Proposal Example

Proposal Example


Bryan M. Anderson Castle Law Audience Analysis


Age: 25-49 The approximate average age of the average homeowner.

Gender: While it appeals to both genders, it does skew more towards males

Income: Enough to own a house/apartment



Narrative Hook & Involvement

The player plays as the head of a household and a member of a family. The goal is to keep the family safe. Also, the game surrounds those looking at different home defense options–with an emphasis on firearms as the option.



Shows the pros/cons of different means of self-defense, such as firearms, a baseball bat, or fisticuffs and likelihood of survival and safety with all of them.

But it’s a highly controversial topic, which I’m sure will cause a number to become disinterested immediately due to the subject matter.


Lauren Hyde

Lauren Hyde | ‘Head On’ Audience Analysis


The Age range ‘Head On’ s target market falls into is anyone from 12-24.

Our target gender is both male and female.

The Education level is irrelevant as we are targeting all athletes.   However, the other target audience away from the athlete themselves is school systems from 8th grade athletics on.

There is no income levels associated with our target market.

‘Head On’ targets all races, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation etc. if they are athletes above the age of 12.


Audience Hook:

The audience will be hooked by the alternate reality they get to experience through the character they choose.  The realistic and idealistic nature of the dialog will entice the users to continue and see where he can get to in his career.  Once he gets hurt, the athlete will continue to be engaged through the new, dramatic nature of the game.


Needs Satisfied:                       

            The game satisfies the need – serious need – for young athletes to be properly educated on the dangers of concussions.  Athletes sometimes take sitting out of games, practice, classes etc. as being ‘a baby’ and do not understand that it could ruin an athletic career, a brain or a life if treated improperly.

Candace Martino

Breaking News Audience Analysis


  • The target audience of Breaking News can appeal to anyone with interest of simulating what it’s like to be a news reporter, or can also include those who do not have an interest
  • Age – The target age group is roughly 8+. The reasoning for this, is because the user’s literacy skills will be tested against a timed clock. In order to be successful in this game, the user must be proficient in reading, which includes accuracy and efficiency
  • Gender – Breaking News is geared towards any gender. Gender usage will not effect this game. All genders can enjoy this program equally. Ethnicity, religion, race, and sexual orientation is not needed to be specified.
  • Education Levels – Suggested is 3rd grade and up, with proficiency in reading.
  • Income Levels – No income level is required nor needed

Audience Hook

  • Users will get a snap shot experience of what it is like to be in the hot seat, also known as a News Reporter or Anchor. Users will feel the pressures of delivering a message to an audience, efficiently and effective as possible all while being timed. The anticipation of the News Director review will keep the audience engaged to see if they have what it takes to climb the ranks.
  • This specific program does not satisfy any needs. It is for pure entertainment purposes.

Project Review

  • Strengths – Mentally engages the user, simulates a new experience, informs user on recent news locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Weakness – Ultimately is geared towards a specific market (those interested in television news), eliminates those who cannot read, cannot be played if the user does not have a camera and/or a working microphone.

JC Ryan

The audience age should range (ideally) from very young to about 25 years old. The gameplay should be simple enough for even a young person to pick up, but the content should offer thoughtful reflections more appealing to an older audience. On education levels, to get the most out of the game, players may require an education at least up to middle school. But completing the game should be simplistic enough for a kindergartener to play.

The game will be free to play. So any income level is fine, as long as the user can access the game over the internet, and can get a computer. However, it probably won’t be accessed by people who can’t settle or find time to play a small, irrelevant game.

Other demographics are unimportant to the aim of the game’s design, however, there is a specific type of audience that I’m looking for. It’s more for people who are curious about ideas about relationships.

Audience hook:

The audience will, hopefully, be intrigued by the dialogue. It’s really all dependent on the quality of the dialogue, being honest. It’s just up to me to execute on that.


The game will satisfy the universal need of all people to understand relationships and friendship, as well as the intention and meaning of friendship and ‘true’ friendship. (Some self mockery is involved here.)

Victoria Mancini Audience Analysis


In terms of age, my game is meant to target 18-25yr olds as well as middle aged adults due to the nature of the game being a political issue that has been widely debated in the last 2 years. The game would target this age group as they are active voters and the most capable of vocalizing change for the future.  It is meant for people who would be able to and inclined to vote in elections and on issues. It is not gender specific as it is more so just geared to the average American family. Due to the population of the US however, it would probably be geared more towards white people, as it was also white men and women who carried the fate of this past election.

Hook and involvement:

The dialogue and narrative are written in 3rd person and emphasize the word “you” so as to put the player in the game. Also, the characters are very generalized so that is easy to identify and put yourself in the place of the characters. The setting is generalized as well so players could imagine their own environments.

Needs Satisfied:

The game satisfies the need to learn about other cultures and empathize with those in the world in need of assistance that you otherwise would see neglected. When things don’t affect us, or don’t hit close to home in the western world, it’s as if we pretend it doesn’t happen. So by putting the situations that are occurring abroad into the context of the western world, it will allow for people to see and understand the issues.

Sara Staats – Shelter Pups

Target Audience

  • Both males and females ages 18-30
  • College or just out of college
  • Entry level jobs with average corresponding income
  • Living alone, seeking animal companion

Audience Involvement:

  • The user will stay involved with daily tasks assigned to complete the adoption process and taking good care of the dog. The further the user gets through the process, the more they learn.


  • Strengths: The game portrays, in a condensed frame of time, the real life process of adopting a dog, and the care and time that is required after the adoption. The game is also very educational, giving specific statistics about adopting versus buying from a breeder
  • Weaknesses: Although the game includes all aspects of the adoption process, the user will not know what it is truly like to adopt and care for a dog in real until they do. In addition, like humans, dogs have all different personality types and needs. The games attempts to include a variety of needs with the different dogs, but the varying personality types and needs of real life dogs are endless.