Sara Staats – Shelter Pups

Target Audience

  • Both males and females ages 18-30
  • College or just out of college
  • Entry level jobs with average corresponding income
  • Living alone, seeking animal companion

Audience Involvement:

  • The user will stay involved with daily tasks assigned to complete the adoption process and taking good care of the dog. The further the user gets through the process, the more they learn.


  • Strengths: The game portrays, in a condensed frame of time, the real life process of adopting a dog, and the care and time that is required after the adoption. The game is also very educational, giving specific statistics about adopting versus buying from a breeder
  • Weaknesses: Although the game includes all aspects of the adoption process, the user will not know what it is truly like to adopt and care for a dog in real until they do. In addition, like humans, dogs have all different personality types and needs. The games attempts to include a variety of needs with the different dogs, but the varying personality types and needs of real life dogs are endless.