Universal Studios: Dragon Slayers?

Sweet Screams are Made of This

When Universal Studios Florida opened the Islands of Adventure park, it included a pair of dueling coasters known as Dueling Dragons. The attraction was later incorporated into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter area of the park and renamed as Dragon Challenge. The biggest draw for the attraction is that the two coasters dueled, with several near-miss elements.

Unfortunately, the coasters no longer duel. This is because of riders throwing objects from their pockets at the other train or at bystanders on the midway. The coasters now run the course so that the trains will “chase” the other instead. The park has also placed metal detectors at the front of the attraction’s queue. Everything that is in a rider’s pocket must be placed in a free locker, or left with a non-rider that does not enter the queue. Universal has a similar system in place at other coasters in…

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