Dogs at Bars

Positively Kristen

If I had a dog with me in Tampa I would be the happiest person ever, but I wouldn’t want to take him to bars with me because then everyone would flock around him and want to pet him. I am confident in saying this because I am that crazy girl swooning over other people’s dogs at the bar.

Shout out to all those people that don’t mind the attention their dogs bring because seeing dogs while I’m out at a bar is probably the best thing ever, drunk or sober.

The whole “bring your dog to the bar” trend is popular on Sundays, especially on Soho in Tampa. If I could, I would probably play with other people’s dogs all day. We don’t deserve dogs. They have the ability to love anyone unconditionally and all they want are belly rubs and sweet talk in return.

There is nothing better than…

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