Lauren Hyde

Lauren Hyde | ‘Head On’ Audience Analysis


The Age range ‘Head On’ s target market falls into is anyone from 12-24.

Our target gender is both male and female.

The Education level is irrelevant as we are targeting all athletes.   However, the other target audience away from the athlete themselves is school systems from 8th grade athletics on.

There is no income levels associated with our target market.

‘Head On’ targets all races, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation etc. if they are athletes above the age of 12.


Audience Hook:

The audience will be hooked by the alternate reality they get to experience through the character they choose.  The realistic and idealistic nature of the dialog will entice the users to continue and see where he can get to in his career.  Once he gets hurt, the athlete will continue to be engaged through the new, dramatic nature of the game.


Needs Satisfied:                       

            The game satisfies the need – serious need – for young athletes to be properly educated on the dangers of concussions.  Athletes sometimes take sitting out of games, practice, classes etc. as being ‘a baby’ and do not understand that it could ruin an athletic career, a brain or a life if treated improperly.


User Review: Kimberly, Bryan, Lauren

Game: 1010 (APP)

The instructions to play are missing.  Additionally, there are not hints.  The objective is relatively easy to figure out so that game can get away without giving any instructions or hints.

UTs Website: 

Tour: Apply > Visit UT > Choose year > Online Calendar > Step by step instructions how to sign up for a tour.  It offers monthly calendars with daily activities for every grade.  [Very easy]

Library: Tools > Library > Search … also under Academics > Library [Very easy]

Food: Campus life > Dining > Hours [Very easy]

Costal Carolina Website:

Tour:  Admissions > Visit campus > Many options .. Visit or tour, transfer events, tips for your visit etc..  [This was not hard to find, options were all available and in good order to bring you where you wanted to be]

Library: Search Bar > School Library > Select first option (Library Website) > Research which gives you options to > Books, Articles & More  [This was not hard to find, options were all available and in good order to bring you where you wanted to be]

Food: Search ‘Dining’ > CCU Food Crew > Click Eat Well > Choose option Monthly Menus [This was not hard to find, options were all available and in good order to bring you where you wanted to be]

Villanova Website 

Tour: Admissions > Student Guided tours on the right hand side > Register for a visit > Individual OR Special Group Visit [Very easy]

Library: Library Tab > Search … [Too easy]

Food: On Campus tab > Dining Services > Options for hours, regular hours and special hours (currently showing Easter Hours)  [You just have to know to go to the On Campus tab and then the rest is very easy]






LH Premises

Outfit Change

The user will chose one of the many famous fashion designers to act as them.  They will go through a series of levels (level 1- shoes level 2- pants level 3- shirts level 4-accessories etc) and chose what should be matched with what.  Then the end of the game they will get a percentage to how “fashionable” in the mind of that designer they are.

Purpose?  To entertain people that are into fashion and get a look into the mind of their favorite designers.

Alternate Universe

The user will travel through different dimensions and have to beat the level to move on.  It is based off of adventures seen in the show Rick and Morty.

Purpose?  To entertain people, especially those who like Rick and Morty, and let them experience things that aren’t real life.

Taste of Cali

The user will click through different vineyards and learn about wines.  The character will be able to walk, drive, ride on horses etc.  Basically it’s as if the person is in California on wine vineyards.

Purpose?  They will learn all about different wines, how they taste, their “consistency”.  Things that people who drink 5 dollar bottles of wine (me) wouldn’t usually learn.

I’m Talking To You, Life

Through My Lens

Yesterday was the special 21.  I realized a few things.  Here are the top 5 things I realized yesterday.

  1.  I am 100% not ready to grow up.  At midnight on my birthday, aka Saturday night into Sunday morning, I was told I was one of a few things.  I am the most “put together”, “calm”, “classy” girl on her 21st birthday.  ITS CAUSE I DON’T CARE.. I DON’T WANT TO BE 21 AND DRINK UNCONTROLLABLY.  I feel like once you’re 21 you’re suppose to be able to drink controllably??  Guess I didn’t understand the 21st birthday gig.
  2. I miss a lot of people from home.  Hearing from people is always nice, but hearing the nice words that would not normally be said is even nicer.
  3. My camp friends are my forever friends.  They’re my role models and I’m theres.  I’m forever grateful.
  4. I love bikes.
  5. Everything about life is beautiful…

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Top 5s.

Through My Lens

I’m going to start doing Top 5s.  This is the top 5 places I’d rather be in this moment.

  1. This picture.  I’d rather be at Black Pond, 42 Camp Road.  Woodstock Valley, CT 06282.  Cruising on a kayak, listening to music.
  2. Marie’s Diner.  Main street, Trumbull CT.  I used to eat there every Sunday when I was home with my dad.
  3. 1736 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria.  My short term home.
  4. Madison Square Garden watching an NYR playoff hockey game
  5. Aspen Colorado… NEVER BEEN, WANNA GO.

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“One Run”

Through My Lens

“You’re one run from a good mood.”

That is not something that everyone feels, but to me, this is the realist statement.  When you run you listen to your favorite music.  You are feeling every sore muscle, tight ligament and tired core.  But more importantly you feel a sensation like none other.   Your body releases endorphins that interact with your brain and reduce that perception of pain.  You push past your immediate pain and finally feel that “good feeling” in your body.  To me it could change any shitty mood and it’s my therapy.

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The Mystery

Through My Lens

There is something so mysterious about eyes.  One of my favorite quotes about eyes is, “Behind the most beautiful eyes, lay secrets deeper and darker than the mysterious sea.”  You may know someone, but when you look into their eyes they tend to look away.  Eye contact is terrifying to someone, maybe because you feel awkward or uncomfortable, or maybe because when someone is truly looking into your eyes, they’re interested in you.

By looking into someone’s eyes you’re asking to look deeper than their physical being.  In an educational or professional setting, it shows that you care about what’s being said.  You’re interested in their opinions and facts and appreciate their input.  In a friendship, eye contact shows you’re genuine.  “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”  They let you into someone further than what they want to show.  That’s why you can shut your eyes, close them…

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