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Twenty years down the road, I am not expecting too many crazy advances in technology. I don’t think we’re going to have chips in our brains yet or a way to project our computer screens out of our eyes. A tiny Princess Leia is not going to be telling Obi Wan that he has to save her in holographic form right in front of our faces. I do think that where we are going in tech is going to continue on in a great way however. Smartphones are going to continue to thrive and whether or not that is a good thing is yet to be determined, but no matter your opinion of them, we are not going to be rid of them yet. I believe that they will be easier integrated into our desktop/laptop computers; much like how you can dock a laptop to a desktop, you can dock your smartphone. This will increase usability because you can be “at the office” on the go and then easily transfer everything over once you are actually at the office and not have to mess around with the cloud to do so. Because smart cars and self-driving cars are becoming more of a commodity, this want to work on your commute will be more relevant so that the hour it takes to get to work every morning is not wasted time.

I also believe that wearable tech is going to continue to evolve so that in twenty years, we will no longer have smartwatches but will just be wearing our phones, whether it be on our wrists like an Apple Watch or on our faces like Google Glass and VR combined. Wearing our phones over our eyes would be a step towards projecting the screens out of our eyes, like many believed Google Glass to do, but as it would also work like VR, this would not be an all the time thing. I see this as more of a work-from-home scenario where you can video conference into a meeting, but it is more like you are there. It will not be a hologram or like AR quite yet and will not really serve much of a purpose other than “we can do it, so we did.” Wearing your full phone on your wrist will be useful and helpful however, especially to women whose pockets cannot fit the giant phones that we have. Just as TVs nowadays are slightly curved for better viewing, we can curve our phones to fit on our wrists. Then there will be no need for the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, or fitbit. It’s all there already. All of this will greatly increase the cost of phones, but that’s nothing new to us anymore.


One thought on “Memex- Lex

  1. Your line “we can do it, so we did” reminded me of this line:

    “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should”–Ian Malcolm as played by Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park.
    Sure, this may be done with only the best intentions, but those are what the road to hell is paved with.


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