speed. Aerobic exercises tend to last longer but are less intense. Swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises.

Next up is the basketball courts.

Player and trainer walk to the basketball courts.

Trainer: These are the basketball courts.

Player: What activities happen here?

Trainer: This is where all the team sports are played. There is basketball, indoor soccer, and volleyball, just to name a few.

Player: Awesome. What kind of exercise are team sports?

Trainer: Team sports are a form of anaerobic exercise because they are done in short spurts and are very intense.

Player: Ok great. How do I sign up for one of these teams?

Trainer: Just fill out a form in my office and you’re all set! Up next is the stationary machine room.

Player and Trainer walk to the stationary machine room. The room is filled with stationary machines such as treadmills and indoor bikes.

Player: Is working out on of these machines aerobic or anaerobic?

Trainer: Workouts on these machines are an example of aerobic because they are increasing your endurance. These machines are a great starting point for many aerobic exercises such as running and biking. For example if you want to start running, you can start on the treadmill then move on to running outdoors. Any more questions?

Player: No, I think Im all set.

Trainer: Ok, lets head back to the office.

Player and trainer head back to the office.

Trainer: Ok now that you’ve seen all that the center has to offer what type of exercise would you like to start on?

Player choice: Aerobic, Anaerobic, or go home and do no exercise.

-Aerobic choice

Player: I will start with aerobic exercise.

Trainer: Great choice!  In the center you can have a choice of swimming, biking, or running for aerobic activities. Which one would you like to do first?

Player choice: Biking, running, or swimming

-Swimming choice

Player: I will start with swimming!

Trainer: Excellent! Lets head over to our equipment room to pick out some stuff you will need to start.

Player and Trainer walk to equipment room.

Player: So what will I need to start?

Trainer: First you will need a bathing suit. Lets find you a jammer.

Player: Whats the difference between a jammer and a normal bathing suit.

Trainer: Well a jammer is tighter on the body, so it reduces drag in the water which makes it easier to swim long distances.

Player: That sounds great. What else will I need?

Trainer: You will need goggles.

Player: Are goggles necessary?

Trainer: No, but they do help you see more clearly and so your eyes do not get irritated by the chlorine.

Player: Ok! Is that all?

Trainer: Yes those are the basics. Once we get more advanced we will use different equipment. lets head over to the locker room.

Trainer and player walk to locker room.

Trainer: This is the locker room. You can change here and leave your stuff in a locker. There are also showers here for after the workout.

Player: Great I’ll change and meet you out at the pool.

At the pool. Player is changed into bating suit.

Trainer: Ok, for our first practice we will start with an easy swim of 1,000 yard of freestyle.

Player: How many laps is 1,000 yards?

Trainer: It is 40 laps. Take your time and do not overwork yourself, we do not want to start off too hard.

Player swims 1,000 yards.

Trainer: Great! Tomorrow we will learn the four strokes.

Next day at pool. Player and trainer are there, player is changed into swimming gear.

Trainer: Hey good to see you again.

Player: Good to see you too. What am I learning today?

Trainer: Today we will learn the other 3 strokes, so you can include them in your workouts.

Player: Ok. Which one will we learn first?

Trainer: Lets start with backstroke.

Player: Sounds good

Trainer: First thing is to start on your back. The arms will do alternating movements: while one arm sweeps underwater from an overhead position backward to the hips, the other arm recovers above water from the hips to the overhead position, and vice versa. Why don’t you do 4 laps backstroke.

Player: OK.

Player swims 4 laps backstroke.

Trainer: Great. Now lets learn breastroke. This is the slowest stroke. Your feet kick backwards and apart while your arms extend forward under water. Your chest and your head drop in the water again. Once your legs are completely extended they are brought together. You then glide for a short moment in that position. You start a new breaststroke cycle once the momentum of the glide fades. Do another 4 laps, but this time breastroke.

Player swims 4 laps of breastroke.

Player: How was that?

Trainer: It was good. With practice it will get better.  Now on to the last one-Butterfly. In this stroke you want to press your chest down, while your arms go at the same time in large circular motions. Do 2 laps butterfly.

Player does 2 laps of butterfly.

Trainer: Great, now you are all set to keep training by yourself. Incorporate all 4 strokes into your workout and increase the length of your practice each day. Come see me after 2 weeks of workouts.

Player: Ok. Thanks for your help.

2 weeks later in trainers office.

Player: Hello i’ve completed my 2 weeks of swimming what is next?

Trainer: How did you like the swimming?

Player: I have really enjoyed it and am already feeling the positive changes in my body. I think I am getting more fit.

Trainer: Well the first choice that we have to make in your healthy lifestyle is if you want to continue swimming or try out a new type of exercise as you main focus?

Player: I think that I will stick with swimming, it is a good way to clear my mind and I am finally starting to get the hang of it.

Trainer: Okay, that is awesome. The next step in a very healthy lifestyle is developing a meal plan that is perfect for you. Properly fueling your body will help you cut fat, gain muscle, and definitely feel more energized.

Player: Okay

Trainer: How about I take you next door to our on site nutritionist’s office, so you two can sit down and develop the plan that is right for you.

Player: That would be perfect.

*Trainer and Player leave the office. The player has now completed ‘level one- exercise’ and is ready to move on to ‘level two- develop a meal plan’.*

Brittany Anderson Narrative

Welcome to Reflect Student Ministries! We are a community of missionaries on campus who seek to reach every corner of campus with various focus groups. Of course, because you have been a consistent member of your university’s chapter for a year now, you already know this.


