Brittany’s Memex

My memex would definitely be overly complex. I wear a lot of hats anyway, so for a workspace to fit all of my needs it would have to be divergent and unique. It would appear as a desk with arms that form a “V”-shape out from where I sit. The arms of the V would have layers of desktops that I can bring towards me with the panel on the edge of my desk inset. The panel would have buttons that are labeled with the different desktops so I can easily access each, one at a time. It would also have controls for my music, which is playing through speakers on one of the farthest desktops.

My first desktop would be my design desk. I love design, so it would be loaded with tabloid-sized paper and flip to a new sheet or go back to old projects with buttons at the bottom of the desk. This desk would also have colored pencils, pens, and paints/paintbrushes that would rise up as needed with the desk’s own panel.

Another desktop would be for ministry. It would have a Bible built in that would be searchable, a notebook I could flip through using similar controls to my design desk, a spot for highlighters, pencils, and colored pens (for color coding notes and planning), and a phone to plan with fellow core members or my co-leader. This desk would also have a searchable YouCat (the Catechism re-written for high schoolers) and bringing it up would prompt the music desk to change to playing Praise and Worship music.

Another desktop would be for writing. It would have the same stationary inset as my ministry desk and the same notebook setup as well, only bigger. It would also have a camera, as my Memex will be near a window. This would be so that – if I’m writing about something I can see – I don’t have to keep pushing through writer’s block, but I can come back to the project later on.

These desktops would surely be added to as I expand my interests and add hats to my pile, but this is a solid start with which I can be productive. In writing, I actually began to get excited about creating my Memex and had to remind myself that it would never actually be realized.





2 thoughts on “Brittany’s Memex

  1. I like that you organized your workspace into multiple desktops. It reminds me of how I often have different windows up on my computer to separate academic interests from personal interests. That being said, I think your memex is designed in a way that is practical and in line with similar organizational tactics as our desktop computers.


  2. Wow super cool! I love the V shape design, super innovative 😉


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