Rich Taddonio: Game Description

My game will focus on one of the most serious crimes against humanity, a practice that has plagued our world since the beginning of civilization: human trafficking. The narrative will follow the story of 14-year-old Sierra, who starts off in a common environment for sex trafficking victims: low-income household, abusive parents, poor school system, etc. It will take place in Florida, which is appropriate because Florida is ranked 3rd worst in human trafficking.

The game’s format will be along the same lines as Depression Quest. The player will read a paragraph or so of information, giving them the situation and environment the main character is in. They will then have to choose what the character does next by selecting one of the options below the story. However, many options will be crossed out to illustrate the lack of choices sex trafficking victims are given. Since we do not have time to create a whole game, I will focus on the beginning stages of human trafficking, also known as the grooming stage. This stage will fulfill the first chapter of the game.

Along with the main character, Sierra, the story will consist of four other characters. Hope, Sierra’s 12-year-old sister; Xavier; the pimp trying to recruit Sierra; Alicia, Sierra’s “friend” and Xavier’s recruiter (or “groomer”); and Officer Pat, the man trying to keep Sierra from falling victim to trafficking.

Many people are aware of sex trafficking, but not enough are informed on how girls and boys get lured into the business. The message of the first chapter in this game is that victims of trafficking are often given little choice due to their environment, social class, and home life. Although the story will revolve specifically around sex trafficking, parts of the narrative will touch on labor trafficking as well, so readers are informed on that as well. By revealing the facts of how people get trapped in this form of modern-day slavery, I hope to inform players on the real issues at play with human trafficking, and to  break the stereotypes surrounding those who fall victim to it.



LAUREN HYDE. Game Description

The point of Head On is a fun way to educate people of all ages of the dangers of concussions in sports.  You can choose between Football, Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse and choose either a boy or girl character but the game is still always the same.  You choose your character, choose your uniform (just for fun) and then get on the field or ice.  When you see yourself, you press go and then the character will begin dribbling, controlling, running or skating with the ball, stick and puck.  They will see different characters running after then and the person controlling the game must use the arrow keys to avoid those running at them.  If they get hit, they get sent to a page that gives them a brief description of what the character is feeling in their brain and body.  From there, the player can chose to go back on the field or go to the doctors and learn how to handle a concussion so they can come back and play when they’re healthy.  If they chose to go back and play and they get hit again, they will go through a story line of what a concussion can do to your mind and body.  If they chose to go to the doctors, the character will go through and learn the steps, with a mini matching quiz of the steps and beat a concussions.  And they will win.

Game Description

I think the first thing I’d like to have in some flash game is something experimental, and having to do with meaning through mechanics… However, I don’t think this type of game is going to have anything to do with visuals or gameplay mechanics of all. If it’s simply a text-based adventure game, where all you can do is make decisions, then I can’t really embrace any sort of ‘meaning through mechanics’ in the way I’d like to.

This doesn’t mean it has to be any less thematic or intentioned to offer insight on social issues or relevant topics that aren’t necessarily mentioned. I’d like to do a game on loneliness, but I don’t really know how. I have ideas for a game-space, but as a purely text-based choose-your-own-adventure story, I’m not sure. Maybe something along the lines of walking into different rooms with different types of people, and regardless of what you do, they avoid and exclude you. Kind of puts the person in the shoes I guess.

American Refugees

The concept I have for my game is based off of a viral PSA which depicts a British family who lives a well-off First World life until England becomes a war-torn country and the family becomes impoverished victims who need to flee and find refuge elsewhere. The video was meant to show the viewer their own personal flaws in regards to how much easier it was for them to feel sorry for a European family of refugees in comparison to how most people typically feel about refugees from the Middle East. I want to make a game similar to this where players would play as a member of an American family on their journey from first class citizens to refugees seeking asylum following the fall and corruption of the United States government. Players would make choices of what to do, where to go and how to handle situations with the goal being to find safety in a less than accepting world, with the overall goal being to spur open mindedness and help people to consider the current Syrian refugee crisis from a different perspective.

Be Aware (not final game title)

My game will be about a young woman getting ready and going out to different locations. In this process, the female will be able to think about how her outfits, actions, and locations affect how others perceive her, especially since males can sometimes misinterpret body language, outfits, etc.

It will start with being able to personalize how you want your female character to look. This includes skin, eyes, hair, and outfit. Next, you will be able to choose where you want the character to go (bar, zoo, mall). You can then interact with males and through conversation, be cautious of his reactions.

The point of the game is to show that you can wear whatever you like and act however you like, but be aware of your surroundings and make smart decisions to avoid a negative situation.

Pitbull Rescue

I want to design a game that addresses the issue of stray pit bulls in Tampa. I am aware that there are many stray cats and other types of dogs in Tampa in addition to pit bulls, however I have noticed far more pitbulls than any other type of dog. To start the game you pick a character that best fits you. The character options will include an adult woman, adult man, and two children, boy and girl.

Once you choose a character the next step is to choose one of 3 maps to explore. Each map is a different part of Tampa that is experiencing issues with stray pit bulls. Once you choose a map you go into the map and explore the location. Your goal is to explore the map, find stray pit bulls, and contact animal control. The game should heighten awareness of stray pit bulls and animal adoption.

Sara Game Description

I have not finalized a title yet, so for now I will keep the title untitled. However, I have a concept in mind. I would like to create a game about animal adoptions. All my life, I have had a dog and every single one has been rescued. The game will be a virtual experience for the gamer to adopt a dog and care for it. What makes it different from NintenDogs or any other related game is that it will include facts about animal adoptions, animal abuse, and animal rights. There will be a backstory for each adoptable animal. My goal of the game is to raise awareness about animal abuse and in addition, sway people to adopt from shelters rather than pay breeders for a pet.