• My target audience is to cater to anyone and everyone who actively consume alcohol.
  • My game would cater to ages 18+ because that’s when many people start trying out alcohol for the first time.
  • Race, economic status, and gender do not play a  factor in my game because alcohol has no limits. As long as it is accessible, people will consume it no matter what their status is.

Audience Hook

  • My game will keep the player at attention because it they are role-playing as themselves using their own physical attributes to simulate a night at the bar.
  • Users will be given the choice on how much they consume and how fast the do so.
  • At the end, the user will see their outcome based upon the decisions that they made while at the bar.

Needs Satisfied

  • This game is intended to be used as a resource so people can know their limits before they really go out and engage and that type of activity. Hopefully, it can prevent someone from engaging in dangerous behavior or becoming a victim of alcohol poisoning.