Brittany – Proposal


The goal of this game is to introduce people to a day in the life of a student missionary. Not only will the player have to make choices to balance a healthy social life, they will also have to consider their reputation in their organization and their accountability to the people with whom they lead. The intention is to show all the things such students have to consider with every decision they make.


This game could be played easily on either a computer (laptop or desktop) or a smartphone/tablet – it is optimized for each platform.

Nature of Interactivity

The player begins by learning about themselves – they choose their gender, and thus are thrust into a world structured around them. They are prompted to make choices that will either bring them closer to or push them further from their community, not necessarily knowing which will occur with each choice.

Audience Analysis

This game is geared towards university students, especially those considering taking on such a role as the one which is outlined. It is appropriate, however, for high school audiences and higher.

Audience Hook

The role the player takes on is not a common role. The hook, therefore, is the opportunity to step into another’s shoes — someone who lives a completely different life in environments familiar to any college student.


The user is given the choice to play as male or female – if they choose non-binary, they must adapt to present within the binary to continue. They are then put into a position of leadership and asked to choose how they will spend their Friday night. Based on this choice, they will wake up Saturday morning with fond memories or regrets and the choice to own their decisions or do it all over again.


Brittany Anderson Narrative

Welcome to Reflect Student Ministries! We are a community of missionaries on campus who seek to reach every corner of campus with various focus groups. Of course, because you have been a consistent member of your university’s chapter for a year now, you already know this.


Choose your gender – Female


This past school year was a big year of personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Your relationship with Jesus has never been stronger, and you prioritize your faith and attendance to various focus groups throughout the week. The leaders in your life suggested that you begin leading a focus group and, after praying about it, you felt like God might be calling you to do just that.


Reflect’s leadership training course is six weeks long. You and the other potential new leaders go through small classes led by senior leaders to learn about how to lead a Bible study, how to maintain your own prayer life, and how to share your faith with others. At the end of these classes, you decide that you do, in fact, think that leading a focus group is for you.


The focus group that needs leaders right now is the women’s focus group. As a new leader,, it will be easiest to begin leading a well-established group. Once you have some experience leading, you may decide to start your own, more specific group or lead something else.


Leading women’s focus group


Leading a focus group, if that were all you were doing, would be hard enough work as it is. You are still a university student, so you need to study to keep your grades up – especially because your scholarship depends on it. Your friends need your attention, and so do your small group members. In addition, you have begun dating a boy, Jacob, in your community and he, like the rest of the world (or so it seems) needs your attention. Your faith and personal prayer life need to take first priority, but after that it seems as though everything is vying for your time and it is often difficult to know what to prioritize.


Continue: Friday night


You have a few assignments due next week, but you have no Friday classes. There is plenty of time today, then, to get those done and study for your exam on Tuesday. You still have to plan for focus group before Wednesday night and meet with your accountability partner, but you feel comfortable giving yourself the night off.


You do not often get to hang out with your friends during the week. They miss you, but they have been really good at understanding this shift in your life. If you are honest, you miss when you could spend all your free time with them, but this semester has been way busier than you ever expected.


Your boyfriend, Jacob, would also love to spend his Friday night with you. You two see each other throughout the week, but it is usually in passing. When girls post Snapchats or on Instagram about spending every day with their boyfriends, you can’t help but get jealous. Your last “real date” was weeks ago and it feels like half the time you are spending time with him, your brain goes to the twelve other things you probably should be doing. This week has been far less busy, though, and it would be nice to spend time with him without having to worry about assignments or anything academic. You are pretty sure, even, that you could actually enjoy a night with him rather than feeling anxious about it.


A girl from class did tell you about a frat party happening tonight, though. You do not usually party, but you know another acquaintance will be there that you have been wanting to spend more time with – and maybe even invite to your focus group, if you get close enough to her. She usually leaves right after class and, though you have shared some quips and jokes during class, you are never quite quick enough to catch up with her and make real plans to hang out. Another leader in Reflect, a good friend of yours, has experience in going to parties evangelically and you are pretty sure he would come along if you asked him to. He knows most of the people that will be there, and he would definitely keep you accountable if you brought him along. You wonder if the environment would be overwhelming or tempting, but the thought of letting loose a little bit sounds pretty exciting if you are honest.



