Positively Kristen

Do you want to know what I love?

Driving. I love driving. More specifically, I love driving with the windows down when it’s cold outside while simultaneously blasting the heat in the car. You get the brisk air hitting your face from the window and the hot air warming your hands and wrists at the same time. It’s invigorating, yet still comforting.

Today, in Tampa, it is a freezing day with a temperature of 56 degrees! Shh… That’s pretty cold for Tampa this time of year. That initial step outside was brutal this morning, but when I got to my car and cranked the heat, I was content. Rolling down the windows, I was beginning to enter a state of calmness and happiness as I drove towards campus. Then, I actually got to campus and just like that, my happy daze was over.

I’m looking forward to driving home later…

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