Positively Kristen

I don’t brunch often, but when I do I brunch hard.

I am using brunch as a verb because just going to brunch doesn’t really emphasize how fun it is. This past Sunday, a few of my friends and I went to brunch at Ava on Soho. Bottomless mimosas and an amazing BLT. What could be better? But we didn’t stop there. Drinks were flowing and we decided to head to the bars for a little. I am going to include that part in my brunch experience because drinking is basically the main theme of brunching.

It was funny to see everyone with their squads brunching at different restaurants along soho, but still all meeting up at the bars after. I definitely want to start going to brunch more because now’s the time to do it, right? It was a really fun time, in great weather, with good friends. Definitely a…

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