What’s Next for Carowinds?

Sweet Screams are Made of This

Carowinds is a park that lies on the border between North and South Carolina in the Charlotte area. Cedar Fair, which owns the park said that the park was marked for an exponential level of expansion. This has already begun:

2014: Large new water slides for their waterpark

2015: Fury 325–One of the tallest, fastest, longest coasters in the world. Also voted as one of the best.

2016: Expansion, revamp, and rename of their waterpark. The park did remove their Thunder Road coaster for the expansion, though.

2017: 4 new rides, the retheming and repainting of an existing coaster, and overall revamp to a section of the park.

So with these expansions, one has to wonder what’s next. The answer might be easier than one thinks. Carowinds has 2 coasters that are identical to others in the Cedar Fair chain: Hurler and Vortex. Hurler is also found at…

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