Alberto- Premise

Proposal: Getting Fit


  • The purpose of this game is to educate individuals on the various processes of ‘Getting Fit’. Getting into shape requires a total reshape of a person’s life and habits, so the game aims to help them develop the plan that is right for them and expose them to the different options. The first level focuses on the exercise phase and walks them through the various types while providing them information on how the body works. The second level will focus on nutrition and meal plans.
  • The goal is to help individuals develop healthy lifestyles in every part of their life. This previous education will prepare them for the commitment and lifestyle change.


  • The intended platform for this game is on a computer or handheld smartphone. The preferred method would be computer as the larger screen will make the education experience more pleasant.

Nature of Interactivity: 

  • The first level or room of ‘Getting Fit’ takes the user on the fitness journey. Most of this level will take place in a fitness center that has a variety of different options. After the player commits to making this lifestyle change the first educational aspect explains the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise, here the player also has the option to not exercise. Below the two types of exercises are various activities that the player can partake in within the fitness center. Each is explained in detail by the personal trainer on staff. For our particular development, we followed the path of aerobic exercise, specifically swimming. Within the swimming room, the individual will learn the four strokes of competitive swimming and an appropriate rate to increase yardage. At the conclusion of these several weeks of swimming the player will have the option to go meet with a nutritionist and develop a meal plan or return to the beginning and explore an alternative exercise plan. This option allows the player to decide which exercise best suites the preferences and abilities prior to going to the gym.

Audience Analysis: 

  • The ideal audience would anyone over the age of 18. The individual will need to be able to have access to a computer, appropriate means of transportation to the fitness center, and control over their own meals. The game can appeal to anyone that is interested in becoming more healthy, most likely people who are not in shape and need to reshape their lifestyle.
  • Age: 18 and over.

Audience Hook:

  • The appeal of this game is to help people through the process of getting fit, however, this can be an incredibly intimidating process. This interactive narrative can be used an educational tool to start the process. It also explores a variety of different approaches to getting fit so it can be used as a one stop shop for all of the questions an individual starting this process could have. Although its main appeal will be as an educational tool.


  • This game will explain and guide users through the process of developing a healthy lifestyle. As physical health is a main priority in a healthy lifestyle the individual will begin by committing to an exercise regime. The narrator of level one is a personal trainer who will explain the ways that different exercise stimulate the body and decide which the individual will be most successful at. For purposes of development, the desired choice is swimming. Within the swimming room the user will learn how to successfully complete all four strokes and swim 1000 yards. When they have followed this exercise plan for two weeks, then the game will introduce a nutritionist to develop a meal plan. However, the user has the option and is encouraged to return to the beginning and select a different exercise to find the one best for them. Once they feel prepared to move on the second level will explain nutrition and meal plans. Hopefully by the end the player feels like they are adequately educated and have an idea about which path they would like to follow in real life to get more fit.

Alberto Orejuela Narrative

Alberto Orejuela

Game Narrative

The game starts in the players ‘home’ at the strike of midnight on New Years. There are a bunch of people around as all celebrating the countdown to midnight. When the clock strikes the player makes their new years resolution for 2018- to get fit.

The group of people get into a circle and all announce their New Year Resolutions.

Friend 1: My resolution is to save money in 2018.

Friend 2: This year I want to get a promotion at work.

Friend 3: My goal is to buy a new car.

Player: In 2018 I am going to get fit.

Friend 2: How are you going to do that?

Player: I am going to join the fitness center tomorrow morning.

Friend 3: Thats awesome, maybe we’ll see you there.

At the fitness center, the player walks in and speaks to the receptionist.

Receptionist: Hello, how can I help you?

Player: I would like to make a membership here.

Receptionist: Ok Great. One of our trainers can help you out.

Player walks into trainer’s office.

Trainer: Hello, I am one of the trainers here at the fitness center.

Player: Hi, I was hoping to sign up for a membership.