Date night


You text your friends and promise you will make plans soon. By the time you have decided how you are spending your Friday night, the girl who invited you to the party is already pretty intoxicated (if her snap story is any indication). Jacob, though, is thrilled that you have chosen him. Honestly, you do not usually put him first. Not that you do not love him – at least, you are pretty sure you do – but you tend to prioritize your small group members and the other women in your community. Add in academics and he is lucky if you talk to him more than once a week, let alone go out with him.


You both have different ideas about what you want to do tonight.


Jacob wants to take you out to dinner. He has been incredibly supportive this semester and tries as hard as he can to understand your busy schedule, but he wants to splurge on you whenever he can. You are definitely not opposed, but getting dressed up for a nice night out sounds like a lot of work, as fun as you know it would be.


You want to go to the mall. You have some stuff to get anyway, and you just heard a friend talking about the cutest date ever – a Build a Bear date. She loved it and had a great time. Jacob is significantly less enthused than you are to make a teddy bear with you, but you know you can convince him to bring you and he will probably end up having fun when you get there. You both always find a way to enjoy dates the other suggested, and you are sure this will be no exception.


You both always enjoy going to the beach – especially at night. Seeing the stars is something you miss being from a small town and Jacob loves the sound of the waves. You are pretty convinced that the shore is the closest you can get to Heaven on this world. The best beach is pretty far away, though, and you are both exhausted. You hate the thought of Jacob trying to drive the hour back knowing how tired he is, and he would never tell you no if he knew you wanted to go – he knows how happy it makes you. It is something that both of you cherish, though, and you might just be over-worrying.


You could always just stay in. It has been a long week and you have a list of films you want to watch together – you might as well watch them whenever you have time. Besides, trying to go anywhere involves planning and gas money and both of you spend a lot throughout the week on your focus group members. Besides, this way you can talk and catch up about the week you have had and be alone for a little while.


Dorm date


You decide to just stay in tonight. Before you even get to his door, you can smell the popcorn he is making from down the hall. You claim your normal spot on his futon, among the throw pillows – half of which you picked out. As you go through your list of films, you notice that it is getting late but choose not to say anything. You have set boundaries with some of the women in Reflect and you technically are not supposed to be in his room after midnight. All you are doing is watching movies, though, and he lives alone so he has no roommates that are going to tell anyone how late you were there. You are falling asleep on his shoulder when you realize that midnight was hours ago and find your way back to your dorm.


As you walk into your room, you try not to wake up your roommate, knowing the first thing she’ll do is check the clock.


Today was a long day and you have no regrets, but you wonder as you go to sleep if you would change anything with the chance to do it over.


Go back to this morning


Interactivity – Brittany, Gabi, Kelsey

Customer Service Site

Verb Set: click

  1. Yes. The login is large and on the left where the eyes naturally direct.
  2. Yes they make sense. When you sign in, it brings you to the page to buy plane tickets, also displaying your TrueBlue points. If you already have a flight and would like to view the boarding pass or manage it, there’s an easy tab called ‘Manage Flights’. This takes less than two clicks to get to. It’s very easy to get to the pages that most customers would want to navigate to while visiting The rest of the tabs are mostly informational.
  3. N/A

Identify as best you can the types of interactivity under the following categories:

  • Stimulus and response
  • Navigation
  • Control over objects
  • Communication
  • Exchange of information
  • Acquisition


Casual Game

Verb Set: direct, send

  1. Yes. The mouse draws lines and pushes buttons. The game’s interactions are very intuitive and don’t require high levels of thinking.
  2. Yes. The lines drawn block the sugar’s natural path and direct it where the user chooses.
  3. The user’s interactions form the story in its entirety

