Sink or Swim

Through My Lens

It’s that time again.  It’s Monday again which means you’re back on the grind.  I’ve thanked my friend who took this picture for me probably 10/12 times since yesterday.  Ya want to know why, because it is everything I wish I could be doing at 7PM everyday.  I wish I was in the water, at the beach and I wish it was forever Sunday.

But Monday rolls around and it’s time to sink or swim.  I guess this picture reminds me to keep my head above water.  Don’t let little waves get you down.  You are superior and there is so much beauty directly infront of you.  So when your head is pounding, your eyes are shutting and body is sore, think of all you’ve done this week.  What you accomplished.  That A you got in class, that good job you got from your boss, that kid that you made…

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