Bryan M. Anderson Castle Law Audience Analysis


Age: 25-49 The approximate average age of the average homeowner.

Gender: While it appeals to both genders, it does skew more towards males

Income: Enough to own a house/apartment



Narrative Hook & Involvement

The player plays as the head of a household and a member of a family. The goal is to keep the family safe. Also, the game surrounds those looking at different home defense options–with an emphasis on firearms as the option.



Shows the pros/cons of different means of self-defense, such as firearms, a baseball bat, or fisticuffs and likelihood of survival and safety with all of them.

But it’s a highly controversial topic, which I’m sure will cause a number to become disinterested immediately due to the subject matter.



Bryan M. Anderson Premises

Apocalypse: Disaster Zone

Premise: The world is ending. Fire falls from the skies like rain. Get out of New York while you still can.

Purpose: Entertainment.


Happy Fun Ville

Premise: The clowns of this nuclear fallout town are oh-so happy to meet, greet, and eat you!

Purpose: Entertainment.


Upon Dry Ground

Premise: The world has been without water for years. That which does exist is manufactured in a lab. Every so often, a group goes out in search of water and must fend off any creature that they encounter.

Purpose: Entertainment.

Bird Season: Birds vs Roller Coasters

Sweet Screams are Made of This

Last week, Port Aventura in Spain opened up their newest coaster, Red Force. The coaster launches riders at speeds of over 100 mph up a 367 foot hill. Unfortunately, the ride already has a casualty: a bird.

During the launch, a bird flew into the coaster’s path and was struck by the neck of a rider in the front row. Based on the rider’s reaction, he appears to be fine. But the bird is most likely dead.

This is not the first time a roller coaster has killed a bird on its opening weekend. Back when Busch Gardens Williamsburg opened Apollo’s Chariot, supermodel Fabio suffered a cut on his nose after a bird struck him on the ride’s main drop. The train returned to the station with a Bloody Fabio. The ride was later equipped with sprinklers to ensure that no more birds flew into the coaster’s path…

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Confessions of a Ride Operator: Why I Do It

Sweet Screams are Made of This

“Why do you want to work here?” Every employer asks a potential employee that question. Some just need the money. Some do it for the perks & benefits. But there are those few among us that actually like the job.

I like making people scream. A job that’s normally reserved for the Halloween season, it’s commonly also found at amusement parks. The fear, the terror. The screaming. It’s music to my ears.

And I’ll do whatever it takes to get a good scream. False countdowns while waiting for a launch. Pointing out noises that are supposed to happen and saying that the ride shouldn’t be making that noise. Subtle references that one is going to “die” while on the ride.

Perhaps the best scream I heard was when a girl was waiting for a launch to happen and she kept saying, “I’m not gonna scream, I’m not gonna scream.” What…

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Dinos Going Extinct

Sweet Screams are Made of This

A number of Cedar Fair parks have upcharge, walk-through animatronic Dinosaur attractions known as Dinosaurs Alive. These have never been all that popular, even after Jurassic World grossed over $1 billion at the global box office. And the contract is ending soon (Either in 2018 or 2019, depending on when it was added to each park) and will likely not be re-upped. So the question is: what will replace them? So today, I’ll be predicting what each park will replace their Dinos Alive with.

Kings Island: An RMC wooden Hyper Coaster. The park was once host to the infamous Son of Beast–the world’s first wooden hyper and also the first modern wooden coaster with an inversion. The ride was known for its immense roughness and was torn down after Standing but not Operating for years. I’d love to see RMC’s take on a wooden hyper and am curious if the…

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Bryan M. Anderson’s Feedback

Kimberly: The narrative can be hard to follow at times, but I think I see some elements of Hamlet in there somewhere. But it’s still recognizable as a Rumpelstiltskin story.

Lex: I am a big fan of both the Disney version and the original Hans Christian Andersen version. Unfortunately, it feels incomplete. There’s a lot of untouched mythology here. I see this as a good start, but a mermaid swimming to the surface, singing, and then swimming back down is a tale that’s been told over and over again. Unfortunately, I see nothing all that new or exciting.

The Furies of Busch Gardens Tampa: A Review

Sweet Screams are Made of This

In 2014, Busch Gardens Tampa opened Falcon’s Fury, the world’s tallest freestanding drop tower. Ordinarily, a 330 foot drop tower would be enough to wet several pairs of pants. But Falcon’s Fury is no ordinary drop tower–at the top of the tower, the ride’s seats rotate forward 90 degrees, allowing the riders to face the ground head on as they drop.

I love Falcon’s Fury so much. It’s definitely my #1 drop tower, and I have two years experience operating one (For all you millenials out there, that is not a hashtag, it’s a number symbol). It’s not the climb or the drop that gives people the most heebie-jeebies. It’s the tilt.

Also in 2014, the park opened up a new food stand serving signature style pretzels. From a pizza pretzel to pretzel bites, these salty dough concoctions make for a delicious trip to the park. But the best…

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