Tyler Clark Audience Analysis

Blank Slate

The point of the game as a whole was to start off with a completely blank character for the player to maneuver with. They were completely stark white with small black eyes, that would eventually be filled in as more andm ore items were found throughout the game. As such they were meant as a representation of a person who had lost their memories and as such had no idea who they were and would have no idea until they recovered their memories.

The age that the game is meant to pertain to is mostly older players. Those able to appreciate the narrative of the story rather than the gameplay. It is also meant for those who are able to stomach some of the more mature themes and scenes in the game, involving violence.

The hook revolves around the revealing of the characters true self as the game progresses, and the ability to create your own story as you play.

The game will satisfy the need to understand abuse, PTSD, and coping with oneself as well as the things that one has either done, or the things been done to them.