Through My Lens

27°59’13.20″ N -82°21’43.20″ W; Florida State Fair Grounds
Before I start, listen.
I haven’t talked about the longest, most consistent part of my life yet.  This is a good lead way to my next blog that will talk about one of the most special parts of my life; Camp Woodstock.  Camp Woodstock is my home away from home and that is what I will give to you at this moment.  The relevance to this photograph is the band playing in the background.  The Head and the Heart is a band I was introduced to me my sixth year at camp in 2012.  After five long years of being a camper, I was finally on staff.  This was my second year on staff and I was feeling more at home than ever.  At this point, The Head and the Heart became a loved band amongst the camp community.  The…

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