Femme Friends Script

Programmer notes: work your way through five levels: elementary, middle, high school, college, and the real world.


Functions of each place: a situation occurs and you make either a feminist decision or a non-feminist decision.


Chapter 1

Start as child

Randomizes gender

Elementary school

On school playground

Presented with 2 choices: feminist or non-feminist

If you choose the feminist choice, you grow up and move on to middle school

If you choose the non-feminist choice, you try again with a similar scenario. However, if you choose the non-feminist choice again, you lose and the game is over. If you choose the feminist answer, you continue on with the game.


Example of chapter 1 scenario:

In the elementary school, you are on a playground with toys and swings and a blacktop and people are running races. Someone says “you run like a girl”.

Feminist choice: respond with, “if you ran a little faster, you too could run like a girl too”

Non-feminist choice: laugh and make fun of the kid for running like a girl