Through My Lens

19.4792° N, 70.6931° W; Santiago, Dominican Republic

Last night I was reading one of the articles on writing games.  The Rise of Serious Games, which I had to read twice because of this, sent me through a serious flashback.  This tangent first began when it was mentioned that although these games are educational, the most important part the game maker is trying to achieve is to have people actually stepping outside of “winning the game” to make a true difference in the world. So, here’s my tangent.

At my Camp, Camp Woodstock, we raise money everyday for our sister YMCA in the Dominican Republic.  We strive to have every kid donate 50 cents every day from their candy money to the cause and “bribe” them, you could say, with a gold star if every person in the cabin does so.  For 10 years I’ve been donating to these people in…

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