JC Premises

Space Jams

This is a game where you travel in a spaceship that is customizable and adjusts its stats according to how you design it. However, the point of traveling to different planets is to discover opponents to play against in the Space Jamz basketball Tournament. While flying to different planets, you can pick up Space ‘Jammerz’ to compete with you in your tournaments.

The point will be to educate on the intricacies of Space Jam managerial work, but primarily to entertain.

Gorilla Jams

In “Gorilla Jams”, the song from Super Smash Brothers Melee for Nintendo GameCube that goes “DONKEY… –KONG; AND THE DONKEY, KONG – CREW!” will be continuously playing as you travel the South American Jungle in search of Gorillas to come Jam with you at the local street jam. The gorillas will ride in different cars and ‘jam’ into each other like destruction derby, and in the game you get to choose from the gorillas you’ve rescued to use in the ‘Gorilla Jam’.

The point will be to educate on the intricacies of zoology and other studies in biology. However, it would also provide a great service to those desiring entertainment.

Traffic Jam

In this game, you travel the continental United States in a helicopter that is customizable because, it is. However the point of the game will be to locate traffic jams and analyze the origin of the situation, and why this traffic jam is occuring. Is the street too thin? Is their a bad intersection that can be redone? The player has to make adjustments to the roads from a bird’s eye view. If a road is badly constructed by the player, or the player removes a necessary street light or stopsign, there is the potential for cars to ‘jam’ into each other.

The point will be to educate on the intricacies of city-planning and design. But it’s pretty fun to troll the roadways, too.