Kimberly’s Game Idea

My game is based on a ted talk called, The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now. The purpose of the game is to teach people about how extreme poverty affects more aspects of human life than we think; especially safety and security. Many people think that people become impoverished by lack of trying, so the first level of the game is what I consider the first step for anyone to lay the foundation for bettering their future, education. Players will choose between two characters that have to decide if the dangers that surround their impoverished communities are worth trying to go to school. The first part of the game is deciding if it’s worth it. It will be a gamble and a trick of luck or chance. So if the player chooses yes, a scenario will appear that says it was either a successful decision or a detrimental one. If the decision was successful, the player moves on to the actual task of trying to make it to school safely which will pose different threats for each character.

Players can choose between two characters.

  • Peter from Zambia. HIs father has passed away a day ago and as a result, the power mad neighbor Brutus has thrown the family out of their home and taken everything that they own. The family is forced into poverty. Peter is the youngest boy of the two in his family, 10 years old. Between becoming malnourished and homeless, is school possible, or even a necessity to better his life at this point?
  • Griselda from Guatamala. Griselda lives in a poor neighborhood, but her family depends on her to get an education to save them from poverty. On the way home from church with her family, Griselda is snatched and violently gang raped. After the event, Griselda avoids leaving her house. Should Griselda still try to go to school anyway, even with the danger that awaits her as soon as she steps out of the safety of her home?

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  1. I do a lot of work with United Way dealing with the cycle of poverty, so I really connect with this game idea. I think the story has a good message. I especially like the connection to education. Not everyone realizes that education is not only hard to get access to for those living in poverty, but also a necessity if they want to get out of the cycle. My only suggestion would be to add an American-born character. It looks like you have two immigrants, perhaps second generation; but I think it would be beneficial to your message to include someone who was born into an American family in poverty, if only to illustrate that being born here doesn’t guarantee wealth, just like being an immigrant doesn’t guarantee a life of poverty. Great concept overall. I look forward to seeing more on it in the blog.

    Rich Taddonio

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