Voluntine’s Party!

By Rich Taddonio

The Good Samaritan

Whether you’re in a relationship or you’re currently dating yourself, come to Jackson Springs Recreation Center in Tampa on Saturday, February 11 for United Way Suncoast’s first ever Voluntine’s Party. Volunteer to help kids in the community by landscaping and beautifying the park, or build skateboards for kids and tag them with inspiring messages with Boards for Bros, who has partnered with United Way for this event. Volunteers will also be needed to help prepare and organize candy gram kits that will be distributed to kids at Hillsborough County schools.

The Party will include music, fun activities, and games; Boards for Bros will also be giving kids skateboarding lessons. After the work is done, lunch will be provided and you’ll have time to socialize.

United Way currently only has 10 out of 100 volunteer spots taken, so there is plenty of room for you and your Valentine’s. But the event…

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