Lauren Hyde

Lauren Hyde | ‘Head On’ Audience Analysis


The Age range ‘Head On’ s target market falls into is anyone from 12-24.

Our target gender is both male and female.

The Education level is irrelevant as we are targeting all athletes.   However, the other target audience away from the athlete themselves is school systems from 8th grade athletics on.

There is no income levels associated with our target market.

‘Head On’ targets all races, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation etc. if they are athletes above the age of 12.


Audience Hook:

The audience will be hooked by the alternate reality they get to experience through the character they choose.  The realistic and idealistic nature of the dialog will entice the users to continue and see where he can get to in his career.  Once he gets hurt, the athlete will continue to be engaged through the new, dramatic nature of the game.


Needs Satisfied:                       

            The game satisfies the need – serious need – for young athletes to be properly educated on the dangers of concussions.  Athletes sometimes take sitting out of games, practice, classes etc. as being ‘a baby’ and do not understand that it could ruin an athletic career, a brain or a life if treated improperly.