Final Project–Persuasive Game

This project asks you to create a proposal (concept document) and storyboard for a persuasive game. The proposal should address the persuasive message you wish to convey through gameplay, the strategies you plan to employ to persuade players to sympathize with your message or to take action, and the identity of your target audience.

The proposal should contain:

  • a premise
  • a description of the intended platform and medium
  • a summary of the nature of the interactivity, an analysis–with research–of your intended audience
  • a brief overview of the characters, scenes, and main features of your game.

The proposal, instructions, storyboard text/script, and description of game components should total at least 2,000 words. You will be evaluated on your command of persuasive rhetoric, clarity of instructions, clarity and ease of navigation, suitability of tone, creativity of story/concept, and formal considerations such as formatting, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.