Choose your gender – Female


This past school year was a big year of personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Your relationship with Jesus has never been stronger, and you prioritize your faith and attendance to various focus groups throughout the week. The leaders in your life suggested that you begin leading a focus group and, after praying about it, you felt like God might be calling you to do just that.


Reflect’s leadership training course is six weeks long. You and the other potential new leaders go through small classes led by senior leaders to learn about how to lead a Bible study, how to maintain your own prayer life, and how to share your faith with others. At the end of these classes, you decide that you do, in fact, think that leading a focus group is for you.


The focus group that needs leaders right now is the women’s focus group. As a new leader,, it will be easiest to begin leading a well-established group. Once you have some experience leading, you may decide to start your own, more specific group or lead something else.


Leading women’s focus group


Leading a focus group, if that were all you were doing, would be hard enough work as it is. You are still a university student, so you need to study to keep your grades up – especially because your scholarship depends on it. Your friends need your attention, and so do your small group members. In addition, you have begun dating a boy, Jacob, in your community and he, like the rest of the world (or so it seems) needs your attention. Your faith and personal prayer life need to take first priority, but after that it seems as though everything is vying for your time and it is often difficult to know what to prioritize.


Continue: Friday night


You have a few assignments due next week, but you have no Friday classes. There is plenty of time today, then, to get those done and study for your exam on Tuesday. You still have to plan for focus group before Wednesday night and meet with your accountability partner, but you feel comfortable giving yourself the night off.


You do not often get to hang out with your friends during the week. They miss you, but they have been really good at understanding this shift in your life. If you are honest, you miss when you could spend all your free time with them, but this semester has been way busier than you ever expected.


Your boyfriend, Jacob, would also love to spend his Friday night with you. You two see each other throughout the week, but it is usually in passing. When girls post Snapchats or on Instagram about spending every day with their boyfriends, you can’t help but get jealous. Your last “real date” was weeks ago and it feels like half the time you are spending time with him, your brain goes to the twelve other things you probably should be doing. This week has been far less busy, though, and it would be nice to spend time with him without having to worry about assignments or anything academic. You are pretty sure, even, that you could actually enjoy a night with him rather than feeling anxious about it.


A girl from class did tell you about a frat party happening tonight, though. You do not usually party, but you know another acquaintance will be there that you have been wanting to spend more time with – and maybe even invite to your focus group, if you get close enough to her. She usually leaves right after class and, though you have shared some quips and jokes during class, you are never quite quick enough to catch up with her and make real plans to hang out. Another leader in Reflect, a good friend of yours, has experience in going to parties evangelically and you are pretty sure he would come along if you asked him to. He knows most of the people that will be there, and he would definitely keep you accountable if you brought him along. You wonder if the environment would be overwhelming or tempting, but the thought of letting loose a little bit sounds pretty exciting if you are honest.



Date night


You text your friends and promise you will make plans soon. By the time you have decided how you are spending your Friday night, the girl who invited you to the party is already pretty intoxicated (if her snap story is any indication). Jacob, though, is thrilled that you have chosen him. Honestly, you do not usually put him first. Not that you do not love him – at least, you are pretty sure you do – but you tend to prioritize your small group members and the other women in your community. Add in academics and he is lucky if you talk to him more than once a week, let alone go out with him.


You both have different ideas about what you want to do tonight.


Jacob wants to take you out to dinner. He has been incredibly supportive this semester and tries as hard as he can to understand your busy schedule, but he wants to splurge on you whenever he can. You are definitely not opposed, but getting dressed up for a nice night out sounds like a lot of work, as fun as you know it would be.


You want to go to the mall. You have some stuff to get anyway, and you just heard a friend talking about the cutest date ever – a Build a Bear date. She loved it and had a great time. Jacob is significantly less enthused than you are to make a teddy bear with you, but you know you can convince him to bring you and he will probably end up having fun when you get there. You both always find a way to enjoy dates the other suggested, and you are sure this will be no exception.


You both always enjoy going to the beach – especially at night. Seeing the stars is something you miss being from a small town and Jacob loves the sound of the waves. You are pretty convinced that the shore is the closest you can get to Heaven on this world. The best beach is pretty far away, though, and you are both exhausted. You hate the thought of Jacob trying to drive the hour back knowing how tired he is, and he would never tell you no if he knew you wanted to go – he knows how happy it makes you. It is something that both of you cherish, though, and you might just be over-worrying.


You could always just stay in. It has been a long week and you have a list of films you want to watch together – you might as well watch them whenever you have time. Besides, trying to go anywhere involves planning and gas money and both of you spend a lot throughout the week on your focus group members. Besides, this way you can talk and catch up about the week you have had and be alone for a little while.


Dorm date


You decide to just stay in tonight. Before you even get to his door, you can smell the popcorn he is making from down the hall. You claim your normal spot on his futon, among the throw pillows – half of which you picked out. As you go through your list of films, you notice that it is getting late but choose not to say anything. You have set boundaries with some of the women in Reflect and you technically are not supposed to be in his room after midnight. All you are doing is watching movies, though, and he lives alone so he has no roommates that are going to tell anyone how late you were there. You are falling asleep on his shoulder when you realize that midnight was hours ago and find your way back to your dorm.


As you walk into your room, you try not to wake up your roommate, knowing the first thing she’ll do is check the clock.


Today was a long day and you have no regrets, but you wonder as you go to sleep if you would change anything with the chance to do it over.


Go back to this morning