Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis :

This exercise helps you develop audience research for your Persuasive project. Your research should address audience age, gender, education levels, and income levels, as well as any other demographic category (race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) that may be relevant to your proposed project. Include information from Miller, chapter 8.



User Experience (UX) review

Working in groups of two or three, evaluate a casual online game (desktop/laptop or app) and three university web sites (UT’s and at least two others). Here’s what to evaluate:

  1. Game: How clear are the instructions to play? Do the hints work well? Is the object of the game easy to understand?
  2. University web sites: How easy/difficult is is to accomplish the following three objectives. Be sure to record the steps you had to take to get from the university home page to the information you need.
  • Find out how to arrange a visit to campus for a prospective student
  • Find out how to look up books and articles from the library’s collection
  • Find out about when and where dining services are available over the 2017 Spring break

Write up your findings and post them to the class blog.


The following is what should be included in your final project. This project is worth 40% of your grade.

1. The proposal should address the persuasive message you wish to convey through gameplay, the strategies you plan to employ to persuade players to sympathize with your message or to take action, and the identity of your target audience. The proposal should contain in one document: (you can use as much as you want of the previous game description assignment as needed to fulfill the proposal document requirement – provide printout)

  • a premise
  • a description of the intended platform and medium
  • a summary of the nature of the interactivity
  • an analysis of your intended audience
  • a brief overview of the characters, scenes, and main features of your game.

2. A printout of your Flow Chart
3. A printout of your storyboard
4. A printout of your Script
5. A printout of your Game Narrative

Please put this packet together with the attached cover sheet on the front.