Positively Kristen

Honestly, what would I do with my life if I didn’t have Netflix?

I watch Netflix almost every day for an hour or two at night on my laptop. So convenient! Not to mention the days where I literally binge watch series for 10 hours straight like yesterday, for example. Shameless is my new go to but I’m flying through the seasons too fast!

I don’t even know how many different shows, movies, and documentaries I’ve watched through Netflix over the years. Gossip Girl, Revenge, Weeds, Family Guy, American Dad…the list goes on and on, and those are only shows!

Thankfully, my family shares a Netflix account so I’m still mooching off of them and don’t have to pay. However, I have to start adding it into my budget because there is no way I can live without Netflix now.

There are documentaries and movies on there that I never…

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