Jeanine Biggs Audience Analysis

  • Specific Audience: I don’t think there is necessarily a specific audience, but I think with the subject matter that is taking place in this country, it would be geared towards Americans. With the graphic scenes, I would not recommend this game to young children, but it can be played by all mature audiences, male or female. The game will speak more to Native American people on a personal level, but it will serve as an education tool to show non-Native Americans what this culture faces. Any race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation can play it.
  • Strengths: It will showcase the true events that took place during the protests, good and bad. I intend to make it as realistic and true to the actual events as possible.
  • Weaknesses: For the most part, the timing of it is off. The protests are over, but events like these and mistreatment of Native Americans and their lands are most likely going to occur again, so it will teach people so hopefully it will limit it in the future.
  • Audience Involvement: I think the reality of what happened in North Dakota will hook a user and keep them involved. For people that weren’t there and don’t know, learning about what the fight was about and what events took place will keep them engaged in the information.
  • Needs: I think it satisfies the need to learn about other cultures and issues that are taking place in our country. We so often times don’t realize or don’t care what is happening if it does not effect us, so this will teach people what other people are dealing with.