Coasters First Time Riders Should Avoid

Sweet Screams are Made of This

There comes a time when one must face their fears. Be it spiders, clowns, or roller coasters. Like everything else, one must ease into it. So if you’re scared of coasters, here’s a partial list of attractions one shouldn’t pop their coaster cherry.

The Smiler–Alton Towers, England. A relatively small coaster due to the park’s zoning laws; so why is it on this list? It holds the world record for number of inversions on a roller coaster with a marmalizing 14!

Kingda Ka–Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey. A ride experience that lasts less than a minute makes this list because it is the tallest roller coaster in the world at 458 feet. See also: Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, Ohio.

Formula Rossa–Ferrarri World, UAE. World’s fastest coaster at 150 mph.

Outlaw Run–Silver Dollar City, Missouri. Wooden Coaster with 3 inversions. Hold the wife and…

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