Candace Martino

Breaking News Audience Analysis


  • The target audience of Breaking News can appeal to anyone with interest of simulating what it’s like to be a news reporter, or can also include those who do not have an interest
  • Age – The target age group is roughly 8+. The reasoning for this, is because the user’s literacy skills will be tested against a timed clock. In order to be successful in this game, the user must be proficient in reading, which includes accuracy and efficiency
  • Gender – Breaking News is geared towards any gender. Gender usage will not effect this game. All genders can enjoy this program equally. Ethnicity, religion, race, and sexual orientation is not needed to be specified.
  • Education Levels – Suggested is 3rd grade and up, with proficiency in reading.
  • Income Levels – No income level is required nor needed

Audience Hook

  • Users will get a snap shot experience of what it is like to be in the hot seat, also known as a News Reporter or Anchor. Users will feel the pressures of delivering a message to an audience, efficiently and effective as possible all while being timed. The anticipation of the News Director review will keep the audience engaged to see if they have what it takes to climb the ranks.
  • This specific program does not satisfy any needs. It is for pure entertainment purposes.

Project Review

  • Strengths – Mentally engages the user, simulates a new experience, informs user on recent news locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Weakness – Ultimately is geared towards a specific market (those interested in television news), eliminates those who cannot read, cannot be played if the user does not have a camera and/or a working microphone.