Today’s Rant: Missouri-Getting to the Airport


Today I am missing my classes to fly to Missouri to play two lacrosse games. I have never been to Missouri and I am not excited. At first I thought Missouri was going to be warm, similar whether to Louisiana. I thought this because I thought Missouri was next to Louisiana. It’s not. I get to the School at 7:00 a.m. to board the bus which was leaving the school at 7:30. Thirty minutes go by and and the bus hasn’t showed up. Another five minutes go by and we decided that the bus wasn’t coming. Instead the team and our bags loaded into the ROTC buses parked outside the athletic center and the remaining kids had to call Uber’s. Me and my roommate called an Uber. We made sure to get an Uber XL since the school was paying for it. It was a nice unexpected ride to the…

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