Trainer: Ok, great! Let me take you on a tour around the center, so you can understand all the amenities.

Player: That sounds great.

Player and trainer walk to the gym. The gym is filled with weight training equipment.

Trainer:  This is the gym. People come here to lift weights. Lifting weights is a form of anaerobic exercise.

Player: What exactly does anaerobic exercise do?

Trainer: Good question. Anaerobic exercise helps with speed and power. For example, people that come here to lift are looking to build muscle. If you want to start lifting weight you should speak with me first to develop a workout plan.

Player: Ok. Where to next?

Trainer: The pool

Player and trainer walk to the pool.

Trainer: This is the pool. It has 8 lanes, and there is lap swimming in each lane. Swimming is an aerobic exercise.

Player: What is the difference between anaerobic and aerobic?

Trainer: Aerobic exercise helps with your endurance, not with power or speed. Aerobic exercises tend to last longer but are less intense. Swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises.

Next up is the basketball courts.

Player and trainer walk to the basketball courts.

Trainer: These are the basketball courts.

Player: What activities happen here?

Trainer: This is where all the team sports are played. There is basketball, indoor soccer, and volleyball, just to name a few.

Player: Awesome. What kind of exercise are team sports?

Trainer: Team sports are a form of anaerobic exercise because they are done in short spurts and are very intense.

Player: Ok great. How do I sign up for one of these teams?

Trainer: Just fill out a form in my office and you’re all set! Up next is the stationary machine room.

Player and Trainer walk to the stationary machine room. The room is filled with stationary machines such as treadmills and indoor bikes.

Player: Is working out on of these machines aerobic or anaerobic?

Trainer: Workouts on these machines are an example of aerobic because they are increasing your endurance. These machines are a great starting point for many aerobic exercises such as running and biking. For example if you want to start running, you can start on the treadmill then move on to running outdoors. Any more questions?

Player: No, I think Im all set.

Trainer: Ok, lets head back to the office.

Player and trainer head back to the office.

Trainer: Ok now that you’ve seen all that the center has to offer what type of exercise would you like to start on?

Player choice: Aerobic, Anaerobic, or go home and do no exercise.

-Aerobic choice

Player: I will start with aerobic exercise.

Trainer: Great choice!  In the center you can have a choice of swimming, biking, or running for aerobic activities. Which one would you like to do first?

Player choice: Biking, running, or swimming

-Swimming choice

Player: I will start with swimming!

Trainer: Excellent! Lets head over to our equipment room to pick out some stuff you will need to start.

Player and Trainer walk to equipment room.

Player: So what will I need to start?

Trainer: First you will need a bathing suit. Lets find you a jammer.

Player: Whats the difference between a jammer and a normal bathing suit.

Trainer: Well a jammer is tighter on the body, so it reduces drag in the water which makes it easier to swim long distances.

Player: That sounds great. What else will I need?

Trainer: You will need goggles.

Player: Are goggles necessary?

Trainer: No, but they do help you see more clearly and so your eyes do not get irritated by the chlorine.

Player: Ok! Is that all?

Trainer: Yes those are the basics. Once we get more advanced we will use different equipment. lets head over to the locker room.

Trainer and player walk to locker room.

Trainer: This is the locker room. You can change here and leave your stuff in a locker. There are also showers here for after the workout.

Player: Great I’ll change and meet you out at the pool.

At the pool. Player is changed into bating suit.

Trainer: Ok, for our first practice we will start with an easy swim of 1,000 yard of freestyle.

Player: How many laps is 1,000 yards?

Trainer: It is 40 laps. Take your time and do not overwork yourself, we do not want to start off too hard.

Player swims 1,000 yards.

Trainer: Great! Tomorrow we will learn the four strokes.

Next day at pool. Player and trainer are there, player is changed into swimming gear.

Trainer: Hey good to see you again.

Player: Good to see you too. What am I learning today?