Identify as best you can the types of interactivity under the following categories:

  • Stimulus and response: clicking and dragging makes a line that directs sugar towards desired mug, clicking the arrow button controls gravity.
  • Navigation
  • Control over objects: control the direction of the sugar to each mug
  • Communication
  • Exchange of information
  • Acquisition: move to next level based on success


Website of Our Choice


Verb Set: make and send


  1. Yes. In this game the user is the chef. Each choice the user (chef) makes is to make the consumer content with their sushi order. Each choice is in effort to prepare and present a sushi roll demanded by the consumers. Other choices consist of ordering more ingredients and referencing the recipe book to prepare new orders.
  2. Yes and no. Yes in the sense that preparing an order incorrectly the customer will not eat it. No in the sense that restarting an order means a loss of ingredients, which in turn means a loss of money because the chef will have to order more ingredients sooner. In reality, a chef would be able to put back the wrong ingredients because the order was simply being prepared.
  3. Yes, because the story is of a sushi chef keeping it’s patrons content. As long as the user (chef) completes the orders correctly and with speed then the consumers will be content.
  4. Identify as best you can the types of interactivity under the following categories:
  • Stimulus and response: delivering the sushi roll the customer demands.
  • Navigation: by following the recipe book, the user is able to complete and present the correct sushi roll demanded by the customer.
  • Control over objects
  • Communication
  • Exchange of information: customers think of the sushi roll they would like. The sushi roll the customer desires appears in a bubble above their head, which lets the user know what sushi roll to make and what ingredients to use.
  • Acquisition: the user is paid by each customer for each completed order. This money is used to purchase more ingredients. For every round the user has to acquire a certain amount of money from the customers in order to move on to the next round.

Brittany Script

Three important rooms/categories

  • Date
  • Party
  • Night with Friends

Important items in this chapter

  • leadership position in Christian organization
  • close friends
  • expendable income
  • dorm room
  • reliable transportation
  • friends outside organization
  • typical Christian values
  • accountability partner
  • cell phone
  • social media accounts

Functions and location of each room – Dorm date

  • Netflix account
  • bed
  • couch
  • opposite-sex significant other
  • popcorn
  • microwave
  • sodas
  • TV
  • HDMI cord
  • throw pillows
  • comfortable clothing

Brittany’s Memex

My memex would definitely be overly complex. I wear a lot of hats anyway, so for a workspace to fit all of my needs it would have to be divergent and unique. It would appear as a desk with arms that form a “V”-shape out from where I sit. The arms of the V would have layers of desktops that I can bring towards me with the panel on the edge of my desk inset. The panel would have buttons that are labeled with the different desktops so I can easily access each, one at a time. It would also have controls for my music, which is playing through speakers on one of the farthest desktops.

My first desktop would be my design desk. I love design, so it would be loaded with tabloid-sized paper and flip to a new sheet or go back to old projects with buttons at the bottom of the desk. This desk would also have colored pencils, pens, and paints/paintbrushes that would rise up as needed with the desk’s own panel.

Another desktop would be for ministry. It would have a Bible built in that would be searchable, a notebook I could flip through using similar controls to my design desk, a spot for highlighters, pencils, and colored pens (for color coding notes and planning), and a phone to plan with fellow core members or my co-leader. This desk would also have a searchable YouCat (the Catechism re-written for high schoolers) and bringing it up would prompt the music desk to change to playing Praise and Worship music.

Another desktop would be for writing. It would have the same stationary inset as my ministry desk and the same notebook setup as well, only bigger. It would also have a camera, as my Memex will be near a window. This would be so that – if I’m writing about something I can see – I don’t have to keep pushing through writer’s block, but I can come back to the project later on.

These desktops would surely be added to as I expand my interests and add hats to my pile, but this is a solid start with which I can be productive. In writing, I actually began to get excited about creating my Memex and had to remind myself that it would never actually be realized.