JC Ryan

The audience age should range (ideally) from very young to about 25 years old. The gameplay should be simple enough for even a young person to pick up, but the content should offer thoughtful reflections more appealing to an older audience. On education levels, to get the most out of the game, players may require an education at least up to middle school. But completing the game should be simplistic enough for a kindergartener to play.

The game will be free to play. So any income level is fine, as long as the user can access the game over the internet, and can get a computer. However, it probably won’t be accessed by people who can’t settle or find time to play a small, irrelevant game.

Other demographics are unimportant to the aim of the game’s design, however, there is a specific type of audience that I’m looking for. It’s more for people who are curious about ideas about relationships.

Audience hook:

The audience will, hopefully, be intrigued by the dialogue. It’s really all dependent on the quality of the dialogue, being honest. It’s just up to me to execute on that.


The game will satisfy the universal need of all people to understand relationships and friendship, as well as the intention and meaning of friendship and ‘true’ friendship. (Some self mockery is involved here.)