Trainer: Today we will learn the other 3 strokes, so you can include them in your workouts.

Player: Ok. Which one will we learn first?

Trainer: Lets start with backstroke.

Player: Sounds good

Trainer: First thing is to start on your back. The arms will do alternating movements: while one arm sweeps underwater from an overhead position backward to the hips, the other arm recovers above water from the hips to the overhead position, and vice versa. Why don’t you do 4 laps backstroke.

Player: OK.

Player swims 4 laps backstroke.

Trainer: Great. Now lets learn breastroke. This is the slowest stroke. Your feet kick backwards and apart while your arms extend forward under water. Your chest and your head drop in the water again. Once your legs are completely extended they are brought together. You then glide for a short moment in that position. You start a new breaststroke cycle once the momentum of the glide fades. Do another 4 laps, but this time breastroke.

Player swims 4 laps of breastroke.

Player: How was that?

Trainer: It was good. With practice it will get better.  Now on to the last one-Butterfly. In this stroke you want to press your chest down, while your arms go at the same time in large circular motions. Do 2 laps butterfly.

Player does 2 laps of butterfly.

Trainer: Great, now you are all set to keep training by yourself. Incorporate all 4 strokes into your workout and increase the length of your practice each day. Come see me after 2 weeks of workouts.

Player: Ok. Thanks for your help.

2 weeks later in trainers office.

Player: Hello i’ve completed my 2 weeks of swimming what is next?

Trainer: How did you like the swimming?

Player: I have really enjoyed it and am already feeling the positive changes in my body. I think I am getting more fit.

Trainer: Well the first choice that we have to make in your healthy lifestyle is if you want to continue swimming or try out a new type of exercise as you main focus?

Player: I think that I will stick with swimming, it is a good way to clear my mind and I am finally starting to get the hang of it.

Trainer: Okay, that is awesome. The next step in a very healthy lifestyle is developing a meal plan that is perfect for you. Properly fueling your body will help you cut fat, gain muscle, and definitely feel more energized.

Player: Okay

Trainer: How about I take you next door to our on site nutritionist’s office, so you two can sit down and develop the plan that is right for you.

Player: That would be perfect.

*Trainer and Player leave the office. The player has now completed ‘level one- exercise’ and is ready to move on to ‘level two- develop a meal plan’.*

Alberto Orejuela Video Game Script

Alberto Orejuela-Swimming Room


There are 3 important rooms in this chapter:

Do not exercise





Important items in this chapter:




Training clothes



Functions and items. (Swimming)

Swimming pool: To get fit, by building aerobic endurance.

Swim suit/goggles: To be able to swim

Money: To pay for instructor and pool time

Instructor: To teach proper technique and benefits of swimming

Transportation: To get to the pool

Alberto Orejuela-Memex

My profession would be writing screenplays. My desk would look like a plain black desk The desk has storage at the bottom to hold movies and documents on film. On top would be a screen to be able to project films on to. Also documents could be projected on to this.

To the right of the desk would be a lever and keyboard. The keyboard would be to type out the movie code to pick the movie I would like to watch and then I would pull down the lever to make the movie project on the screen. Watching movies is important to the profession, because it serves as inspiration for your own stories.

The keyboard could also be used to call up books. The books would be on film already and be able to project on the screen, so I would not have to flip through hundreds of pages. Books can also serve as inspiration for your own stories, or give advice on how to actually write the screenplay.

The most important part of the desk would be the typewriter. The typewriter would be an old fashioned typewriter separate from the keyboard on the right. It has a mechanical arm hovering above the page being written, and once the page is done being written, the arm would pick up the page and place it into storage. The arm would proceed to place a fresh page into the typewriter.

The desk’s storage is able to convert pages into microfilm. So once I am done writing I can press a button on the keyboard, pull down the lever, and the pages that I have written would be projected on to the screen. This would make for easy viewing of the material I have done.