Victoria Mancini Audience Analysis


In terms of age, my game is meant to target 18-25yr olds as well as middle aged adults due to the nature of the game being a political issue that has been widely debated in the last 2 years. The game would target this age group as they are active voters and the most capable of vocalizing change for the future.  It is meant for people who would be able to and inclined to vote in elections and on issues. It is not gender specific as it is more so just geared to the average American family. Due to the population of the US however, it would probably be geared more towards white people, as it was also white men and women who carried the fate of this past election.

Hook and involvement:

The dialogue and narrative are written in 3rd person and emphasize the word “you” so as to put the player in the game. Also, the characters are very generalized so that is easy to identify and put yourself in the place of the characters. The setting is generalized as well so players could imagine their own environments.

Needs Satisfied:

The game satisfies the need to learn about other cultures and empathize with those in the world in need of assistance that you otherwise would see neglected. When things don’t affect us, or don’t hit close to home in the western world, it’s as if we pretend it doesn’t happen. So by putting the situations that are occurring abroad into the context of the western world, it will allow for people to see and understand the issues.