Wipeout Pulse


For those interested in the racing genre, and for those with a taste for the futuristic and science fiction, wipeout pulse is a grand old time. A racing game for those who want to take it beyond cars and regular roads, wipeout takes place in a futuristic city, filled with multi dimensional tracks, an absurd soundtrack, speeds to boggle the mind, and hours of thumb numbing fun.

Pulse is the seventh installment to the wipeout series and the only one for Psp, pulse surrounds the anti gravity racing league, where the player pilots a number of customizable ships in order to take part in the races. featuring several different modes, from straight racing to a battle royale, pulse is heart pounding fun, a fun divergence from the other titles featured here.

Futuristic racing in portable style, Wipeout Pulse is a pick up and play that anyone could enjoy.

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