LH Premises

Outfit Change

The user will chose one of the many famous fashion designers to act as them.  They will go through a series of levels (level 1- shoes level 2- pants level 3- shirts level 4-accessories etc) and chose what should be matched with what.  Then the end of the game they will get a percentage to how “fashionable” in the mind of that designer they are.

Purpose?  To entertain people that are into fashion and get a look into the mind of their favorite designers.

Alternate Universe

The user will travel through different dimensions and have to beat the level to move on.  It is based off of adventures seen in the show Rick and Morty.

Purpose?  To entertain people, especially those who like Rick and Morty, and let them experience things that aren’t real life.

Taste of Cali

The user will click through different vineyards and learn about wines.  The character will be able to walk, drive, ride on horses etc.  Basically it’s as if the person is in California on wine vineyards.

Purpose?  They will learn all about different wines, how they taste, their “consistency”.  Things that people who drink 5 dollar bottles of wine (me) wouldn’t usually learn.