What was once coined as a memex is now obsolete. Technology that has yet to be invented will one day be obsolete. There are some technologies today that are obsolete. If you re-watch Back to the Future Part II in 2017, you’ll be amazed at just how much of what the future was thought to hold is not yet here, or what is obsolete. #hoverboards. Technology is making life easier. There’s a saying that if you make a lazy man do a hard job, than he’ll find an easier way to do it. That’s what technology is doing. Eventually, the world will become as what was shown in the Disney-Pixar animated film, Wall-e, where everyone is fat, boneless, lounging in hover chairs 24/7, and receiving all nourishment from a straw.

If we get to that point, that is. All this technology so we don’t have to think. We program machines to do that for us. All of that thought goes into mechanical instruments designed to make our lives easier. And the more we do that, the more they will think. And soon enough, they’ll have their own thoughts. They’ll become self-aware. Followed by robot civil rights and eventually: judgment day. Or it’s the aliens preparing us for invasion by making us weak. Either way, it’s Hasta la vista to mankind, baby. Sorry for the tin foil hat there, but I’ll be sticking to my mind palace like the high-functioning sociopath that I am.