Victoria Mancini Audience Analysis


In terms of age, my game is meant to target 18-25yr olds as well as middle aged adults due to the nature of the game being a political issue that has been widely debated in the last 2 years. The game would target this age group as they are active voters and the most capable of vocalizing change for the future.  It is meant for people who would be able to and inclined to vote in elections and on issues. It is not gender specific as it is more so just geared to the average American family. Due to the population of the US however, it would probably be geared more towards white people, as it was also white men and women who carried the fate of this past election.

Hook and involvement:

The dialogue and narrative are written in 3rd person and emphasize the word “you” so as to put the player in the game. Also, the characters are very generalized so that is easy to identify and put yourself in the place of the characters. The setting is generalized as well so players could imagine their own environments.

Needs Satisfied:

The game satisfies the need to learn about other cultures and empathize with those in the world in need of assistance that you otherwise would see neglected. When things don’t affect us, or don’t hit close to home in the western world, it’s as if we pretend it doesn’t happen. So by putting the situations that are occurring abroad into the context of the western world, it will allow for people to see and understand the issues.


Victoria Mancini Premises

  1. Premise: The main idea for this game is to teach users how to survive in a wilderness setting for up to 72 hours after having getting lost in the woods. Users would have a bag full of items that they must use to get to safety and survive a few nights.

Purpose: The purpose of this game would be to entertain players as well as teach them how to properly handle a survival situation in case of an emergency.


  1. Premise: The idea for this game would be to allow users to swim in the ocean while avoiding obstacles and properly navigating rip currents.

Purpose: The purpose of this game would be to entertain as well as to teach the dangers of rip currents and tides and to provide information on how to properly handle them.


  1. Premise: This would be a game in which users have to escape a burning building as quickly as they can before it collapses, all while avoiding fire hazards and obstacles throughout the building.

Purpose: The purpose of this game would be to serve as entertainment if someone was bored as well as to highlight the dangers of fire.

It’s Been Real

Pretending To Know What I'm Doing

So here we are, three months later and finally submitting my final blog post. It’s been fun, really it has. However, I can’t say that I’ll miss it. As stated in last blog post, I’ve been running dry on material and topics to discuss and it’s really taken a toll on my mental and physical health. (Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration but it’s been tough.) Anyway, what I think I learned most from this experience is that blogging is hard, blogging about yourself is even harder, and more than anything I have learned that I really am just pretending to know what I’m doing.

Throughout this experience I’ve only gotten lucky that such strange and bizarre happenstances keep occurring in my life and I’ve been so fortunate to be bumbling through life unable to properly tip the waitstaff at a restaurant, otherwise I would have nothing to write about 3…

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Running Low

Pretending To Know What I'm Doing

You know what’s really hard? Coming up with a blog post to write 3 times a week for almost 4 months. It’s hard, man. I mean for the most part I get lucky because sometimes I’m not the brightest bulb in the bunch and I also tend to lead a generally awkward and confusing existence so there is to some degree a constant supply of material. However, it’s hard to dig up.

Imagine I actually had ample IQ points and knew how to put gas in my car, or write a letter, or leave a tip! Think about what it would be like if I wasn’t a hypocondriac and didn’t think I was dying of Ebola every other week only to consult Google rather than an actual doctor. Or what if I wasn’t paranoid and afraid that a stranger was going to abduct me at all hours of the day…

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Pretending To Know What I'm Doing

One thing that has always freaked me out is the way life seems to go full circle. When you’re young you need help being taken care of, you only can really eat soft foods because your teeth aren’t developed, going to the bathroom can be a challenge sometimes, and your brain isn’t fully developed so early bedtimes and lots of sleep are a must.

When you get older however all of these things are also true, as you become incapable of taking care of yourself like when you were young. Suddenly your body needs more care for it than it did when you were 20 or 30 and you need to take care accordingly.

One thing I’ve noticed this to be the most true about is sleep. When you’re young you have an early bedtime because your little brain and body can’t stand to be tired and when you’re old…

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Victoria Mancini Feedback

Sam Chubbuck: I really enjoyed your fairytale and the twist you gave it. It was amusing to see the story of Sleeping Beauty from a completely different perspective, making it so that it was obvious which fairy was Maleficent without having to name her, as well as making it so that she didn’t purposely mean to be evil. It was funny to see that happen by accident. I also liked the amount of dialogue you used, making it more closely like a fairytale and less like a quick story.

AJ Arnold: I like what you did with the Three Little Pigs, making the story one from the perspective of a pig.  The game was overall funny and harsh in terms of the endings and the pigs but this also made it very entertaining to play. I liked how you included tips in the narrative of the best choices to make, and that ultimately it still didn’t turn out well for the pigs.


Pretending To Know What I'm Doing

Last week, I wrote a blog post about how my license had expired about 3 days ago and how I completely messed up and can’t follow directions. The Monday before that, I wrote a blog post about it being my 21st birthday and how while cool, was just a great big waste of money.


Last night I went to the Lightning game against the Dallas Stars and it was oodles and doodles of fun and a great night overall. However, at one point I got up to get myself a nice adult beverage and handed my ID off to the bartender who accepted it and began to procure my drink, until suddenly he paused. He asked me for my ID back. In my mind I was thinking, ok sure, take a look, I know the dates are pretty close to now so maybe you don’t know what day it…

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